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Essay Instructions: Success University (SU) is a medium sized undergraduate institution located in Southern California. SU offers Associates and Bachelors programs in Business, Psychology and Education at their San Moreno campus and online. SU has decided to launch three new programs next Fall.

The three programs to be launched are:
1) A Business Certificate in Leadership
2) An Associates of Science (AS) degree in Business Administration
3) A Bachelor?s of Science degree in Business Administration (BSBA) with a concentration in Organizational Leadership

The accrediting body of Success University has given the programs their blessing and the School of Business has been charged with launching the three programs. They have created a team consisting of faculty, graduates, admissions staff, student services personnel and a marketing representative from the Corporate Office to assist in the launch of the programs.

You are tasked with bringing the team together, apprising them of their roles and responsibilities within the team and mapping out a timeline with deliverables.

You are to produce an executive brief of a 5 - 7 pages (not including the title or reference page) that clearly outlines the:

Team plan: Your plan to create a cohesive team. Include at least three strategies you plan to use to ensure a unified team.
Launch plan ? a comprehensive list of steps (at least 6) describing how you will launch the new programs.
Goals and Deliverables: Describe the goals you have set for this project and create a timeline with clearly marked deliverables.
Evaluation and Monitoring: Explain how you plan to evaluate the progress of your team and individual team members ? discuss the key strategies you will adopt to monitor your team?s progress and coach them to success. Examples might include weekly face to face meetings or written reports submitted to you weekly by each team member.
Implementation plan: How do you intend to implement the launch plan? Discuss how the team will function and their roles during the implementation.
Change plan: Create a strategy to deal with potential resistance from all stakeholders involved in the running and delivery of the new programs. For example there may be a concern in terms of increased workload, having to learn new policies and processes and the speed of the planned changes.

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Title: Success in MBA program

Total Pages: 2 Words: 660 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Success in the MBA program requires that a student possess a variety of skills and attributes; your work and life experiences also add to your ability to succeed. Characteristics such as a talent for working with numbers, a passion for learning, or a wealth of experience in the business world are examples of useful tools for MBA candidates to possess. How do you expect to be successful in an MBA program? Specifically, what skills, experiences, and attributes will you bring to the program to assist in achieving your ultimate goal of completing your MBA? What do you expect will be necessary for you to succeed in the program? What are your concerns about your ability to be successful in an MBA program?

General info: I am an accountant with 13 years of experience and intend to take the CPA exam after Masters graduation.

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Title: Success Classroom

Total Pages: 3 Words: 838 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: There are two parts to this essay question- please see the two part question

Describe your most meaningful accomplishment in the classroom that positively impacted students. What key strategies contributed to your success? How did you track your progress to ensure that you were successful?
No more than 400 words

How do you define and measure success in a class of students at various levels of learning and backgrounds? Whose responsibility is it to ensure that all students are achieving at the highest level? Explain.
No more than 400 words

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Title: Analysis of attributions for success or failure in Sport Performance

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1450 References: 19 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The essay investigates attributions in sport performance and how
athletes/players perceive their success or failures (internal vs. external
factors). The essay may also look into different attributions such as motivation, self
confidence and other factors that would influence performance. The essay should NOT focus on self-efficacy alone.

Excerpt From Essay:

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