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Essay Instructions: Written Strategic Case Study
Marks: 20
Length: 3000 words (MAXIMUM)excluding references and appendices

This essay has to be done about the Australian supermarket Woolworths. it is the largest supermarket/grocery store chain in Australia, owned by Woolworths Limited.

You are expected to consult academic journals and texts for material to support your
discussion in this assignment. At least four (4) of these sources should be used in your
discussion and cited correctly within your text and in the References List.

Content of case study (15 marks)

Explanation of relevant theories and concepts 3 marks
Depth of conceptual discussion and analysis 3 marks
Coverage of relevant theoretical issues 3 marks
Understanding and integration of relevant
literature with chosen case study 2 marks
Logic and reasoning (how well argued) 1 marks
Structure 1 marks
Analysis of chosen case 2 marks

format 5 marks

detail of the essay see upload file, if you did not receive it, please contact me as soon as possible.

must follow the struction of upload file please

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Title: Discussion Questions

Total Pages: 3 Words: 944 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Answer each question separately with 200 words. Indicate each question. Back up each question with one online reference. Thank you.

DQ1 - Of the Four (4) P’s of the Marketing Mix, price is the most flexible. Why is that? Please defend your opinion.

DQ2 - In the case, Superior Supermarkets, ELP, what do you think is more important to competitive marketing issues; namely, increased price competition or everyday low pricing. Explain and defend your opinion.

DQ3 - One of the key decisions that managers often make is to change prices that have been set inappropriately. What issues should be considered in deciding whether the price is wrong, or whether the problem lies in another element of the marketing mix?

DQ4 - The case, Superior Supermarkets: ELP, raises a variety of strategic issues for consideration. First to introduce competitive marketing issues in the supermarket industry; namely, increased price competition and the merits of everyday low pricing. Please compare Superior Supermarket to a supermarket that you shop at. For example, Wal-Mart, Meijer, Kroger, Aldi, or another metro Detroit supermarket. Are they trying to compete on the platform of EDLP or something else? What is their message they communicate to consumers using an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)?
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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: ASSIGNMENT - CASE STUDY

ABC Supermarket Plc

Chairman?s report from ABC?s annual report in 2009:

?The company?s financial position has never been stronger. Turnover has risen 209% and the share price has almost doubled during the last four years. The board of the company has decided to build a number of new supermarkets in the UK and, our objective is to become the largest retailing group in the UK within five years.?

Relevant ratios calculated from its financial statements are shown below:

Ratios 2006 2007 2008 2009
Return on Capital Employed 25% 24% 21% 15%
Return on Equity 17% 16% 13% 10%
Stock turnover (days) 45 44 52 59
Debtor collection (days) 63 51 56 50
Current ratio 0.85 0.73 0.68 0.68
Acid test ratio 0.50 0.40 0.36 0.32
Gearing 83% 72% 117% 109%
Interest cover (times) 4.8 4.4 3.3 2.6
EPS (pence) 6.0 7.0 7.0 8.2
P/E ratio 13.7 14.9 17.1 19.4
Share price (pence) 82 104 120 159

Part A

As a financial analyst, by using ratios analysis, you are required to evaluate the company?s business performance and appraise whether you agree with the chairman.

Total for part A: 50%

Part B

ABC is currently making investment appraisals of two potential long-term supermarket projects, A and B. Both projects require the same initial investment of ?20m. The following ratios have been calculated for the projects.

Ratios Project A Project B

Payback period (years) 5 6
Accounting Rate of Return (ARR %) 15 18
Net Present Value (NPV ?m in 15 years) 120 145
Internal Rate of Return (IRR %) 16 14

You are, by using any relevant information and calculated ratios from Part A, required to provide recommendations to the directors for a choice of either project A or project B. ABC is not able to undertake the above two projects at the same time or a mixed project of A and B.

Total for part B: 30%

Part C

By using any relevant information provided in Part 1 and Part 2, explain and critically evaluate:
1. Main sources of finance which are available for ABC to finance the chosen project in Part 2, and (10%)
2. Major techniques of budgeting and working capital management which can be recommended to support the running of the chosen project successfully. (10%)

Total for Part C: 20%


1. ABC Supermarket Plc is a fake company.
2. Any necessary and reasonable assumptions regarding the companies are acceptable.
3. All calculations should be clearly shown and attached in appendixes.
4. To obtain a high mark, you should:
a) Make your report concise, precise, and well presented and structured;
b) Draw logical conclusions from accounting information;
c) Synthesise information in a coherent and useful way;
d) Show evidence of key text and background reading;
e) Incorporate your knowledge into an integrated piece of work; and
f) Demonstrate critical understanding of financial management.

5. A Harvard standard 15 references is required for the report.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Identify an organization or business for your Learning Team research project. Econo Supermarkets (

Describe the products or services it provides.

Identify a problem or dilemma faced by the organization that could be addressed by research. ( Wal-mart, Walgreens, CVS establishing their stores in Puerto Rico, and gaining market share from Econo Supermarkets, forcing them to close down 4 stores recently.)

Discuss the problem as a team. Please send your comments on this issue.

Discuss your selected problem or dilemma with your faculty member to ensure that it is at an appropriate scope for the course.

Develop a purpose statement for your research project.

Excerpt From Essay:

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