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Title: Special education, also referred to

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Essay Instructions: The PFP Paper requires students to demonstrate their ability to fully understand the special education/inclusion field as an evolving and changing discipline based on philosophies, evidence-based principles and theories. relevant laws and policies, diverse and historical points of view, and human issues that have historically influenced and continue to influence the field of special education and the education and treatment of individuals with exceptional needs both in school and society. The PFP must include a philosophical section that uses this foundational knowledge as a ground upon which the students construct their own personal understanding and philosophies of special education. i will upload a rubric to follow.

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Essay Instructions: Education.

Needs Rationalization and Identification Paper

The name of the course is Introduction to Learners with Special Needs. I need to write a 500 - to 700-word paper as if I was summarizing interviews I held with a special education teacher and a special education student. Need to identify how they would do the following:

. Rationalize the need for special education
. Distinguish the needs of exceptional learners and non-exceptional learners

Format paper consistent with APA guidelines

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Title: special education child visitation

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Essay Instructions: Visit a special education class or program for 3 hours. (i already have the name of the school that i picked but write this paper as if you are writing about your school and ill just substitute the name of the school to mine). Write a write-up reacting to the visit. the program has to be SELF CONTAINED special ED class. Pay attention to:
1. how are lessons prepared
2. how are teachers reacting
3. how is the class ran
4. what are the things you like and what are the things you dont like about the program/class
5. is the Child's IEP met
6. is any student ignored
7. how is staff utilized in the classroom.
8. is the class 2:1:1 or 1:2:0, etc
9. are students engaged in a lesson
10. how is the class academically
11. how is the class behaviorally
12. is the teacher nice or is she yelling at the student

if you have any other questions please contact me at

Whoever is writing this paper please make sure that person has an experience in special education field because this paper is about real life experience. Thank you.

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Essay Instructions: ****SUPERDUPER 68 , PLEASE WRITE ESSAY.

Task 1: Defining Intellectual Disability and Degrees Thereof
Dunlap (2009, p 163) states that the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) defines ?mental retardation? as ?a disability characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills?

(a) Discuss Dunlap?s use of the term ?mental retardation?: is it an acceptable term, and/or do you consider another term to be preferable?

(b) Do you agree with the AAIDD definition presented above ? Discuss the value of using a combination of IQ and adaptive skills to identify children with intellectual

Task 2 Early Intervention Approaches/Strategies

Choose an activity that you would carry out with a pre-school, Grade 1 or Grade 2 child:

(a) Identify the challenges a child with intellectual disabilities might have with this activity (e.g., understanding the concept, manipulating the materials, interest in the materials).

(b) Suggest adaptations to the activity, based (for example) on certain of the professional guidelines for early intervention suggested by Dunlap (2009).

? Dunlap, L. L. (2009). An introduction to Early Childhood Special Education. NJ: Pearson. (ISBN: 978-0-205-48872-8) .

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