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Title: This 11 page research paper steroids single spaced I I fill needed direct

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Essay Instructions: This is an 11 page research paper on "steroids" single spaced. I wish that I could fill you more in on what is needed but it is very direct on what should be done.

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Bahrke, M.S., Yesalis-III, C.E., & Wright, J.E. (1990). Psychological and Behavioural Effects of Endogenous Testosterone Levels and Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids Among Males: A Review. Retrieved Feb 11, 2013, from MESO-Rx:

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Title: Steroids and Sports

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Essay Instructions: Writing Instructions:
A pdf attachment will be uploaded with more specific instructions

FIND THE ARTICLES EARLY, read them and spend considerable time thinking about them before you begin to write, applying theory. Take notes on what theories you will use. Then further outline which specific elements of those theories you will apply and find examples from the articles that will highlight that application.

Explain theories as you understand them in your own words. The focus of the paper is not what you think about the incident or offender, it is all about which theories apply ? keep reminding yourself that.

****This is a three page essay that must be carefully proofed and must conform to standard formatting (12 pt, one single line heading, no space between paragraphs and 1? margins all around).****
Topic: Steroids and Sports

Read each article:
****all of these articles will be uploaded as pdf's****

1. ?New Spin on A-Rod?s doc. Galea, also linked to Tiger, Reyes & Beltran. May 19, 2010 Daily News (N.Y.)
Nathaniel Vinton, Christian Red and Michael O?Keefe. Sports p. 53 (1044 wds).
2. Scope of school steroid test program shrinking. Dallas Morning News, January 2, 2011 Sunday. Jeff Miller
p. A01. (1399 wds)
3. ?What about our kids? There?s a lesson in steroids scandal.? Karen Sudol, Herb Jackson, Elsie Young. The
Record (Bergen County, NJ). A1, December 15, 2007.
4. ?Prep baseball: Some prep players? heroes are accused of doping.? James Patrick, The Salt Lake Tribune,
December 23, 2007.
5. ?Growing worry. For high school athletes, ?roids sill the rage.? Wayne Coffey, Daily News, New York,
Sports, P. 90, December 16, 2007.
6. ?A look at the key evidence of steroid use.? Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams. The San Francisco
Chronicle, November 16, 2007, A 18.
7. ?MLB studies drug report: Mitchell document expected to be released.? Lance Williams and John Shea, The
San Francisco Chronicle, December 12, 2007, C1.
8. ?I used steroids? Why he used. McGwire says he wanted to heal his injuries. By Joe Strauss. St. Louis Post
Dispatch, January 12, 2010. p. A1 (1419 wds)
More instructions:
To fully understand each incident, you must read each article entirely. These newspaper stories have been specifically selected because they contain elements that I expect you to notice. You are also encouraged to go beyond the articles listed and review more articles on this particular incident or issue. You will be graded on your ability to articulately and creatively discuss the theories that are related to the articles. This means that you should respond to the issues and points raised in the news articles using theoretical perspectives covered in this course. You can introduce any history, background, research or relevant information on that topic that will help support your arguments but remember that the focus of the assignment and the key to your receiving credit will be your ability to apply the theories that you have learned in this class (no other outside theory references are needed) to the articles. Two good rules for preparing these assignments: First, do not try to use too many theories, just single out the one or two best theories to work on and then incorporate as many elements of that particular theory that fit well into this event using specific examples from the articles to support your argument. Second, make sure your paper fits the formatting requirements ?do not manipulate margins or fonts to falsify your entry.

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Title: steroids

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Essay Instructions: I need a research paper on steroids. It needs to be in APA format with the page numbers and sub title in the upper right hand corner of each page. I want to talk about who uses steroids? the effects it has on people body and minds, risk that are involved when taking them, signs that people are on them, give example of pro-athetes that have used them in baseball and football. How it has effected their lives (legally, careers, bodies, Jason Giambi,etc.) The introduction paragraph is why I selected my topic- I am a coach, big sports fans, and have seen friends in college while playing sports suffer from steroid abuse. I will fax more info. thanks
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Works Cited:


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Anabolic Steroid Abuse." (2000, April). National Institute on Drug Abuse: Research Report Series. Retrieved on November 1, 2005 at

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Some studies have shown that there is no real difference in performance between athletes who took steroids and those who took fake steroid pills

Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid is the full name of the drug commonly known as anabolic steroid; anabolic refers to muscle building and androgenic to male-sexual characteristics that are promoted by the use of AAS

For example, the use of AAS as well as other drugs such as marijuana is markedly lower in Norway than in other countries such as the U.S.); hence marijuana use may be more strongly associated with deviant behavior among Norwegian adolescents than among young people where its use is more common.

Some law enforcement officers have been known to lift weights and use steroids to make themselves more imposing to criminals

Jason Giambi (1971-) is a Major League Baseball first baseman who played for Oakland Athletics (1995-2001) and currently plays for New York Yankees (2002-)

The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 added anabolic steroids to the federal schedule of controlled substances, thereby criminalizing their non-medical use.

Definition of steroid from Free Online Dictionary [available at]

Anabolic" refers to muscle building, and "androgenic" refers to increased masculine characteristics; hence the name anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) -- which are commonly referred as just anabolic steroids.

The wins were often touted by Soviet government propaganda as proof of the superiority of the Communist ideology over the "decadent" Capitalism.

The full extent of the side-effects of steroid abuse is still not fully documented since it is a relatively recent phenomenon and more scientific studies are required for a complete understanding of the issue.

He also admitted to procuring injectable steroids (Deca-Durabolin) from a "Gold Gym" in Las Vegas.


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Title: The use of Steroids in Athletes

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Essay Instructions: My research paper should be about athletes and the use of steroids.
The research paper should:
-Present the main topic clearly and effectively
-Present and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of peer-reviewed literture and statistics on steroids. I need to provide examples from these sources and explain the relevance why steroids are dangerous and should continue to be illegal.
-Five of these sources need to be peer-reviewed.
In the research paper I need to take a brief look at how steroid drug is used all over the world in sports but also as medical purposes. Then explain different types of steroids such as anabolic steroids. Then give a brief history of steroid use and how they can be injected into the body, and lastly descride the negative side effects steroids have.
I am totally against the use of steroids and I need to make it known in this research paper. I think it is a shame that many athletes do not know the dangers and side effects these drugs have on you when taking them.
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Brunk, Doug. Athletes Using Steroids Are Wasting Money. Family Practice News:

International Medical News Group, 2000

Business Editors. International Society for Sport Psychiatry Discusses Impact of Steroids on Mental Health. Business Wire: Gale Group, 2005

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Academy of Family Physicians, 2000

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New Orleans City Business: Dolan Media Newswires, 2005

Science News. Steroids Stir Mental Backlash. Science Service, Inc.: Gale Group, 2004

Svare, Bruce B. What Athletic Directors Can Do About the Steroid Abuse Crisis. Coach and Athletic Director: Scholastic, Inc., 2006

Will, George F. Steroids Devalue an Athlete's Ability While Improving it. Deseret News

Salt Lake City): Deseret News Publishing Company, 2004

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