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Title: the diary of anne frank

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Essay Instructions: This paper must compare and contrast a novel and a film. My topic is the Diary Of Anne Frank. 4 pages double spaced, one inch margins, 12 point font. A minimum of four (4) paranthetical notes must be included in apper. These may be direct quotes from the book, the movie or an outside source such as a critic who reviwed either the book or movie. Must conatain a works consulted page in MLA format. Structure: Introductory paragraph clearly stating the purpsoe of this paper. 2.setting 3.characterization 4. plot 5. themes, motifs, symbols 6. other(advantages/disadvantages of telling a story in a book versus film. 7 . concluding papragraph . will fax paper requirments
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Title: Literary Comparison

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Essay Instructions: A Literary Comparison showing the Theme of the Strength of the Human Spirit-- using The Diary of Anne frank & Maya Angelou's -I know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Include a synopsis of each book including the main characters, plot setting, tone & key elements. A comparison of each book illustraing how the theme is addressed; be sure to cite and document information & a summary critique of the evidence and your personal reflection--- 5 pages.

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Title: Name your own title

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Essay Instructions: Write a 3 page paper in response to one of the following prompts. Give your paper a title, double-space the page and check for simple grammatical errors and spelling mistakes before you hand in your work.


) The Diary of Anne Frank is not the only surviving primary source from the Holocaust, nor even the only published surviving diary or memoir. Why then has it become the text that introduces most American students to the Holocaust? What is it about her representation of the Holocaust that has been deemed palatable, relatable, and marketable? Is it because she's exceptional, or because she's just a regular girl? Is it the tone, the content (as in, the specifics of her family's escape and process of hiding), or the author herself? How does what she represents, and how she represents it (and what she does not represent, and how she does not represent it), fit into the way America as a country wants its citizens to remember the Holocaust?

In answering this question, compare two separate entries -- one you think is representative of the reasons for its ongoing popularity, and one you think might destabilize or contradict those reasons.

I will be sending 2 online books- The Diary of Anne Frank and Regarding The Pain Of Others. Regarding The Pain Of Others is the supportive resource you might need. If you will need to compare or use any resource other than The Diary of Anne Frank, please use Regarding The Pain Of Others.

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Title: For Writergrrl101

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Essay Instructions: For Writergrrl101

From the play entitled "The Diary of Anne Frank"

Please note this in NOT the book "From the Diary of a young girl"

Doesn't have to be in essay format. Short answers are fine.

1) Who is Anne's foil?

2)What characters display fascism? give examples.

3) How did fascism impact characters? be specific.

4)Give an example of anti-semitism.

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