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Title: Sports Sociology

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Essay Instructions: 1. Subject must directly address the issue of SPORTS sociology. Your writer may choose any subject as long as it relates specifically towards the sociological aspect of sport.
2. Paper must have footnotes and bibliography.
3. Citable sources may include a maximum of three internet sources (less is okay).

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Title: Sports Sociology

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Essay Instructions: This assessment exercise will take the form of a 2,500 ? 3,000 word essay

Rather than answering a specific question, students will be required to write an essay based around a critical analysis of a quotation by a leading author in the field of the sports sociology.

The aim of this exercise is for you to demonstrate a sound understanding of the issue under discussion, as well as to analyse the author?s contribution to the field of sports sociology.

Specifically, you are required to:

1) Demonstrate that you understand the meaning of the quotation.

2) Assess the utility of the quotation in understanding the phenomenon under investigation.

3) Compare this author?s argument to those of other key authors who have addressed this phenomenon.

4) Analyse the contribution of the author to the wider understanding of the phenomenon under discussion.

5) Demonstrate an understanding of the sociological theory or theories utilised by the author.


Students are required to write their essay based on one of the following questions:

A ?The acquisition of strength, muscularity and athletic skill has always been empowering for men, whereas for women it is valued far less and in some cases is denigrated? ? Jennifer Hargreaves (1994)

B ?Perhaps sports? vilest function is in persuading whites that, as long as blacks continue to succeed athletically, the American dream is still alive, and race poses no barrier to achievement? ? Ellis Cashmore (2000)

C ?In historically recent times, sport has come to be the leading definer of masculinity in mass culture? ? Bob Connell (1995)

D Alternatively, students may identify a key author of their own choosing and devise an essay question in consultation with the module leader.


Cashmore, E., (2000) Making Sense of Sport, London, Routledge.

Connell, R. (1995) Masculinities, Cambridge, Polity Press.

Hargreaves, J. (1994) Sporting Females: Critical issues in the History and Sociology of Women?s Sports, London, Routledge.

Marking Criteria

Sociological Understanding

 The essay demonstrates a detailed understanding of the phenomenon under
 There is evidence of engagement with sociological theory.


 The essay displays evidence of wide reading.
 The readings used also indicate evidence of independent research.
 Knowledge of literature is applied competently and reflectively to answer the question in a logical and coherent manner.

Critical Analysis

 The essay demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the key issues involved.
 There is evidence of original insights and presentation of the student?s own arguments.
 The essay contains a critical reflection, comparing and contrasting different points of view.
 The student debates and argues issues, demonstrating an innovation, imaginative and creative approach to the topic.

Presentation and Writing Style

 The essay is word-processed conforming to an acceptable and appropriate essay style with an introduction, central argument divided into paragraphs, and a conclusion (see student handbook for advice).
 The essay is written in an impersonal style, is grammatically correct, and contains no spelling mistakes.
 The essay is referenced correctly conforming to a recognised referencing style (see student handbook).
 Information is presented accurately and sources are correctly identified in the text. Illustrative quotations are appropriate in both number and content.
 Unjustified general statements couched in slang or emotive language are avoided.


 The essay is clearly and logically structured
 The essay must have a strong conclusion that draws the arguments together.

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