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Title: supreme court case

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Essay Instructions: supreme court case has to have :
name of the case
statement of fact
rule(statement of law)
holding- answer the issue in a brief and concise statement
rationale- explain the court's reasoning based on an analysis of the judicial opinion . The rationale incorporate the key legal propositions and integrate key facts in support of the holding you identified . one or two paragraphs are usually sufficient .

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Title: Supreme Court Summary

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Essay Instructions: Supreme Court Case Summary
Select a Supreme Court case that focuses on Criminal Law from the Oyez Project and complete the following in a three to four page APA formatted research paper:

Provide the title of the case along with its legal citation.
Identify the parties involved.
Describe the facts of the case (without any legal interpretation or personal opinion)
Identify the constitutional issues in the case?
State the decision of the case in terms of the vote
Evaluate the rational of the opinion of the court (and concurrences, if any)
Recognize any dissenting opinions (New)
Evaluate the case’s significance.

Note: The Oyez Project is located at
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Title: Supreme Court Decisions That Shape Federalism

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Essay Instructions: Supreme Court Decisions That Shape Federalism

The U.S. Supreme Court decisions are crucial factors in shaping the relationship among different levels of the government. During each annual session, relevant cases illustrate arguments about federalism. The Supreme Court explains its rulings, and these "opinions" are available to the public. One of the most famous cases is the US v. Lopez case of 1995.


On the basis of this research, answer the following questions:
Choose two of the following listed cases and analyze why the justices ruled as they did. What justifications did the Supreme Court give for its decision? Choose cases that are about the respective powers, functions, and responsibilities of or the relationship between the state and federal governments. Summarize the issue and the Court's decision.
2005??"2006 TERM
Gonzales v. Raich et al.
Gonzales v. Oregon et al.
Rancho Palos Verdes et al. v. Abrams

2003??"2004 TERM
Nixon et al. v. Missouri Municipal League et al.
Tennessee v. Lane et al.
For the same cases, explain the dissenters' main arguments. Why did they think that the ruling by the majority in the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong?

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Essay Instructions: Supreme Court decision Graham vs. Florida make that case the focal point of an analysis. You should trace the development of the law up until that decision and include a detailed factual and legal analysis of the decision, including a discussion of whether, based on prior rulings, the Supreme Court correctly decided the case. Discuss the development of current law in the area, and provide a detailed analysis of your assessment of the issue and where the law is headed and/or where it should be headed.

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