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Title: Korean War

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2191 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Hi! I would like order custom
research service. 6-7pages will be fine and I want it to have it in one or two days. Price seems reasonable. I just want to have a essay itself and bibliography at the end. It's an international relation paper and I am supposed to have a research quiz and solve the quiz by using one IR theory.
So my research quiz will be "Why did US intervene in Korean politics around 1945 and cause the Korean War even if US had maintained status quo?"
The IR theory I am gonna use is Defensive Realism. So my paper will talk about the definition of defensive realism, and the reason why US had to compete
Russia after 1945 japan's surrender. (beacuse of Balance-of-Power and so on.
IPlease hit me back if you have more to know ASAP. I need this paper
in two days (Saturday night) 6-7 pages, around 5 sources. thanks

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Title: HP and Palm strategic analysis

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1573 Sources: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Welcome aboard this project. HP and Palm are expecting us to provide them with top notch advice on how to integrate Palm into HP. I will be working on analyzing HP and you will be working on analyzing Palm. I expect you to do excellent work; afterall, that is the name of our consulting firm.

First, you need to do a strategic analysis of Palm Co. The execs are looking for us to give them an independent, objective view of Palm's current strategic position. They want to get the full nine-yards of Palm's mission, vision, and values. The want to identify its current set of strategic goals. They want an assessment of the competition and the competitive environment. And they want to see the opportunities and threats it is facing, and get a general idea of its strengths and weaknesses. Palm and HP want to know if we think they should make any strategic changes or stay with the status quo. You need to put this into a recommendation and justify your reasoning.

I have attached a Word doc with an outline of the contents of the report - (memo cut and pasted below)///////////

Case Expectations:

You need to do diligent research on Palm, Inc. I have included links to various websites about the purchase by HP, news on Palm, and Palm's website. I have also included a link to their 2009 10K Report.
You need to do additional research to find information on competition and general trends for opportunities and threats. For the competitive analysis, you need to identify three of the top competitive companies and their best selling devices.
The report should follow closely the outline that I have given you. You need to be thorough and complete. The final section is the most important section. I expect you to use good logic and argumentation skills to make your case.
The report should be 5 to seven pages.

Links to Internet pages and doc uments:
Article: HP to Acquire Palm for $1.2 Billion

Article: BNET: Company News & Executive Profiles - PALM

Article: HP bought Palm after a five-company bidding war

Palm's website:

Palm's investor site:

Palm's 10K (Annual Report) for 2009
(CUT AND PASTED THE MEMO BELOW:) //////////////////////////////////////////////////

FROM: Art Epance
Your job is to do a strategic review and analysis of Palm and prepare a report. The report is to include the following aspects.
• Current Situation:
o Current Mission and Vision
o Current Strategy
? Goals and objectives
? Major Strengths of company that are basis of G&O
? Major Weaknesses that are planned for improvement or to compensate
• Competitive Analysis
o Current major competitors (Top 3)
? Product lines
? Competitive Strategy ??" ala Porter: cost leadership, differentiation, focus
? Major Strengths and Weaknesses
o Opportunities or openings: possibilities that might become available from competitors
o Threats: possible future changes and challenges from competitors
• General Environmental Analysis
o General Opportunities
o General Threats
• Recommendations: Changes or status Quo
o Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives
? Justify based on Analysis of S, W, O, T.
The most important part of the report is the final section, Recommendations. I am expecting you to use your expertise at argumentation, logic and analysis to develop a strong case to either maintain status quo or make changes to any, some, or all of the current strategic elements of Palm.

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Title: Cubism

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3080 References: 6 Citation Style: None Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I purchased two papers from Essay Town to help me write a senior seminar paper for my final high school project and I'm running out of time. I am startibg college with a major in Sculpture. I wanted the subject of my paper to be about Cubism with an emphasis on Sculpture. I started out with my thesis being that Cubism evolved from the influences of Post Impressionism. I was planning to discuss the history and development of Post Impressionism and Cubism and then get into the relationship between the two movements. While researching almost completely from the two papers I bought, I learned that Post Impressionism did significanly influence the Cubist movement, but Cubism was also a "revolt against thet traditions and artistic norms of previous centuries and was an expression of uncertainity and the loss of definite meaning in man's perception of the world" (from the paper---A Study Of Cubism and Sculpture). When composing a work of sculpture or a painting, part of the revolt in Cubism was to "interpret reality from multiple points of view" and not from conventional perspective and depth. Also Cubist Artists worked with "a deeper desire to...progress to new views of art and reality" (also from the paper)
Another important factor involved with Cubism was the Modernist Movement. The influence of the First World War and new theories in science and psychology led people to question the status quo.
When I first trhough about my topic for this paper I was going to work in the area of Protest Art, but I couldn't find enough material for the project. I changed my focus to Post Impressionism and Cubism. Now in addition, I see the focus or thesis also including the topics and influences I mentioned above. It seems to me that Cubism is a form of Protest Art, not political protest art, but still a revolt. Cubism was more than a technical change from one movement to the next. It was influenced by factors from outside the art world. I would like to discuss these issues and relate them to Cubism and to the sculptors of the Cubist movement as much as possible. So the final thesis can be what ever I want it to be. The paper can follow any format. Six or so sources would be good. I bought papers #019927 and #054807 to help me with my research. I need something written by a high school senior. I will get pictures of the works of art discussed in the paper and add them after I have the finished product. The paper needs to be at least 12 pages in length. I will emaill the rough notes I have written so far from the Cubist paper. I read the PosT Impressionist paper and did write any notes.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: See Attached

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1218 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Directions:

? Select and answer only five of the following questions. You may select any five question-sets below, but they must be from five different readings.
? Answer all parts of a question-set in 150-200 words. The entire exam should therefore amount to between 750 and 1000 words.
? You may answer the question-sets in any order you wish as long as you include the question number with your response.
? Please type and proofread all answers for academic style.
? Make adequate references to the texts for support and evidence..

SECTION A: Gender, Sexuality, and Identity
Directions for this section only: If you select one of these questions, consider the viewpoints raised by the author. State your opinion of the views expressed by the selected author and establish a point-by-point concession or rebuttal of these views.

1. ? . . . I have argued . . . that in the long run, social justice does not require the formation or maintenance of groups defined by ?color,? though it may be valuable as an interim strategy. Race, as I?ve proposed we understand it, is something to be rid of. Ethnicity or ethnorace, if understood as involving both ?color? and culture may be helpful in the short term, but I believe that an ongoing social investment in ?color? is harmful. In short, . . . we should anticipate that there will be no men and women, but there will be males and females (and herms, merms, ferms, etc.), and these sexual differences will have distinct but egalitarian implications. And although, we should hope, people will come in the broad variety of skin tones, shapes, and appearances they do now and will organize themselves around a rich array of cultural practices, there will be no races. Although from the point of view of justice, it would be irresponsible not to accord differences between our bodies some social meaning, it would also be irresponsible not to overturn the meanings we now assume to be natural and right.? (Source:

2. ?I was at a Saturday morning meeting of a group called the Freedom Coalition, a Lawrence, Kansas, group that works for civil rights for people of all sexual orientations. After the meeting, several of us were discussing the categories lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer, and the increasing visibility of self-labeled bisexuals in the queer-rights movement.

?Some people regarded bisexuals as less threatening to the status quo than lesbians or gays. They said that the category bisexuals includes women who are attracted to men and men who are attracted to women, which makes them less threatening to the general public than lesbians, for example, because lesbians are not attracted to men and in that way are more threatening to men. So, they saw bisexuality as relatively non-threatening to the status quo.

?But this discussion also reminded me of a book I was reading, Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out, edited by Loraine Hutchins and Lani Kaahumanu (1991). Hutchins and Kaahumanu wrote of the revolutionary, disruptive possibilities of bisexuality:

Heterosexuality needs homosexuality, to be reassured that it is different. It also needs the illusion of dichotomy between the orientations to maintain the idea of a fence, a fence that has a right (normal, good) and a wrong (abnormal, evil) side to be on, or fall from. To the extent that we collaborate in seeing homosexuality as an opposite polarity (not part of a diverse range of human sexuality), we perpetuate this unhealthy, unrealistic, hierarchical dichotomy. (p. xxii)

?So, is the category bisexuality less or more threatening to the status quo than is homosexuality??

SECTION B: Plato?s Apology

3. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of Socrates? defense? Are you convinced of his innocence? Why or why not? Explain in your own words Socrates mission. Why could he not abandon his post? In more general terms, what is the ?post? or ?place? of thinking in anyone?s life? Further, what is the relation between the thoughtful or questioning person and the community in which he lives?

4. What is Socrates view on education . . . to transmit social mores intact or to examine and reevaluate social norms? Why do upholders of custom view thinking as a threat? Why does competence or success in one field often lead to the belief that one is wise about many things? Discuss the benefits and the pitfalls of confidence or self-esteem.

SECTION C: Plato?s Crito

5. What made Socrates so attached to Athens, but even more devoted to his way of life that he was willing to die rather than give it up? Is Socrates a martyr either for the Laws of Athens or the cause of philosophy? What is the merit of Socrates? argument that citizens enter into an agreement or promise to obey the Laws, and that to violate them is to harm or wrong or even ?destroy? the laws and the city? Does this mean that it is never right to disobey the laws?

6. Crito claims that by suffering an unjust punishment Socrates will play into the hands of his accusers. Why does Socrates counter that his escape would corroborate the jury?s verdict to convict him? Does Socrates? argument that it is wrong to harm even those who do one harm make sense?

SECTION D: Margaret Atwood?s The Handmaid?s Tale

7. The novel begins with three epigraphs. What are their functions? What does the book?s last line mean to you?

8. The commander in the novel says you can?t cheat nature. How do characters find ways to follow their natural instinct? Why is the Bible under lock and key in Gilead?

SECTION E: Thich Naht Hanh?s ?Fourteen Mindfulness Teachings?

9. It can be inferred that this author favors simplicity as a life philosophy. Inner simplicity and outer simplicity are both involved. What are some common misconceptions about a simple life? Why is that so difficult in our culture? What is the author?s view about our pattern of material consumption and how it relates to the environment?

10. Accumulating material possessions is part of the American Dream. For some, the dream has become a nightmare. What is Thay?s view on material wealth? A growing number of people wish to resolve the conflict between the desire to make and spend money and the desire for a simple life. When do material possessions add meaning to our lives and when do they detract?

SECTION F: The Sermon on the Mount by the Gospel according to Matthew

11. How is one supposed to know when he does or does not satisfy the will of God the Father? Does Jesus? teaching support his assertion that he comes not to abolish the law but to fulfill it? Do you view the Sermon on the Mount a message of hope, a challenge, or a warning?

12. Why does Jesus ask his followers to endure persecution? Why does Jesus advise his followers to pray and practice piety ?in secret?? How does the inner man influence the outer man? Is there any room for what some people call innocent deception or ?white lies??

SECTION G: Gilgamesh by David Ferry

13. What is the bond between Gilgamesh and Enkidu? What does each character symbolize? Why do Gilgamesh and Enkidu become friends? What does Gilgamesh learn about being human?

14. Why does Utanapishtim weep after the flood ends? Why does Gilgamesh weep after the snake steals the plant? What view of order does each character?s weeping reflect? How would you summarize the understanding of order conveyed by Gilgamesh?s return home?

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