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Title: stem cell research

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Essay Instructions: Stem cell research has brought about heated debate among academicians and society as a whole, especially among Christian circles. Identify issues raised by this debate. What light can the Bible and theory and research in human development bring to bear on these issues? Integrate texts/readings and Scriptural principles as appropriate.Your papers should be 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced, and 3-4 pages. You will be required to do some additional reading to inform yourself about the issue (at least two scholarly sources). Please make sure to cite all additional sources you use. I will need sources, a title page, works cited page, and bibliography that's mentioned for free.

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Title: Stem Cell

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Essay Instructions: Stem Cell Research

What are stem cells? how are they different from other cells, benefits and uses of stemcells, sources of stem cells, and legalities associated with stem cell research.


Thank you.

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Essay Instructions: The topic of this argument is about "Stem cell research should have more government funding."

For this paper, please construct an argument defending a claim of policy. Remember that in an argument based on a claim of policy, the writer seeks to solve a problem and so will need to establish first that a problem exists, and this part of the argument will entail claims of fact backed by evidence. Then, the writer should propose the policy that will alleviate the problem, and that will entail the writer's own logic backed by motivational appeal and possibly a claim or claims of value for the policy. As your textbook states, ?Almost always, should or ought to or must is expressed or implied in the claim? (Rottenberg 77). Remember that the writer needs to acknowledge and refute possible counter arguments and policies, and demonstrate how his/her policy provides an answer to the counter arguments(s) and is the best policy relative to other possibilities. The policy also must be feasible; that is, it can actually be implemented (some policies will solve a given problem but simply are not feasible for some reason(s) or another).

The topic and support must come out of your major field of study, so (again) you may need to consult with one of your major professors or your department chairperson for help in generating the topic and guidance towards reputable professional journals, books, and websites that you can research for support. If you do not yet know your major, you must generate a topic out of a subject that interests you. The instructor will have to approve the topic and review the claim you are making about it to make sure you're on the right track. Shorter research writing, such as this, typically employs a rough average of two sources per page, making fourteen the required number of sources for this paper. Remember to use a variety of sources, not just websites. Additionally, .com websites and Wikipedia are prohibited. Do not use these as sources in your papers.

You must employ MLA style in your papers, which includes the page format, in-text source documentation, and works cited page. Your handbook has a section on MLA style in it, so please refer to it.

This argument must be at least seven to nine full pages long, not including the works cited page. Be sure that your claim is clearly stated. You should also review the last few slides of the ?Claims? PowerPoint for a reminder on the structure/format of this paper.

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Title: Stem Cell Research and Ethical Dilemmas

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Essay Instructions: Bibliography with a minimum of 5 references, to include 2 articles or books (cannot be entirely internet retrieved data)
2500 word minimum
Include Outline of paper and bibliography and/or works cited page
Topic is slightly flexible as is the actual title, as long as the topic is somewhat narrowed:
Ethical Dilemmas in Stem Cell Research is the main focus point but would like paper to express what Stem Cell research is, the purpose and possibly include the way it is used for political propaganda or facts vs fiction. I firmly believe in Stem cell Research and had my son's cord blood banked in 1998 at a facility so my term paper would ultimately be in support of the stem cell research.
Please have the writer contact me with any question. Also, I have to write approx a paper per month over the next few years (from 500-2500 words) primarily related to medical topics. If this paper rocks, I would like to keep the writer on file with my account to use again. Thank you for guaranteeing the paper will be original, well written and non-plagiarized.

Thanks for your help-my schedule is a little overwhelming right now

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