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Instructions for Stanford Prison Experiment College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: A classic study in Criminal Justice is the Stanford Prison Experiment. You can find information about the study at: Note: You will find a lot of information about the experiment if you Google "Stanford Prison Experiment."

Your assignment must include:

A brief review of the study?s purpose. Is the study exploratory, descriptive, explanatory, or evaluative? Justify your answer.
A critique of how well the experiment complied with the ethical standards discussed in Chapter 2.
Your opinion about the study. Explain your answer.
Your analysis of whether the results can be generalized to another situation. Justify your answer.
Generalizability is that quality of a research finding that justifies the inference that it represents something more than the specific observations on which it was based. Sometimes this involves the generalization of findings from a sample to a population. Other times it is a matter of concepts: if you are able to discover why people commit burglaries, can you generalize that discovery to other crimes as well?

For example, would the observations made in the Stanford Prison experiment be the same if the subjects were middle aged females from New York rather than college students in California?

You may present the information in any of the following ways:

PowerPoint - make sure your slides are easy to read. If desired, you can put information in the slide notes to explain points on the slide
Any other creative way that you get pre-approved by your instructor
Be creative!

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Title: Stanford Prison Experiment

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Essay Instructions: Instructions for paper:
Do you know how you would react if you found yourself with little, if any, physical control over your environment? Or, conversely, if you had total physical control of a group, how would you use that power? If you were assigned a new social role in a group setting where there were consequences of your behavior, would your behavior change with the new role? And, if your new social role gave you no control over your life circumstances, what would be your reaction?

Social scientists are concerned with group processes that take place in normal and abnormal circumstances, and, as such, design experiments to observe and record human behavior. The benefits of psychological experiments are that they provide more information about the group behavior of human beings. Scenarios are designed to be "up close and personal" for the experimenter to peer into human nature.

How valid do you think the results of these types of experiments are? Are there better ways of getting information?

To prepare for this Discussion:

• Review the Stanford Prison Experiment Web page

• Consider the change these students embodied when they took on these roles.

• Reflect on how you might act if given similar roles to play. How would you know how to act in this role?

With these thoughts in mind:

Write an explanation of whether or not this experiment demonstrated a good way to get information about how people assume public roles and how they behave in those roles. If you feel this was not a good way to get information, explain what might have been a better method for gathering information. The question is whether this experiment was a good way to collect information about how people take on different roles. It DOES NOT have anything to do with whether the experiment was set up to reflect how an actual prison works, or how guards and prisoners behave.

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Essay Instructions: Writing Activity: stanford Prison Experiment.

1.Abrief review of the studys purpose.IS the sudy exploratory,descriptive,explanatory,or evaluative?

Justify your answer?

2 A critique of how well the experiment complied with the ethical standars discussed .

3 Your opinion about the study. Explain your answer.

4. Your Analysis of whether the study.

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Title: Arrival review

Total Pages: 2 Words: 597 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: • A brief introduction and summary of the article
• Analysis of the data, including discussion of its significance and relevance to criminal justice
• Compare and contrast the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment with the more current real-life Abu Ghraib situation. Although they happened years and miles apart and in totally different circumstances, why did each one result in the practically the same conclusion? In your own opinion, how could the outcomes have been different?
• Discussion of the author’s conclusions: Do you agree or disagree with him/her?
• Conclusion
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