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Title: Sports

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Essay Instructions: I need to have a 15 page marketing planned developed for a sports organization or product. This is for a sports marketing, promotions, and public relation class I am taking.

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Title: Sports Marketing

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Essay Instructions: My paper is for a sports marketing class for a masters program. The proffesor has a program that he runs on the internet that detects papers turned in form different schools across the nation. The paper can be on any aspect of sports marketing but I was thinking of Sports marketing in college football or in the NFL. College football has the Bowl games which would provide alot of info on different marketing, revenue, etc. If you choose a different topic could you please e-mail me because I need to sumbit a paper topic as soon as posssible. Thanks

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Essay Instructions: Discussion Question: Sports marketing of products and apparel aimed youth is often said to focus too much on image, rather than on actual participation in sports. For example, shoe companies have been criticized for pushing the image of their shoes rather than actual participation in a given sport.
1. How would you respond to this criticism?
2. What examples can you give that illustrate this phenomenon?
3. How can this be changed?

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Title: Sports Marketing Ambush

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Essay Instructions: Dear Sir/Madam:

I need someone to follow the directions below and complete:

Please read the exercise in its entirety.

Please answer ALL questions within the assignment, sometimes the questions are embedded within the outline information; therefore, you must be careful and ensure that you are capturing all questions.

Please prepare a formal document with the questions restated first and then your answer to each question. Your answer should be complete thoughts, grammatically free from errors (use spellcheck), and should have supporting documentation / references (i.e. internet, etc.) You need to use references and site your references within the body of your answers.

It should be college-level written assignment. Each of your answers should be at least 2 paragraphs per question (A paragraph is at least four sentences).

Sports Marketing Ambush!

We all know that the sports business is huge. Sponsors pay millions of dollars to advertise at the Super Bowl or Olympic Games. Others pay millions to top athletes to get the athletes to wear or endorse their products. Other companies however, use marketing techniques to try to get exposure for very minimal costs. This is ambush marketing!

Ambush marketing is not popular with the sponsors that together paid an estimated $43.5 billion for what they thought were exclusive sponsorship rights for teams, leagues, and events around the world. Ambush marketing also threatens the sports leagues and event themselves. The International Olympic Committee estimates that sponsorship makes up 40 percent of the total revenue for the Olympic movement and they do not want to see this revenue eroded if companies begin to pull back on sponsorship monies.

What then, is ambush marketing and how does it work? Ambush marketing originally described a brand?s attempts to associate itself with a team or event without buying the rights to do so, in order to detract from a rival that did pay for the rights. In 1992, for example, American Express Co. showed TV ads with Barcelona, Spain, the host city of the Summer Olympics that year, in the background and a message that said ?You don't need a visa? to visit Spain. Visa Inc., an official sponsor of the Olympic Games, complained loudly. Amex has said that the commercials did not refer to the Olympics and were not an attempt to ambush Visa.

Today ambush marketing covers a variety of practices including:

? Predatory Ambushing: Intentionally attacking a rival?s official sponsorship in an effort to gain market share and to confuse consumers as to whom the official sponsor is.

? Coattail Ambushing: The attempt by a brand to directly associate itself with a team or sports event by using a legitimate link other than becoming an official sponsor

? Self-Ambushing: Marketing activities by an official sponsor above and beyond what has been agreed on in the sponsorship contract.

? Associative Ambushing: The use of imagery or terminology to create an allusion that an organization has links to a sports event

? Distractive Ambushing: Setting up a promotional presence at or near an event without making specific reference to the event itself.

? Insurgent Ambushing: The use of surprise street-style promotions at or near an event.

? Unintentional Ambushing: Sometimes media coverage will mention equipment or clothing used by an athlete, or a company that is providing a service in support of an event. Consumers can come away thinking the company is an official sponsor of the event.

Sports organizations are doing more to protect their investments, and those of their sponsors. The International Olympic Committee, for example, now requires broadcasters of the Games to offer official sponsors first rights of refusal for advertising time during programming. Bids from potential host cities, meanwhile, are required to include guarantees that legislation will be in place to ?reduce and sanction? ambush marketing, and that street vending will be eliminated and outdoor and public-transport advertising controlled from two weeks before the opening ceremony until the official closing.

Source: Simon Chadwick and Nicholas Burton, ?Ambushed.? The Wall Street Journal, January 25, 2010.

Discussion Questions

1. Do you consider ambush marketing to be ethical? Why or why not?

2. What advice would you give a sports league seeking to minimize impact that ambush marketing is having on the league?s official sponsors?

3. What advice would you give to a new sporting good manufacturer with a limited marketing budget that is considering an ambush marketing campaign of the Final Four basketball tournament?

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