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Title: The Importance of all Stem Cell Research Being Federally Funded

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Essay Instructions: This is a "Proposal" essay. This Essay must be 5 full pages plus a MLA formatted Works Cited page.The information must come from journals and books that can be obtained thru OhioLINK Databases click on Login now to access restricted services then Northwest State Community College then Schmitt Dawn N00170855 then check Academic Search Complete and then under search options Academic Journals Peer Reviewed EBSCO Full Text Only and no journals or books older than 4 years old. Journals used must come from EBSCO with the previous mentioned criteria and books must be available thru OhioLINK Library Catalog. Please do not allow the research to take over the paper. I am definitely on the side of stem cell research and if possible to incorporate a personal story my family had to watch my father-in-law suffer and die a slow and agonizing death caused by Lewy body dementia the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer's. We donated his brain to the Massachusetts alzheimer's disease research center.

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Title: Mesenchymal Stem Cells Regenrative Medicine at its best

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Essay Instructions:

Vascularized and functional human liver from an iPSC-derived organ bud transplant

Question: You have been commissioned to write a brief (up to 3 pages) magazine article on mesenchymal stem cells and regenerative medicine. Here’s what you should do in your article:
1. Briefly describe what MESENCHYMAL STEM CELLS are.
2. Choose a single human medical problem that might be addressed by therapy using MESENCHYMAL STEM CELLS but that is likely to present ethical, social, or religious problems for at least some people in our society. (Liver failure)
3. Describe the biology of this problem and describe existing therapy, if any.
4. Describe ONE possible MESENCHYMAL STEM CELL therapy for this problem, including its biological rationale. By what mechanism or mechanisms would this treatment reduce or reverse the pathology of the disease?
(Production of a Liver for possible transplant)
5. Describe an EXPERIMENT that would test the hypothesis that the therapy you describe above would in fact provide an effective treatment for the problem. What OBSERVABLE results would SUPPORT the hypothesis and what OBSERVABLE results would DISCONFIRM the hypothesis?
6. Describe the STRONGEST (in your opinion) ethical or social OBJECTION to this therapy.
7. Describe the STRONGEST (in your opinion) ethical and social rationale in FAVOR of this therapy. You may (but do not have to) phrase this as a rebuttal to the objection that you described above.
8. Briefly state YOUR OWN OPINION about the best resolution of the social issues you have discussed, and back up your opinion with a reasoned argument.

These should help you start.......

Vascularized and functional human liver from an iPSC-derived organ bud transplant

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Title: Stem-Cell Research Disease and illness

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2993 References: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: 2500 words (approximately 10 pages) and a references page.
References page should appear at the end, listing at least ten entries: Up to 3 Web-based links and 7 other references??"all should be done in APA format
12 pt. Arial, Courier New or Times New Roman font
Double spaced
Should contain an APA-style formatted title page
All pages should be numbered
Should contain 10 sources (minimum) with no more than three web sites.

leave what i have just make it better if you can.

A Study of Stem Cells
Decease and illness are growing causes of death everywhere in the world. Scientists are creating new ways to battle this devastating war on health problems. Their best possible hope for a weapon is stem cell research. Stem cell research is the scientific study on certain types of cells called stem cells; these cells have potential to revive, recreate and restore existing cells in the body. According to Kansas University Medical Center in 2010, stem cells are unspecialized cells that develop into specialized cells which make up more than 200 deferent types of cells in the human body. Stem cells are extracted from:
“Spare embryos: stem cells can come from leftover embryos stored at fertility clinics that were not used by couples to have children.
Special purpose embryos: embryos are created in vitro fertilization (artificially in the lab) for the sole purpose of extracting their stem cells.
Cloned embryos: embryos are cloned in labs using somatic nuclear transfer method in order to harvest their stem cells.
Aborted fetuses: stem cells are taken from fetuses in early development that have been aborted.
Umbilical cords: this after-childbirth tissue holds potential for research.
Adult tissue or organs: stem cells are obtained from the tissue or organs of living adults during surgery.
Cadavers: isolation and survival of neural progenitor cells from human post-mortem tissues (up to 20 hours after death) has been reported and provides an additional source of human stem cells (Pecorino L, 2010)”
Let’s discuss further about the advantages, disadvantages and ethical considerations of
stem cell research.
Advantages of Stem-Cell Research
There are a vast amount of benefits for continuing and advancing in stem cell technology. One of the profits of the research is comprehension of the development of a cell. The more we know about cellular growth, the better we understand the aging cycles of a cell. Scientist can determine how and when they can deteriorate or grow cancerous. This means that doctors can possible implant new cells to fight diseases. Also, scientists can determine how and when cells become more complex. Then they can create complex cells in the same manner.
Another important benefit of stem cell research is, studies of drugs can one day be tested safely on artificial cells and organs, by researchers.
“With the advancement in stem cell research, it is possible to conduct clinical trials and test drugs and medications before marketing commercially. Thus, the effectiveness and side effects of therapeutic medicines can be studied in the absence of animal and human testers. (Sandhyarani, N. 2010).”
Also, by performing these studies engineers can create more beneficial drugs.
A case where stem cell research has benefited a real person comes from China, where the experimentation on stem cells is extensive. According to a video on in 2010 a young girl with cerebral palsy received many treatments. Kaelyn Sosa was almost two years old when she had an accident. She had to go to the hospital where medical personnel placed a tube into here airway. While in the MRI, the little girl removed the tube, causing her to affixiate herself. She lost a considerable amount of oxygen and suffered brain damage. Kaelyn received a few stem cell treatments in the United States and got small results but the laws in the U.S. made it hard for the family to continue. The family was informed of the research in China and scheduled a trip there. While in China Kaelyn received received 6 umbilical cord blood stem cell and 1 Bone Marrow aspiration injections along with physical therapy. In the following months after the therapy, she had grown stronger and more alert. Where she used to reach out and miss objects she was now finding them and she now had better control of her body. The results were not drastic but noticeable.
While not an abundant amount of information is known about this science, stem cell research shows great potential to help with health issues.

Stem Cell Research Basics. (2010). K. U. Medical Center. Retrieved on June 1, 2010 at
Pecorino L. (2010). Stem Cells for Cell-Based Therapies. Retrieved on June 01, 2010 from
Sandhyarani, N. (2010). Stem Cell Research Benefits. Retrieved on June 1, 2010 from

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Title: Stem cell research

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2382 Works Cited: 12 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: hello,
I need the writer to follow a few directions and rules:
TOPIC - 1.Must explain and define stem cells.
2.The history of stem cell research.
3.Different types of stem cells and how they are used.(Examples[cloning,organ regeneration,reverse aging ETC.]or personal stories from stem cell patients.)
4.The ethical issues surrounding stem cells.
5.(Bias)PRO stem cell research, and explain how stem cell AND its research can help humanity in the present and future.

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