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Essay Instructions: THIS IS MOVIE REVIEW FOR DEAD POETS SOCIETY.THIS IS A COLLEGE COURSE. For the Unit 2 Thinkpiece, start by analyzing the decision to start (or restart) the Dead Poets Society at the school: Who was involved in that? What was the process? Then discuss whether you think the results of that decision ? what happens to Neil, the other boys and the teacher ? were inevitable or avoidable? Finally, analyze your own decisions about important things in your life. What?s your process for making these kinds of decision? What are the strengths and weaknesses of that process for you? This part of your thinkpiece should be focused on the process, not on details about your decisions

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Essay Instructions: I would like to have a SUMMARY of a book report, on the Mystery and Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls by HERSHEL SHANKS. It should be (5) pages long and in APA 5th editions guidelines.

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Title: Dead Sea Scrolls

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Essay Instructions: I am writting a research paper on the archeological discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the qumran-sectarian theory of their authorship and the connection of the Isaiah scrolls to the identity of Jesus Christ as the messiah.

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Title: Analysis over the movie The Dead Poets Society

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Essay Instructions: The movie the dead poet society has several poems in it. The assignment is to pick a poem or 2 and do an analysis over it. It can refer from the characters from the movie and how they relate to the poems.
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