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Title: Stakeholders

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Essay Instructions: Stakeholders
Consider an organization for which you currently work or have worked (Life Insurance Company). Who are the stakeholders? In other words, who has a vested interest in the mission, vision, and outcomes of the organization? In an organization like the Red Cross, stakeholders might include board members, donors, clients, and employees, to name a few. Each of these stakeholders has a varying degree of power and influence on decision making within the organization. In this Application, you will consider the complex network of stakeholders in a public or nonprofit organization with which you are familiar, explore the degrees of power of stakeholders, and explain their influence on decision making.
To prepare for this assignment:

• Review the Sayre Model for Decision Making in the Federal Government PowerPoint presentation. Think about the "actors" identified in the model and how they might use alliance, bargaining, and compromise to influence decision making.
• Identify internal and external stakeholders in a public or nonprofit organization with which you are familiar. Consider their roles and interests in organizational initiatives and outcomes.
• Reflect on the power of the stakeholders you identified and how they have influenced decisions made in the organization.
The assignment: (2??"3 pages)
• Briefly describe the public or nonprofit organization you selected.
• Describe internal and external stakeholders in this organization, including their roles and interests.
• Analyze the degrees of power among stakeholders. In your analysis, specify which stakeholders hold the greatest amount and least amount of power and why.
• Explain how stakeholders influence management decisions. Provide specific examples to illustrate your explanation.
Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not included.
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Essay Instructions: Subject: Managing Business Relationships
Question: Why should organisations consider stakeholders' interests when managing international business relationships
When you answer the question use as much related theories as possiable, and use examples to support each theories

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Title: Stakeholder Ethics

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Essay Instructions: Write a short (5-10 page, double-spaced) essay defending a business has moral responsibilities to all stakeholders??"that is, to everyone who is affected by the activities of the business.

Your paper should include the following elements:
• An introduction, in which you state your thesis clearly and explain its relevance to the field of business ethics. What is problematic about the issue you will be discussing, and what is controversial about the thesis you will defend? Who are some of the people or agencies on either side of the debate?
• A main body, which lays out your argument. What are the reasons that support your thesis? Do you have evidence based on research? Do you rely on the authority of experts who have written on this topic (and if so, where does their authority and expertise come from)?
• A defense of your thesis against possible criticisms, and an explanation of why those criticisms fail.
• A conclusion that summarizes your argument and restates the thesis in some way.

You may structure your essay in any way you like, within limits. For example, it may make sense to begin by describing a concrete case that illustrates the issues to be discussed, and raises a question?"which your thesis statement then goes on to answer in some specific way. Another possibility would be to structure the paper as a dialogue among one or more speakers representing various points of view on your chosen topic. However you decide to structure the paper, the ideas in it will need to flow in a clear, logical progression. Every paragraph or new idea should add to this progression, form- ing a step in an overall argument.

1.You are required to bring to class a one-page text showing your thesis statement and an outline of the argument by which you plan to defend your thesis. I will confer with each student during class, responding and suggesting revisions to the thesis claim and defense outline.

2.the finished 10 page paper is due at the beginning of class.

Your paper will be evaluated on the usual 4-point scale, according to the following criteria:
• Relevance: paper clearly identifies an issue relevant to the course, by exploring a morally problematic situation or condition that did or might arise in the context of business (.4 Possible Points)
• Logic and Rhetoric: paper features top-down organization (i.e. the entire paper is governed by the thesis), a logical sequence of paragraphs or ideas, and is generally persuasive (1.5 Possible Points)
• Fairness: opposing viewpoints are considered and successfully defended against (.8 Possible Points)
• Mechanics: grammar, punctuation, and style are mainly correct, and do not detract from the comprehensibility of
the paper (.8 Possible Points)
• Thesis Statement/Outline: submitted

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Title: Stakeholders in Home Health Care

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Essay Instructions: Analyze the interrelationships among key stakeholders, professional organizations, and health care professionals within the home health care organization.

Use the outline as a guide:
II. Stakeholders, Professional Organization, and Health Care
Professional within the home health organization
A. Stakeholders
1. Person(s) being cared for
2. Person(s) directly involved in care
a) Friends/family,
b) Health and social professionals
c) Volunteer organizations
3. Individuals interested in care that observe care infrequently or
remotely; those that do not have direct input to regular care program
4. Outsiders potentially affected by home care system
B. Professional Organizations
1. National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC)
2. Home Health Care Nurses Association (HHNA)
3. American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
4.Other State/Local regulatory bodies
C. Different Health Care Professionals
1. Licensed personnel
2. Registered Nurse
3. Home Care Aide
4. Social Worker
D. Rehabilitation Service Professionals
1. Physical and Occupational therapist
2. Speech and Language Pathologists
3. Dieticians

Need 2-3 PP slides with detailed speaker notes. With atleast 700 word analysis.

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