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Title: Sula

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Essay Instructions: SULA Quiz

What is Sula’s mother’s name?

What town does Sula live in?

What celebration did Shadrack create?

What are the names of the the boys who live in Sula’s house?

What crime do Sula and Nel commit?

How does Plum die?

When Sula comes back to town, what is the neighborhood plagued with?

How did Eva lose her leg?

Who does Nel marry?

How does Nel’s marriage break up/

Why does Sula leave town?

Where does Shadrack live?

Where does Sula put Eva?

What is Sula’s birthmark look like?

What was Nel’s grandmother’s occupation?

What does Eva accuse Sula of doing when her mother dies?

What is Sula’s boyfriend’s name?

In what did Sula and Nel find relief in each other?

Who does Morrison say is stronger ??" Nel or Sula?

What does Nel come to realize at the book’s end?

Write three paragraphs to summarize the main points of Sula.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: SULA by Toni Morrison

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Essay Instructions: SULA by Toni Morrison

answer the following questions one page each

Write a one-page typed response to each topic.
Sula Reading Log Topics:

1. Love in My Life

2. Death in My Life

3. Was Sula guilty of Chicken Little's death?

4. Why didn't the girls tell what happened?

5. Why is Eva upset by Hannah's questioning about her love for her children?

6. Why do you think Eva killed her son? What was the author's intent when she created this event?

7. Create a list of social issues that have come up in the novel so far?

8. What ended Ajax' and Sula's love?

9. Make a list of character name associations. (Ex: Eva-Eve, first woman)

10. How is what happened at the tunnel related to the Civil Right's Movement?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: SULA by toni Morrison

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Essay Instructions: SULA by Toni Morrison

ESSAY TOPIC:Toni Morrison once said of SULAS main character, "If Sula and Nel were one woman, they would be plete". How is a bination of Sula and Nel result in a plete person?

5 paragraph essay.
Introduction to the story, charcters, with THESIS.
3 body paragraphs. Closing paragraph.

Below is the idea I am after:
As girls, Nel and Sula are of one mind; as women, their attitudes diverge:

"She had clung to Nel as the closest thing to both an other and a self, only to discover that she and Nel were not one and the same thing" (Morrison, 1973, p. 119).

Name: Nel Wright
ID: Main Character
Gender: Female

Nel conforms to the munity and society. "Nel was the color of wet sandpaper-just dark enough to escape the blows of the pitch-black truebloods and the contempt of old women who worried about such things as bad blood mixtures..."(Morrison, 1973, p. 52).

Role: Sula's best friend

Motivation: Consider; Control
Methodology: Acceptance
Evaluation: Trust
Purpose: Aware

Name: Sula Peace
ID: Impact Character
Gender: Female

Sula flaunts the munity's and society's conventions. Sula was a heavy brown with large quiet eyes, one of which featured a birthmark that spread from the middle of the lid toward the eyebrow, shaped something like a stemmed rose. It gave her otherwise plain face a broken excitement and blue-blade threat like the keloid scar of the razored man who sometimes played checkers with her grandmother. The birthmark was to grow darker as the years passed, but now it was the same shade as her gold-flecked eyes, which, to the end, were as steady and clean as rain. (Morrison, 1973, p. 52-53)

Role: Nel's best friend

Motivation: Reconsider; Uncontrolled
Methodology: Nonacceptance
Evaluation: Test
Purpose: Self Aware

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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Sula by Toni Morison

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Essay Instructions: 4 page essay on the book SULA by Toni Morrison
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Essay Topic
1)? Sula?s role and the effect on Society OR
2)How Society?s views shape the individual.

Morrison's characters are both empowered and restricted by the heavy sense of community that operates in her novels. In all of her novels the characters are pulled along by and enmeshed in the communities in which they live. The struggles of the community and the characters with in the framework of community are the driving force behind much of the novel.
Thesis below is just an dea and you can rework it to sound better.

THESIS: Both the characters and the larger communities are irrevocably changed throughout the course of the novel the as tension to define both individual and community surfaces.

Ideas to be incorporated into essay:

"The community of the Bottom, in a northern Ohio town called Medallion, is not only a place but a presence--a kind of collective conscience that arbitrates the social and moral norms of its members" (148).

Sula is a story about community.
, "Sula celebrates many lives: It is the story of the friendship of two African-American women; it is the story of growing up black and female; but most of all, it is the story of a community" ( Nigro, Marie)

This uniting against evil, the determination to survive evil, "without ever knowing they had made up their minds to do it," (90) is another defining factor of me community. Sula works, as other evils have done such as, "floods, white people, tuberculosis, famine and ignorance," (90) to unite me community together and give them common definition.

But Sula does more than just give them a common unified identity. She changes me community. Rubenstein says, "While people see themselves more clearly through her(Sula) she cannot see herself"(131). In this way she becomes an essential member of the community, allowing others a clearer picture of themselves while at me same time remaining outside of the accepted community. They recognize Sula as evil and "the presence of evil was something to be first recognized, then dealt with, survived, outwitted, triumphed over" (118). In recognizing Sula as evil Morrison says, "Their evidence against Sula was contrived, but their conclusions about her were not. Sula was distinctly different" (118). In recognizing her as different, as evil, as something to be survived, they are recognizing themselves.
Sula makes a statement about wholeness achieved through the unity of parts. The community in Sula is whole only when she is part of it . In Sula, the character of Sula must sacrifice her ?self? completely in order to define the community., Morrison suggests that the whole, whether self or community, is made up of individual parts. There is no recapturing of sacrifices made in Sula and the novel ends with Nel?s cry for the friendship that was sacrificed for the good of the community, ?It was a fine cry- loud and long- but it had no bottom and it had no top, just circles and circles of sorrow(174 )

Not only does Sula's presence allow the community to define itself, her presence begins to change them, "The conviction of Sula's evil changed them in accountable yet mysterious ways. Once me source of their personal misfortune was identified, they had leave to protect and love one another" (117)
Feel free to incorporate any of this into essay using the above essay topics and possible thesis I have provided. Thanks

Excerpt From Essay:

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