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Title: Mexican and South American cultural groups

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Essay Instructions: Hi, I have a 5 page research essay to type in An APA format with header and all.
Title: Comparing two cultural groups. My groups are:
Mexican and South Americans. Cultures.

Include a statement of purpose for each cultural group. This statement of purpose will act as a guide on what you need to write about. (eg. You could write I ‘m trying to define the Mexican culture in its social form .) I’m defining culture for you. Again cultureis set of beliefs , traditions and values.
The paper will have 2 secondary scources and 3 primamry scources.
One of the primary scources of each cultural grpup must be govet. Or public scource ( ex. Census, U.S. Dept of Justice, U.S supreme court.) . AT least one of the primary scorcs should be from the internet. As you cite on the paper, write primary or secondary, there. Example> The experience says” blah blah” ( U.S. census, 2010 florida section) ( primary)

Discuss how one cultural group is different form the other.
1) language
2) important traditions
3) Socio economic factors.
4) Please, try to include relijion, family structure, relijion, the use of space ( proxemics) in both cultures, Attire, values morals, social lifestyle, language and gender roles. However many categories you decide to make. Grouping them will make it easier for the reader to grade. 70% has to be your own work. 30 percent from research.

Explain how the charactyeristics of each cultural group affect schooling and education.
Explain how u can use this research to assist students in developing cross cultural competence. .
Explain the factors that contribute to the lifestyles of these cultural groups.

P.S Also put a separate page for References, all APA format. It should have a cover page with a header. Great. Let me know if you have any question.

Lets see if I like this, I’m pretty good too but really strained with time a bit., this time.

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Essay Instructions: Resources: Racial and Ethnic Groups and the Intern

research paper identifying thee linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions and/or statuses of four Hispanic groups living in the United States.

paper should cover Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and South American. Dedicate an equal portion of your paper to each Hispanic group.

Conclude essay by summarizing major differences and commonalities apparent among the groups.

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Essay Instructions: 1. China is the largest country in the world. You are thinking about marketing yor product in their country. Your information must be courent (NLT2004). You are to conduct a COMPARTIVE ANALYSIS between Chuina and the United States. You are to determine the population of China, the mean gross income, the gross national product(GNP).

2. Choose two countrries from South American and two countries from Asia. Conduct a COMPARATIVE ANYLYSIS with inflation rates, interest rates, exchange rates in comparison with the United States, discuss the economic system of these countries, whether they are mixed economies, etc, discuss the economic slowdown and what factors could have contributed to it, discuss whether economies are moving towardprivate ownership and how.
3. You are the owner of a tennis shoe company. Taken into condersideration all of the issue presented in Question 2, would you exand your market to the four countries in question 2? If so what step would you take relating to political policis, legal environment, behavioral pratices, and economic environment to gain access. DO A TABLE FOR 1 AND 2

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Essay Instructions: I would like to ask writer?s Username: tomlr_98 Topic: FBC,Order ID: A2036409. Please see the attachment.

I need Five Porter Forces on FBC.
I have already done some work which is as follow:
Five Porter Forces:
The market operates under strict government control in South American countries, with new products needing to pass thorough rigorous independent testing in order to achieve approval. This increases costs, and raises the barriers to entry.

Power of supplier: Supplier power is boosted by factors such as the unlikelihood of market players integrating backwards. Overall, supplier power for this market is moderate.

The threat of new entrants: Companies entering the market are often new start-ups based upon the development of an innovative orthopaedic product. The threat of new entrants into the orthopaedics market is moderate. The demand for new orthopaedic products is high due to developments in orthopaedic surgery and the market is currently exhibiting a strong growth in some south American countries e.g. Brazil.

Threat of substitutes: Orthopaedic surgeon wishing to adopt a new procedure need to spend time developing it, or at least learning from those who pioneered it. Overall, the threat of substitutes is moderate.

Rivalry competition: Competitors are typically large healthcare companies or small enterprises operating within niche therapeutic areas. Rivalry within the orthopaedics market is moderate.
Product differentiation is high and many companies sell proprietary products, which reduce rivalry somewhat, especially given the rapid growth of the market for orthopaedics.
However, M&A activity between players is common, with large healthcare companies keen to acquire smaller technology-driven SMEs in a bid to enhance their product portfolios. Overall, rivalry within the market is moderate.

Power of buyers: The end user will be patients but the orthopaedic surgeons will be the customer........................?????????????

Can you add to the Five Porter Forces and more on FBC barriers to entry into South American countries?

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