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Title: Stock Market Crash of 1987

Total Pages: 12 Words: 4043 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Here is an outline for what I want included in the paper:

I. Introduction
A. Brief background of stock market crash of 1987 that
gets the reader involved in the paper

II. In depth look at stock market crash of 1987
A. What happened in the financial markets that day on
Monday, October 19, 1987?
B. Effect on U.S. economy
C. Effect on global economy

III. Causes of the stock market crash of 1987?
A. Program trading (aka "computer trading")
B. Derivative securities (portfolio insurance)
C. Illiquidity
D. U.S. trade and budget deficits
E. Investing in bonds as an attractive alternative
F. Overvaluation

IV. Federal Reservere response to the stock market
crash of 1987 (ie-policy responses)?

IV. Consequences of stock market crash of 1987?
A. Circuit breakers and limits
B. Increased access

V. Future Implications
A. More stock market crashes in future?

VI. Conclusion
A. Brief summary or wrap-up of everything (can include
future implications in this portion if that works
better for you)

*Feel free to add anything relevant to the stock market crash of 1987 under any of the headings. I'm not that well informed on the event, so I tried to give you an outline of what I wanted included in the paper, but I could be missing some important concepts that may not be in the outline above, so feel free to add any concepts if you feel the need to when you come across any while reading the sources. Please have the paper be approximately 12 pages long. Don't worry about quotations or anything. I tend to not quote much or at all in papers. So if you limit to a couple quotes, that is fine. No need to do footnotes at all. Footnotes are not my writing style at all. Please limit to 6 sources (I need at least 5 sources). I also need the sources to be active sources (ie-internet sources) that I can access myself once I get this paper, and I want my teacher to be able to access the sources also if he feels the need to. Citing can be just parentheses followed with the Author's last and first name, followed by the date of the source. Please use credible sources that have authors. Please don't use books at all as sources. Just try to find articles or pdf's on the internet as sources. Thanks a million!

Mike Hager

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Title: Stock Market Experiences

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1808 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This paper needs to talk about how the stock market works. Preferably the writers experiences in the virtual stock exchange if they have any. It should discuss the securities and exchange commission, stock market volatility, and the concept of "New World Order". It should also breifly discuss international markets and microeconomics. The main point in this paper though is supposed to be my experiences in the stock market. So the stock market is the focal point of the paper.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Complete a report for the selected firm using the directions provided below. (Notice that there are at least 10 points to be covered in at least four separate and flowing paragraphs; be certain to use the language of business ? appropriate jargon or all business terms you have been exposed to during the course -- in your report.)

1. Go to www, and select the company from the FULL LIST bar on the right hand side
I choose Wells fargo. -> Write a report about this company.

o Identify how that company is listed and under what letters it is trading in the stock market (e.g., the symbol used)
o Identify or determine the industry that this company belongs (e.g., auto, aircraft, beverage, etc)
o Identify who are its competitors (the firms producing/selling similar products and services, or are very likely to do so with a new product that will displace a major money earner for the company you are studying)
o Identify the CEO of the company (Find out whether s/he came from another company and/or another country.) Find this by calling the company from its ?Contact us? section on its website, reading company stories, etc). Identify the balance of the management team, the sections (divisions) of the company
o Identify how the company recruits, trains and develops its employees. Is there a labor union presence? If so, what role does the union play company life?
o Identify and/or determine the company?s use of IT (information technology)
o Identify last year?s profit level (At the end you need to make a statement that given today?s business climate and market conditions ? an industry perspective would be great -- whether or not your company can expect to see an increase in sales and profitability.)
o Clarify what strategy the company is using (). Identify last year?s revenue figures (At the end you need to make a statement that granted today?s business climate and market conditions ? an industry perspective would be great -- whether or not the company selected can expect to see an increase, an uptick or a decline in revenue in the fourth quarter)

2. Go to or
o Identify on which stock market the firm is listed
o Copy the graph into your report, giving the trading price of the stock over a range of at least four weeks. Make logical and reasonable comments on: (a) the behavior of the stock price; and (b) what may have caused that performance (up or down). These should be based too, on online stories/articles from the resources given (extra credit for reasonable/credible statements).
3. Go the company?s website: Use ?Contact Us? ? if necessary -- to
o Identify whether the company is (a) a conglomerate, (b) a holding company, (c) a subsidiary, or (d) an MNC (multinational corporation) or an MNE (multinational enterprise).
o Identify the full range of products and/or services that this company produces
o Identify who are its suppliers and vendors (whether or not there are strategic partnerships or alliances between them for JIT production)
o Identify who are its customers, clients and so on (broadly and/or specifically ? in a B2B relationship)
o Identify potential competition for the firm ? products, services, new technologies and upcoming firms that you can identify (Extra credit)
o Identify potential competitive products (new products being developed or those that are already on the market ? from the online articles) for the firm (Extra credit). Determine according to product life cycle theory, at what stage any of its products are.
--> Please give me the link of this one, thanks.


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Title: Stock Market reaction to FedEx and Kinko's merger

Total Pages: 2 Words: 514 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: FedEx and Kinko's merger: Summary of Stock market reaction (i.e., changes in share prices) on each company at the time information on the proposed acquisition became known, a week after the acquisition was accomplishe, and currently.

Excerpt From Essay:

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