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Title: Crucible vs McCarthysm

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Essay Instructions: Fear over Reason

Using Arthur Millers "Crucible" and any other source for McCarthyism...need a 3 page essay comparing and contrasting the crucible and McCarthyism. I have included my notes which can be used.

-exhibit America's tradition of passing judgment on before discovering the truth.
-unsubstantiated claims (can give examples witches and communism)
-Those who were accused were assumed guilty, put on trial
- people were not willing to stand up for others for fear of being accused themselves
-the affect of mass hysteria on large groups of people
-the spread of fear and panic
- social lives destroyed
one or a few people held power

communism vs witch trials
media vs towns people

-witch trials


Arthur Mills "Crucible" is a parable for the McCarthy Era in which similar "witch hunts" occurred targeting citizens as communists rather than disciple of the devil.

(this would have to be re-phrased if used)
Abigail Williams and Joseph McCarthy are similar in that they are all trying to draw a crowd of people astray. Both individuals accused innocent people of wrongdoings for their own selfish intentions; Abigail to gain the “love” of John Proctor and Joseph to be re-elected for senator. In both cases, if they were not the accusers, then they would have been the accused themselves
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Title: The Crucible

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Essay Instructions: Please use the Penguin Classics version of The Crucible by Arthur Miller.


The Crucible

1. Read the introduction ( p.vii –xxv). List three things within the introduction that surprise or shock you. List three questions that the introduction raises for you.
2. Read “A Note on the Historical Accuracy of the Play” (p.2). List three ways that the play differs from the actual, historical event.
3. Read the play, recording your personal reaction to each Act.
4. Identify at least two themes of this work.
5. List three significant passages from the play and explain how each either contributes to the growth of a character, or functions as a manifestation of theme.
6. Read the deleted scene at the end of the play. Argue for or against its relevance.
7. In one sentence, explain what The Crucible is about.

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Title: The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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Essay Instructions: Book Report of "The Crucible" By Arthur Miller

List specifically the following from the play:
1) Who the Protagonist is
2) Who the Antagonist is
3) The conflict in the play
4) The Climax of the play
5) The Resolution in the play
6) The Theme of the play

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Title: The Crucible

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Essay Instructions: Write a summary discussing the plot,characters and themes of The Crucible. Conculde in the last paragraph by expressing the disagreement to the events by stating reasons.

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