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Title: The American Experience

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Essay Instructions: In a well-written and well supported essay respond to the following question regarding the materials you read. You must refer to the novel and two short .

1)Describe the way each author develops the characters and the setting in each piece. Then, think about America as a young nation. How are the characters and the setting uniquely American in that period of our country's formation?
2) The materials you read were each written about 50 years (or less) after the American Revolution. Knowing that, what do you believe was important to these authors at that time in the "new world"? In your essay, establish common values, themes or topics that were of interest in that historical period.

Your essay should be 3-4 pages in length and contain imbedded quotes to support your thesis.

I need a three page essay about either one of those two essay topic chocies. The two short stories that my teacher is refering to are "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne and "The Devil and Tom Walker," by Washington Irving. And the book is "The Last Of The Mohicans"

I want to be garenteeted that this essay is original and won't be used again. And also that is hasen't in the past. I am also in highschool. So I don't want it soundig above a high school level. I also want lots of qoutes and examples from the text. Thank!!!!!!!!!!!! :) YOU ROCK.

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