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Title: Sports Administration

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1144 Sources: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: • Sports Administration• The format will be according to APA style (typed double spaced) and in three
• parts. Written out as a paper.

• The Article Critique assignment for this class is to investigate professional journals and locate an article pertaining to Sport Administration that is of interest to you. You are to critique the article according to the instructions below. The article should be less than three years old.
Part 1 of the critique is the identification of the article. What is important here is that you provide the reader with enough information about your article so he/she will be able to locate the article.

Part 2 is a summary of the article. List the main points that the author has tried to establish, i.e., 1, 2, 3 or first, second, third. There normally will be 3 to 5 main points. If you are summarizing a court case, you should discuss: What provision of the law was at issue? Briefly state the facts of the case. What legal tests were applied? Were there any unusual elements in the case?

Part 3 is your critique. You are to provide your reaction (insightful, critical, and logical) to the points that the author tried to make, or an overall critique of the entire article. A simple statement of agreement or disagreement is not sufficient. While you may make such a statement by way of introduction to your reaction, you must clearly and logically state the reasons for the post that you have taken.

Length: A journal article selected for critique should be approximately four pages long and the resulting critique should be approximately one page in length. There is no absolute minimum or maximum to the length of the article you read or the length of the paper you prepare.
Include bibliography

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Part 1 - how would you define sport? Is there any room for the law to become involved in Sport? Explain your answer. Give examples of your answer.

Part 2 - discuss anti-siphoning provisions and the events covered by the legislation. Should such a list of sports be protected or in fact should the highest biddder from all forms of television be able to be without any protections? Discuss how the United Kingdom and the United States deal with such issues if at all?

Part 3- - A young 15 year old baseball pitcher playing for New South Wales in a national baseball carnival is discovered by the LA Dodgers and they want to sign him up for a 3 year deal. What are the rights of a minor signing up on such a contract? How can such a contract become enforceable?

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Title: Sport as a Vehicle for Change

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Essay Instructions: Sport as a Vehicle for Change.
Effecting Social Change Through Women's leadership in Sports

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Title: sports tourism

Total Pages: 13 Words: 4283 Bibliography: 15 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: ??
The Northern Ireland Executive has approved a funding package worth £138m towards the redevelopment of the province's three main sports stadiums in Belfast. More than £61m has been awarded to the Irish Football Association (IFA) for the planned overhaul of Windsor Park, as well as to establish a new national training centre. A number of sub-regional football stadium schemes will also benefit from the award, which will be made available over a six-year period. Meanwhile, the Ulster Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) has been awarded the same amount as the IFA - £61.4m - to help upgrade Casement Park.
Ulster Rugby is to benefit from nearly £15m towards its plans for the future redevelopment of its
Ravenhill Stadium base, which currently has a capacity of 12,300. Northern Ireland sports minister Nelson McCausland said: "This major investment is great news for our economy and in particular for our local construction sector. "Modern, fit-for-purpose and spectator-friendly stadium facilities can only enhance the sports' standing and will assist the development of the three sports from grassroots right up to international levels."
Source: Sport Management (2011)
?In light of these developments, you are required to write a report for an Event Management company who is considering putting on a Sport Mega Event in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This report will have two parts to it and will address the following:
1. You are to undertake a SWOT analysis of Belfast as a host destination for a mega event, bearing in mind that this event will attract sport tourists from around the world.
2. Sport Events cannot exist or be viable without the use of a team of volunteers. Therefore, the Event Management company also requires a report on how easily it will be to recruit volunteers for this event, with reference to the results of your SWOT analysis.
The following areas are to be included within your report and will form the basis of the marking criteria for this assessment:-
a) A detailed SWOT analysis of Belfast, Northern Ireland as a suitable host destination
b) Discussion on the motivations for volunteering, using relevant theory and appropriate examples.
c) Critical analysis on the value of volunteers in relation to Belfast, N.I as a host destination which should make reference to:
i. Economic measures in terms of value to the sport and leisure industry
ii. Benefits to society in terms of regeneration, citizenship, education,
social inclusion
d) Critical discussion on the voluntary sector within the UK, you need to acknowledge:
i. Club structures, functions and funding
ii. How does this compare with other countries?
e) Identify the development opportunities for volunteers
i. Where will the Event organisers look to recruit volunteers from? Identify and discuss all national, regional, county and local agencies which may be used to recruit volunteers
ii. What training and support needs to be carried out by the Event organisers, and why?
iii. Are there any external sporting bodies that can help with development of the volunteers.
f) Identify any Health and Safety issues that should be covered by the Event organisers for volunteer safety and devise a plan as to how these will be addressed.
You should present your work as a formal report, with an Introduction and a Conclusion and Recommendations as to whether you think overall that holding a sport mega event in Belfast, Northern Ireland is a viable proposition for this Event Management company. You can make references to as many examples of volunteering at sporting events as appropriate to support your report.
This assessment is to be presented as a formal report and the word limit is 4,000 words.
All work should be word processed using either Times New Roman or Ariel font, with line spacing of 11?2 and justified.
A bibliography and referencing (where applicable) is essential.
A minimum of 10 referenced academic sources is required.
No more than 50% of references may be from the internet.
There is no collaboration allowed for this assessment. All work should be an individual piece of work.
The above identified areas to be covered within this report
1. The theory:
Use one or more theories to support your standpoint. The theories used should be applied to practical situations.
2. The structure:
This should be structured as a formal report, with clear headings and an Introduction and Conclusion /Recommendations. You can describe the theory you intend to use to support your standpoint, and then use practical situations to reinforce your work.
3. The link between theory and cases:
Remember to relate the two together sufficiently! You need to relate the theory to evidence in your assessment. The evidence needs to be specific. Don’t use generalised and anecdotal evidence.
4. Use of literature:
Use academic source, i.e. books, journal articles etc. A minimum of 10 referenced academic sources is required. Do not overuse Internet sources (50% maximum). Academic journals can be good resources of industrial cases which may give you some good ideas about the situations. You are required to have proper in-text reference and the reference list in the end using the Harvard Referencing System.
5. The writing:
Try to approach this assignment in a logical and systematic way. Produce a plan of the report before you start. Make sure you have a logical structure, a convincing argument, clear description of the situations
????Format for submission
?????????????Extent of collaboration allowed
??????????You will be marked on:
????????????Assignment Structure
which ‘set the scene’, and clear explanation which relate to theories, and a conclusion that draws your argument together.

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