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Essay Instructions: Tartuffe reflection.
Discuss Moliere?s use of satire in the play. What aspects of French culture and society are held up for inspection and ridicule, and how? You should consider at least three characters/scenes/plot points to support your arguments. You can read the entire Richard Wilbur translation here:
You can also rewatch the play on YouTube, including a scene from the version we saw (Wilbur trans.) here:

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Essay Instructions: I need a 3 page paper each page has a different topic; topics can not mix. We are studying The Enlightenment and writers of that period, one page needs to be on how Moliers Tartuffe exemplifys Enlightenment ideals, one page Analyzing Swifts use of satire in A Modest Proposal/ Gullivers book IV, and one page: Does Voltaire intend for us to see the ending of Candide as ironic. I will send you a section of a paper that I have writen for the same prof. so you may see my writing style.

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Title: Tartuffe the Hypocrite

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2219 Sources: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: • Persuasive Analytical Essay: Discuss the role of hypocrisy in Tartuffe. Develop a detailed analysis of its use in the work, and then develop a thesis based on your analysis. Your analysis will examine how the various characters either stay true to their values, or become hypocrites. If you decide that Orgon is the real bad guy because he refuses to listen to his family and lets himself fall into the trap of pride, that would become your thesis ??" your essay would then build an argument in support of your claim, drawing clear and conclusive examples from the play. The above is just an example of what needs to be accomplished in this paper. However, claims and positions must be well supported, and essays must be clearly written, well organized and essentially free of serious grammatical errors.

Several direct quotes will come from the play/story "Tartuffe" with page locations included in each quote.

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Title: Moliere

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Essay Instructions: Main idea will be how Moliere made the play "tartuffe" to appeal to certain people based on where they were sitting in the audience. Such as down front (poor) up top (wealthier) etc.. (i.e. such as when dorine uses asides to talk to the poor down front etc..) Give specific examples within the play that show this. Has to have a miniumum of 5 paragraphs (intro, 3points, conclusion). MAIN SOURCE HAS TO BE the play tartuffe, then 2 additional supporting sources. Make sure they are cited correctly on the works cited. Not picky on the content just want it to show a relationship in moliere's work and how people were seated etc..

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