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Title: structural functionalist

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Essay Instructions: Talcott Parsons for over 4 decades dominated american sociology with his advocacy of structural functionalism. Parsons viewed society as a vast network of connected, interrelated parts, each of which contributes to the maintence of the system (society) as a whole. As changes occue in one part of society, there must be adjustments in other parts of society to bring the system back into equalibrium.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BCJ) in 2000 there were nearly 800,000 full time sworn law enforcement officers in the United States. The police establishment has continued to grow while the crime rate for violence and property crimes has decreased. Specifically, BJS notes that the violent crime rate in 2005 reached its lowest level ever.

From a structural functionalist perspective, explain a raise in the police establishment at a time when crime has decreased.

double spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt-font, times new roman.

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Title: Theoretical perspectives

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Essay Instructions: Required to write a FIVE-PAGE critique, based on comparing and contrasting the three theoretical perspectives – Structural Functionalism, Social Conflict, and Interactionism - in sociology. . Define each perspective clearly, highlighting its distinguishing features and its founding theorists. Finally, apply the three perspectives to the social institution of religion in society. Your written assignment must be typed and double-spaced.

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Title: Sociological Paradigms

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Essay Instructions: 2 pages Essay on "Sociological Paradigms"


~Review the three sociological paradigms: Structural functionalism, social conflict and symbolic interactionism.

~Explain each and critique each one.

~Which paradigm you think most accurately describe you and society, and the relationship between the two?

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Title: Individuality Individual Identity is Almost

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Essay Instructions: Further instructions:

Please note, that the task of the essay is to "debate" the topic, so please include arguments and counter-arguments.

Content of the paper: please be guided by theories such as, but not limited to:

a)Structural functionalism/classical sociology (Durkheim, Parsons, G. Simmel) - who claim that "society makes us "individuals" - this claim heavily rely on the idea of Socialisation. (Modernity)

b)Capacity for agency - Giddens - who rejects the usual sociological emphasis on the ways we are constrained or coerced into conforming behaviour by "society" or its "structures". We are free to to shape our own identity.(Postmodern idea of identity).

c)The point I would like to make in this paper is that: Identity and social structure are in a symbiotic relationship as either cannot exist without the other.

Other ideas which might be worth while mentioning: Norbert Elias - Society is not a structure that is external to people. We are social beings who live in relationships - "figurations".

Bibliography sources:
All referencing sources must be from quality academic books and refereed journal articles.
1. I have used primary sources where relevant.

2. I have used good secondary source material, that is, academic books, book chapters and journal articles.

3. I have at least 4 additional readings (books and/or journal articles)

4. I have not quoted from Wikipedia or other Internet encyclopaedias.
Please keep quotations to minimum.

Thank you

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