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Title: Comparing Scott McClouds Understaning Comics to David Kunzels The Early Comic Strip

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1409 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: write a five to six page essay in which you develop an argument of your own that compares two diverging texts on, about, and/or using comics. Discuss the relationship between the two viewpoints, and show how these representations illuminate, inform, or challenge your own developing thoughts on your subject. You will be graded according to how successfully you provide context, background, and varying or competing views. The goal is to begin working with sources and to practice linking them to arguments of your own. You are encouraged to use secondary sources (which may be fictional) to support your claims concerning your two primary sources; you are also encouraged to use outside sources as your secondary sources.Steps:
1) First, pick a topic. You are encouraged to continue studying the same topic from the Critical Analysis Essay and/or for the Research Essay. Some examples of topics might include Scott McCloud’s definition of comics, the evolution of superheroes, competing views about superheroes, minority representation in comics, or comics as a(n) (auto)biographical tool.
2) Next, you need to make a claim concerning your topic as it relates to your texts (remember the Toulmin system and all that should accompany a claim). An example of a claim for the topic concerning the evolution of superheroes might be, “In 1979, Umberto Eco’s criticism of the superhero genre of storytelling was quite warranted. Nearly 30 years later, however, many writers have taken up the challenge to answer these criticisms and refute them through their superhero stories. In his book Up, Up, and Oy Vey!, Simcha Weinstein studies the evolution of superheroes and demonstrates how they no longer suffer from Eco’s chief problems with the genre.”
3) That should be your introduction to your essay, but now you need to introduce your two primary texts. At the beginning of your body, you should summarize these texts similar to how you summarized your text for the Critical Analysis Essay (what’s the author’s claim, for whom is he writing, what’s the genre of the piece, etc.). Remember that even your summaries should have some evidence/citations.
4) Now you will need to explain how these texts differ on your topic (they are written for different audiences, different eras, etc.). Think of this as “He Says / He Says / I Say” or “He Says / I Say / He Says / I Say.” In other words, you should be responding to each point that each text makes, as well as how each texts responds to each other (directly or indirectly). For example, Weinstein does not respond directly to Eco, but he does offer up some points of how superhero comics are not the same as they were in Eco’s day. On the other hand, Horrocks responds directly to McCloud’s points.
5) Before concluding, think about how you could use secondary sources (though you are not required to) to support your claim. Tom DeHaven’s It’s Superman!, for example, would be the perfect example of how superheroes have evolved from Eco’s day. But don’t forget to summarize these texts (though briefly) when you introduce them in your essay.

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Title: Choices portrayed in Sequential Arts

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4281 References: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I'm wanting to have a Thesis Paper that explores the topic of "Choices" in the medium, Comic Books. For example, in some independent graphic novels, such as; "Summer Blonde" by Adrian Tomine; "Stray Bullets Vol.1: Innocence of Nihilism" by David Lapham; and "Tiny Giants" by Nate Powell all show individual stories that portray real people making choices that lead them down different paths. My hope in this 'paper' is to show past examples of other stories that do the same 'choices' stories and to advocate to readers that these are the stories people should read. Instead of reading of superheroes in tight underwear destroying city property and causing collateral damage in pursuant of heroic activities. The question I would like to ask is that, "how do we process how other people in the world make their choices in life" and what we can learn from it?

Also, if possible, see if you can somehow throw in some psychological aspects of different choices people make: e.g.

You're an inmate in a concentration camp with a son. A sadistic guard is about to hang your son who tried to escape and wants you to pull the chair underneath him. If you don't, then he will not only kill your son but some other innocent inmate as well. You don't have any doubt that he means what he says. What should you do?

So, in the paper, I'd like to ask the reader, as a reader would they want the father to pull the chair (then he's a honorable man and bad father) and save the innocent, or is he wrong for not pulling the chair and killing both his son and the innocent man? Apply this to various storytelling aspects in past comics and show this in the paper, if you can.

Please, don't relent to email me on thoughts or what I think, please ask any questions. I'm not a good writer at all. I just draw really well and I only want to get through this last thing before graduating college. So, please, help me out on this and I'll appreciate it.

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Title: Compare and contract two family relationships and their consequences

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1035 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast the family relationships between Jacob and Esau, and Mirrha and Cinyras from the two stories provided in word doc.

General Outline:


In both stories, family relationship plays an important role for Jacob and Mirrha in an attempt to achieve their goals.


However, in Jacob’s case, his view of the relationship with his brother positively changed, and their previously hostile relationship turned to reconciliation. Mirrha’s initial desire for her father, in contrast, turned to regretful feelings and tragic outcome.


At the end, the story of Jacob and Esau showed how Jacob changed to a better brother. Whereas Mirrha, after attaining her goal, realized her desire had disastrous and unexpected consequences.

SAMPLE QUESTION: Compare and contrast Superman’s and Spiderman’s use of disguise.

Do not summarize the plot or retell the story. Your job is to make an argument, not tell the story. Assume that your reader has not read the play, but is smart enough to follow your argument. The context and evidence that you provide to support your argument is all that your reader needs to follow your argument.
A comparison/contrast essay must do both?"compare and contrast. The essay cannot be a laundry list of similarities and differences. Instead, your essay must have a specific argument, and use topic sentences that proceed from your argument.
Your introduction must contain the names of the texts, authors, cultures and the general idea that your paper explores, and then your specific argument.
A strong argument for a comparison/contrast essay employs one of two strategies:
1) It takes two quantities (two characters, ideas, symbols) that look alike and argues a difference between them
2) It takes two quantities that look different and argues an underlying similarity.
Thus, for example:
Take the sample question: compare and contrast the role of clothing in two super-hero comics.

A plausible argument would look more like:
Both Spiderman and Superman are superheroes who use clothing as disguises. However, while Spiderman uses his disguise while on duty, Superman uses his disguise while not on duty.
Breaking up the argument reveals these constituent parts:
“Both Spiderman and Superman are superheroes who use clothing as disguises.” This is a big similarity between two quantities, Superman and Spiderman. This fulfills the “comparison” requirement of the essay.
“However, while Spiderman uses his disguise while on duty, Superman uses his disguise while not on duty.” This is the difference. Note the use of the transitional word, “however,” which indicates a contrast, a change or transition in ideas.

A topic sentence is the main idea for a paragraph. It comes directly out of the argument and is a part of the argument that that particular paragraph proves. A paragraph should contain only one idea. It must contain the textual evidence and your interpretation of that evidence that supports that idea. Each part of the argument must be demonstrated and supported over the course of the essay body. The sequence of the argument statement itself determines the sequence of paragraphs and topic sentences in the body. Hence, the body represents an expansion of the argument itself. Use transitional words and phrases to indicate similarities and differences between ideas:
Our sample argument is: “Both Spiderman and Superman are superheroes who use clothing as disguises. However, while Spiderman uses his disguise while on duty, Superman uses his disguise while not on duty.”
The structure of your body comes from the structure of the argument. Break up the argument into its parts:
Both (1) Spiderman and (2) Superman are superheroes who use clothing as disguises. However, while (3) Spiderman uses his disguise while on duty, (4) Superman uses his disguise while not on duty.
Your topic sentences and sequence of paragraphs follows naturally:
1. Spiderman is a superhero who uses clothing as a disguise.
2. Like Spiderman, Superman is a superhero who uses clothing as a disguise.
3. Spiderman uses his disguise while on duty.
4. Unlike Spiderman, Superman uses his disguise when not on duty.
To complete your essay, add the introduction and your conclusion.
A conclusion is not a restatement of your argument. Rather, it must answer the question “SO WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OR VALUE OF YOUR ARGUMENT?” IT cannot be some vague generalization about today’s society, or history, or the way things always have been. Think rather, about what your argument and paper have helped the reader to understand about the texts, one of the texts, the characters or one of the characters you have examined. Your argument generated by comparing these two texts has allowed you to see something in one or both of them that you would not have seen if you had not done a comparison and had looked at only one text. What is this something? This is the point of your conclusion.

Always support your ideas by specific references to the text. You should use one brief quotation per main idea also. Quotes must be relevant, brief, and explained. Always introduce your quotations, giving your reader the context of the quotation. IF YOU DO NOT EXPLAIN YOUR USE OF THIS QUOTATION, YOUR READER DOES NOT KNOW WHY IT IS RELEVANT TO YOUR ARGUMENT. QUOTES ARENOT SELF-EXPLAINING!
For example, you need to prove that Creon represents rational thinking. Your quotation should look something like:
Sophocles depicts Creon as a rational thinker most clearly when he returns from the Oracle at Delphi and learns that Oedipus has accused him of treason. Instead of jumping to conclusions, Creon asks the Chorus, “Was his glance steady, his mind right / when the charge was brought against me” (590-591). Creon’s question asks if Oedipus genuinely intends to accuse him of treason while his thinking was unaffected by his emotions, or if he makes the accusation out of anger and in the heat of his emotions when his mind was not “right.” The phrases, “steady glance” and “mind right” are metaphors for Oedipus’ ability to think correctly and rationally. They show that Creon will not jump to false conclusions, that he knows Oedipus’ personality, and that he will himself think calmly instead of becoming angry and irrational.

Observe the following:
1. The lines preceding the quotation provide the context for the quotation. They inform the reader of when and why the lines occur in the play, when Creon returns home.
2. Place a comma at the end of the introductory phrase and before beginning the quotation.
3. The quotation ends with a parenthetical citation (in brackets) that informs the reader of the specific line numbers for lines quoted.
4. The final full stop occurs at the end of the closing parenthesis.
5. The lines after the quotation explain the quotation.
The quotation is brief. Limit your quotes to one per paragraph, and no quote should really exceed four lines.

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Title: Icons

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1793 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: For this essay, choose a familiar icon and write an essay in which you explain what the icon symbolizes and analyze what the fact that this person, place, or thing is an icon says about the culture. (*Think about logos, superheroes etc.) Note: this is NOT a biographical or historical report. You are to think about what you can argue and use each of your body paragraphs to show that your argument is valid.

Example: The Eiffel Tower symbolizes nostalgic romance. Now, it is more cliche than authentically romantic to use it as a location for proposals. This essay could discuss Paris broadly, the fact that images of the Eiffel Tower are meant to inspire feelings of romance, and how it is the location of many proposals. Then, the essay would argue how it is a yearning for what romance used to be that people are drawn to because romance today is less dreamy (like soft lens images of the Eiffel Tower) and more sexual.

I will fax a source I need to use in the paper by Mark Kingwell. In addition, I will need two credible academic sources. Total of 3 sources including the handout I will be sending needs to be used.

Please be very specific, thorough, and detailed. Do not go off the subject but rather address in depth. Also provide with very strong thesis that supports argument throughout essay. Your help is highly appreciated.

Id rather have writer that wrote Order ID: 73630 write this argument essay. His name is John FitzRandolph.

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