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Essay Instructions: Study Abroad Essay for China
Essay must include:
1. introductory statement identifying source of interest. My grandmother is author of book- "China Gold" on chinese immigrants used in gold rush and teacher of chinese immigeant students in San Francisco for 39 yrs. Masters in Manderin Chinese from Stanford Univ.
2.paragraph explains beliefs regarding general importance of studying abroad.
3. How study aborad will contribute or enrich my political Science jor, lifetime and career.
4. Anything done that will make a good candidate- I have lived in China for 6 months on a martial arts and cultural program in 2005 with 50 forgein nationals to learn cultural aspects of WuShu. Certificate of achievement in WuShu- swords, member of US- Chinese WuShu Association, participated in National competitions. Currently enrolled in Manderin Chinese language course.
5. Summary paragraph on why I should be accepted intp program

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Title: KASP and Saudi economy

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Essay Instructions: the Saudi arabian economy has been facing an issue of high unemployment rate although it has a high economic growth.. also, the government is sending a lot of students to study abroad . I would like to negotiate these information in the research and explain the issue of unemployment .. also it's important to mention how are the Saudi alumni abroad are affecting on the Saudi economic growth.. the research needs to be specific.. thank you
Customer is requesting that (bolavens) completes this order.

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Title: Me

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Essay Instructions: 1. Have you participated in public service or volunteer activities?

I have been an active participant in community programs that involve working with the elderly. During the summer of 2005 I volunteered as a driver for a program called Meals on Wheels. This particular program was geared towards providing assistance for senior citizens who often times found it difficult to leave their home to pick up needed items from a local store. As a volunteer driver I would deliver such items to their homes. As an active member of the Alpha Beta Zeta Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society, our organization was involved in several community projects. Such projects included going out into the community and informing high school students the importance of furthering their education as well as hosting fundraisers that were geared towards raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims.
A public service project that I was a part of was working as an elementary tutor for the Youth Tutoring Program of Seattle. During the summer of 2006 as an elementary tutor I instructed at-risk-children in grammar, reading, and other literacy skills. During the summer of 2004 I interned at the Seattle King County Juvenile Court. My duties as an intern were to design and develop a reading room in the courthouse lobby for youths involved in juvenile proceedings. My boss, Judge LeRoy McCullough believed that incorporating a reading room in the lobby would benefit the youths involved in juvenile proceedings because they would have the opportunity to occupy their mind reading inspirational stories about characters that were similar to them rather than spending their time staring at the ceiling awaiting their court proceeding.

2. Are there economic, cultural, or social factors that have presented obstacles you have had to overcome?

A social factor that plagued me for many years was learning that I do not have to feed into society’s notions about how African Americans are supposed to look and sound. I tried to fit the role of what a black girl was supposed to look and sound like, but for some reason I always wound up feeling more like a fool than anything else. For years I struggled with my identity. I wanted to fit in so I believed that in order for me to fit in I had to act the way certain people in society expected me to act like. It was difficult for me to do this because this just wasn’t who I was. I began to dislike who I was. I knew who I wanted to be, but I let those around me dictate the limits of my potential. It was not until I entered college at a Historically Black University that I realized that as a black woman I did not have to limit myself to fitting into one particular role because my peers showed me that African Americans are diverse and are not limited to acting in one particular manner. Once I came to this realization I became more confident and more at ease about letting the true me come out.

2. Do you believe there were special factors adversely affecting your GPA?
During my senior year of college I was the victim of a drunk driving accident in which the car that I was a passenger in was struck by a drunk driver. I still to this day cannot recall the accident itself but I do remember waking up in the ambulance feeling tremendous amounts of pain throughout my body. As a result of the accident, I was required to go through surgery in order to repair my collar bone which was fractured in three places. I took a leave of absence from school for two weeks in order for my body to heal. When I returned to school it was difficult to keep my mind focused on my school work. In addition to having to deal with physical pain and the inability to use my right arm I also had to deal with the severe mental anguish that I was experiencing as a result of the accident. I was very angry at the drunk driver who hit me. However, over time my anger lessened and I learned to forgive and feel thankful for surviving what could have been a terrible tragedy.

3. What are three achievements that you consider to be your most significant?
One of the foremost achievements that I feel to be my most significant is graduating from college. I became the first in my family to earn a bachelor of arts and did it despite the obstacles that threatened to prevent me from graduating on time with my class. As the victim of a drunk driving accident during my senior year of college I found strength from within to earn my degree on time. Another achievement that I feel to be very significant in my life is when I was granted with the opportunity to study abroad in England during the summer of my junior year of college. As the first in my family to ever travel outside the country I can still recall to this day the proud expression that was on my parents faces as they saw me off. This achievement was significant because it was a major influence in my decision to embark in the field of international law. The third achievement that I feel to be one of my most significant is making the decision to pursue a career in law. I’ve always had strong aspirations to become a lawyer. By me taking the steps to get into law school I was making a decision to make a dream into a reality and above all I was putting certain notions that I used to have about careers in the legal field being limited to whites only.

5. University is a Christian university committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values, where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service and leadership. The school seeks to further the mission and encourage adherence to the highest moral and ethical standards. How would you expect to contribute to this environment or identify with this mission?

When I decided to become saved I was not only dedicating my life to Christ but I was also making the decision to live a life that would be in accordance with the bible. I wanted to strive to be the best person I could be. To this very day I still strive to be the best that I can be as a daughter, as a student, and as a community member. I believe that the choices that we make dictate how we will be judged by others. For this reason I have strived to make good choices. However, when I have made a mistake in judgment I have put every effort into learning from it. I believe that my dedication to being the best that I can be would make me a positive contribution to your school. During my senior year of college I was the victim of a drunk driving accident whereas the car that I was a passenger in was struck by a drunk driver. After the accident I struggled with taking the moral road. Every inch of me felt so much anger towards the person that had struck our car. However, through prayer I learned to let go of my anger and show love and forgiveness. This is an example of how my dedication to being a good Christian allows me to overcome my anger. It encourages me to show compassion to others and for this reason I believe that I will excel in the field of international law. I am culturally sensitive towards others who are different from me because I believe that there is much I can learn. Not only am I a person who strives to be the best person I can be but I am also a woman who strives to learn new things. In order to learn new things one must have an open mind and I truly believe that I am an open minded individual. Although I am very strong in my faith; I am willing to listen to others whose beliefs may differ from mine.

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Title: statement of purpose

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Essay Instructions: Dear writer.
I am applying graduate school in Korea. I am applying for Graduate school of International Studies Program in Ewha Womans University in Korea, This program will be conducted everything in English. I am applying for International Business Major. I need a statement of purpose of what do I want to study there . Below is my background and reasons of study. Please let me know if you need any additional information about the school or myself. They require 200 - 550 words for the statement of purpose.

I have graduated from University of Massachusetts Boston with a Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems in year 2000. I am currently working for Information Technology consulting company, as a part of the Information Technology staff (systems analyst) in United States. I have been working here for 4 years. I support senior consultant in the development and analysis of the information system in the area of strategic systems planning, business information planning, and data modeling. Also, Conduct extensive market research and identify new business opportunities in LABBLEE?s enterprise target markets.

Reason for why I want to go grad school
I want to change my career in different field.
To pursue short term dream - I want to work in the company where the company is dealing with global economy and business.
To pursue my long term dream - I want to become a female entrepreneur of business consulting company.
I always feel that in our current society globalization has become the driving force that shapes our daily lives. AndI feel that it is now crucial for future profession to learn in a multicultural environment. (The major reason select Int?l business major)
Gaining Master degree in International Management will provide me managing form a cross-cultural perspective and which includes language and culture classes.
They also offer classes about Korean current economy as well.

I came to United States to study abroad when I was high school student and receive B.A degree in UMASS BOSTON and currently working in US. And I want to go back to my county where my family leave and get a mater degree. I would want to study in Korea (my home county). It would be great opportunity to learn about current Korean economy

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