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Essay Instructions: The following should be the first 3 pages:

Compare and contrast the themes, ideas, and details of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” and the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. Focus most of your paper on evidence originating from the short story and the feature film.

Using a point-by-point discussion, compare and contrast the ways in which the artists develop their ideas about human behavior. A point-by-point comparison means you should divide your main points by points of comparison, not by texts.
For example, your first main point can be a specific way the texts are the same (compare).
Your second main point can be a specific way the texts treat an idea differently (contrast).
Your third main point can be another way the texts are different….or similar.

You should have two similarities and one difference, or you should have two differences and one similarity.

Since you are using a point-by-point discussion, each main point will have at least once piece of specific textual evidence from each text for each main point (one from short story, one from film meaning 2 total pieces of evidence for each main point).
• Evidence could be a (quote, word, image, example) from text and citation

Your thesis should reflect what you think about the authors’ messages through the comparison of the texts and authors. In what ways do the differences and similarities of SJ's "The Lottery" and the film adaptation of SC's The Hunger Games combine to teach a lesson?

Thesis that explains a lesson from a difference between the texts:
While both Toni Morrison in “The Bluest Eye” and William Faulkner in “Light in August” use themes of racism and oppression to underscore the effects of post-slavery America, the different settings and eras in each novel suggest that oppression and inequality has not changed much in the United States from Faulkner’s post civil war years to Morrison’s civil rights’ era one hundred years later.

Thesis that explains a lesson from a similarity of the texts:
While Jane Austin’s novel Pride and Prejudice displays themes of pride and prejudice in conjunction with women and marriage and Mary Shelly’s story Frankenstein reveals themes of madness, the sublime, and justice, the juxtaposition of these texts shows that most women during the early nineteenth century felt trapped in a patriarchal society that restricted the roles of women, especially in marriage.

When quoting you can say:
- Jackson describes, “……”
- Collins shows, “…….”
- Or put either author or director in quotes “….” (Collins).

The following should be the 4th page:
Fill in the sample organizer or create your own graphic organizer to lay out three main points with AT LEAST two pieces of evidence from the texts for each main point. Keep in mind, each main point should contain evidence from BOTH texts. Of course, as always, you can use more than the minimum evidence requirement.
Your MLA paper must have:
An introduction
• Thesis that defines the lesson you have learned through the comparison
• Preview of your three main points/categories/chapters/points of discussion/topics
• Clear acknowledgement of your authors, texts, and genres
• Thoughtful attention-getting advertisement that directly relates to your thesis and will grab our attention at the start

Three body sections (Use WEAVE process): DO NOT DIVIDE MPs BY TEXTS
• Three body sections (you can divide paragraphs as needed)
• Topic (transition) sentences for all body paragraphs that introduce your main points and explain the ways the points relate to or prove your thesis
• For each category, at least two concrete, specific, pin-pointable pieces of evidence. Each piece of evidence should be described and connected to your thesis separately. Cite all evidence from primary or secondary sources (you are not required to use outside information) using MLA guidelines.
• Closing sentences for each paragraph

A conclusion
• Thesis (rephrased)
• At least three sentences that sum up your three categories
• A clever way to remind us of your attention getter from the start of the paper
• A way to show readers why your thesis and discussion is important (larger scale)

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Play

Total Pages: 3 Words: 984 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Minimum Requirements
The final paper, when submitted, must contain:

1. Three to five (3-5) pages, typed, double-spaced, MLA style format
2. Three (3) scholarly sources used; (Do not use Wikipedia or encyclopedias or dictionaries)
3. Works Cited page
4. Photocopies of relevant parts of sources: keep these in case I ask for them.
5. Notes: keep these in case I ask for them.
6. Nine (9) Parenthetical references in which you document your use of sources according to MLA style.
7. All drafts, but at least one rough draft. Keep these in case I ask for them.


The paper should offer an interpretation of the story, but in this paper you will developed your interpretation by looking at one element of the story itself and research. Research will consist of criticisms written about the story. Check the TexShare database as a good place to begin, but you may also use texts from any library. You should also use and document the text you are writing about, and include it in the works cited page (although it is the primary source. Your Works Cited page will have at least 4 entries, therefore.)

This paper should develop a thesis and focus on one of the literary elements ? character, setting, theme, symbols, etc. ? as it reveals an interpretation of the work. In other words, examine one of these elements to show how you interpret the story.

Use one of the following stories:
?Sonny's Blues?
?Young Goodman Brown?
?The Lottery?
?The Metamorphosis?
?A Good Man is Hard to Find?
?The Yellow Wallpaper?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: the lottery

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1702 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Choose story: The lottery, the necklace, puals case, metamorphosis, or could use two or three of the stories in comparison

5 to 7 pages
3 to 5 sources
reference page
apa style
doesn''t need abstract page
thesis statement
choice: make argumet; interpret; use other stories or reality to compare; and must deal with story within itself

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I need a Thesis written on two literary short stories, comparing and contrasting them. The stories are "The Rocking Horse Winner" by D.H.Lawrence and "The Lottery" is by Shirley Jackson The Stories are form Perrines's Story & Structure. An Introduction to Fiction, thirteenth edition. "The Lottery" is on page 220 and "The Rocking Horse Winner" on 253.
Thank You.

Excerpt From Essay:

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