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Essay Instructions: The essay is about the book " A Street car named desire" by tennesse williams.

What is the relationship between "desire" and "love" in A street car named desire? Are they different, or do they overlap one another? Are they complementary, or do they cancel one another out? Focus on the play's principal characters ( Blanche, Stanley, Mitch, Stella) in terms of how they feel and express (or not) their passions.

Provide evidence ( quotes)

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Title: streetcar name desire

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Essay Instructions: hey i need somebody who knows the ply "street car name desire" i wrote Blanche as a tragic character its all good but Prof. wants me to explain and explain more and more so if anything i could send u the copy of mine but i need someone really good to help me out fix it and go with the flow based on my essay and fix the gramma, especaly canclusion, and in body: about a doctor and blanche there is something about it that i can't realy pull it so about the doctor, than when stanley rapes blanche what was the massege why did she diserved also there is a big massage brake it down with clarity, and explain why blanche chooses magic over reality, also why the end is tragical, why stella turns her back on to blanche, and why they are alike explain like man=life, sex, escape of poverty, hapiness
PLEASE DONT PLAGERIZE ANYTHING, send me ur email so i'll send u my essay it would be esier for u, thnks

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