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Instructions for Stock Valuation College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: Watch the "Concept Review Video: Stock Valuation" video located in the WileyPLUS Assignment: Week 4 Videos Activity.

Discuss how markets and investors value a stock.

Write a 550 word summary of your discussion.

Use Headers to explain EACH point

Use ONLY current tense, no past tense allowed. Eg do not write sally walked to store. Have to re-write it to say sally walks to store. Failure to do so is an automatic request for a re-write

Use page numbers for in-text citations

Have a reference page that is up to date with APA 2013

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: summarize chapters 3 4 6 11 14 of Random Walk Down Wall Street 10th edition by Burton Malkiel

Total Pages: 20 Words: 5821 Sources: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Summarize the following chapters from “Random Walk Down Wall Street” 10ed. by Burton Malkiel, in about 4 pages per chapter.
Chapter 3: Stock valuation from the sixties
Chapter 4: The biggest bubble of all
Chapter 6; Technical analysis
Chapter 11: Potshots at the Efficient-Market theory
Chapter 14: A Life-cycle guide to investing

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Title: Financial analysis of Cotsco

Total Pages: 7 Words: 1963 References: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: 1. Company introduction to include history, sector, competitors.
2. Financial statement analysis to include the balance sheet, income statement
and statement of cash flows. Do not give definitions of the statements - the
reader has a full understanding of financial statements. Explain what has been
happening financially with the corporation for the past several years.
3 Ratio analysis from the financial statements. Need to have combined
cross-sectional and time-series charts At a minimum the following ratios will be included: 2
liquidity, 2 activity, 2 debt, 3 profitability and 1 market (P/E).
4. Application of risk measurement to determine stability of company portfolio.
The past five years of returns will be calculated.
5. Bond valuation. The corporations assigned have long-term debt
to ensure this can be accomplished.
6. Stock valuation. The corporations assigned have experienced
dividend growth so that this model can be used.
7. Determine the company’s Weighted Average Cost of Capital, the
cost of common stock and after-tax cost of debt must be included.
8. Determine the company’s dividend policy.
9. Conclusion and references

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: stock analysis

Total Pages: 11 Words: 2899 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper


Project 2, research paper - stock analysis, 10 points The paper deals with stock analysis. Suppose you recently graduated majoring in finance.
You were hired by a hedge fund company as a junior financial analyst. Your supervisor asked you to find a publicly-listed company's stock which
you consider would have the most promise towards rewarding the company with a very high return on its investment.

The following must be included in your paper:
1. Economic and industry analysis. Briefly (two paragraphs or less) discuss your opinion as to
what you think the economic conditions will be in the United States during .

the next 12 months, and provide some indication as to the effect such conditions will have on the industry in which
your company is classified. Include a list of the sources you use to form your opinion about the economy.
2. Qualitative analysis of the company. Include a very brief (two paragraphs or less) description of the firm, its product lines, labor conditions, and so forth, 3. Financial statement analysis. Detern1ine the financial condition of the firm using ratio analysis; include only those ratios you think provide a "good" picture of the

firm' s financial position. You can either compute t?e.ratios yourself or use ratios that are reported in financial resources that are available in the library or online. The . discussion (interpretation) of the ratio analysis is the most important part of this analysis.
In this section, you should be concerned with determining the overall (total) riskiness of the firm.
4. Stock valuation. This is the most important part of this paper. Use the equity valuation techniques discussed in class and presented in your text to evaluate the intrinsic value of the common stock for the firm you have chosen. You can find information on firm's stock Beta, the risk-free rate, or the expected market return on the internet. Value Line is one source that publishes company's Beta, Stocks, Bonds, Bills, and Inflation has information concerning historical risk premiums on stocks, and The Wall Street Journal is a source of current Treasury returns. You need values for these three variables to apply the CAPM.
The textbook introduces many useful websites where you may find relevant information. You must explain why you used the pmiicular valuation model and the values included in the model. You should present your analysis in details in this part.
5. Recommendation. Based on your analysis, make an investment recommendation.
Should the stock be bought, sold short, or should investors just stay away from the firm' s common stock? Justify your recommendation.
6. The paper should be in word document format, double-spaced, between 10 to 12 pages.
Your grade will depend on the quality of you analysis (for example, whether you choose the right model and evaluate stock value appropriately), the completeness of your work (Have you done all the requirements and included them in your paper) and your writing, which should be clear and have few grammar/spelling errors. "CORRECT, CLEAR, COMPLETE,"

Presentation of Project 2 (5 points): After finishing the paper, each group will present their findings using Microsoft Office software (Word, PowerPoint or Excel). Each presentation should be no more than 15 minutes. Your presentation scores will be given by your audience.

Excerpt From Essay:

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