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Title: study guide

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Essay Instructions: This assignment is to create a study guide for my midterm exam. Please use the chapters which I will attach in the resource section and please write a short paragraph on the topics below.
This is just a study guide. It does not need to be cited in anyway. If you want to copy and paste information that is fine. Please just indicate WHAT PAGE you are taking the information from so I can refer back to that section when I am studying.


- Defining culture and subculture
- Historical and varying perspectives on communication
- High versus low context
- Barriers and enablers to multicultural communication
- Nonverbal message codes
- Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
- Nationalism in context of language
- Influence of colonialism between and within cultures
- Immigration policies - issues that influence multicultural communication and understanding
- Perspectives on subgroup identity

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Title: Policing Subculture

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Essay Instructions: Resource uploaded. This is a two part project involving one discussion question and then a five page short paper about Policing Subculture.
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Title: Gender as a cultural construction

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Essay Instructions: These are the final essay questions for my communications class. I will send in the reading resources. Please do not use any outside sources. Here are the prompts:

Question 2- Many of the classes we had this semester involved multiple readings connected by some sort of theme. Choose any one reading from before the midterm, and any one reading from after the midterm that you think could have been taught together on the same day. Provide a brief summary of each reading’s argument, but focus most of all on which parts justify combining the two works. Do they have the same theme? the same language? Do they offer two different viewpoints on the same object? After discussing their similarities, identify which parts of the two readings are in disagreement ??" which parts would be hard to reconcile? (the two readings you will use for this are the geertz and the hebdidge readings - both of which are about culture and subculture)

Question 3- Throughout the second half of class we dealt with the social construction of numerous categories ??" race, gender, disability. Choose one of these categories. Then, using at least three sources from the class construct an argument that shows how that category is not a “natural” category, but one constructed by culture. I will send in multiple readings for this prompt. Choose three or four of these to support your thesis. The readings will be geertz (common sense), nietszche, nakamura, painter and tharps.
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Title: Subculture and Today's Youth

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1133 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Internet Sociology: “Subculture and Today’s Youth:

Using a search engine, i.e.,, write a report pertaining to the following:

· How is the concept of "subculture" at play in sites available through this resource?

· What kind of subculture did the perpetrators of the Columbine shootings belong to?

· Describe information you can find on the internet about these and similar teen subcultures.

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