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Title: Literature

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Essay Instructions: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, The Stranger by Albert Camus, and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse ask fundamental questions about the meaning of guilt and responsibility. Discuss Morrison''s, Camus'', and Hesse''s exploration of this question in a thoughtful, literate, and specific prose.

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Type the title of essay all in caps.
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Space twice after periods.
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Title: Song of Solomon Book

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Assignment on Song of Solomon(the Book)

A film or television movie based upon a book can often reach many more people than those who will read the book, and seeing it might even inspire people to consider reading the book upon which a film was based. When filmmakers produce films from books they often choose particular themes because a film cannot represent a whole book but it can represent ideas and themes within it.

Oprah Winfrey has appointed a panel of judges, who are directors and screenwriters. They are charged with the task of determining what are the significant ideas or issues of interest to the general public to make Song of Solomon into a film or television movie. They have all read the book, but they want to know about your particular experience of the book, such as, what specific issues did it make you think about? What questions did it raise and try to answer? How did it make you think about the world around you? How did it make you think about your own coming of age and personal sense of freedom? How were you changed by reading the book? Each of the class essays will be used to help the panel determine whether or not to write a screenplay for Song of Solomon.

Your reflection should be 2 pages (no longer?so you need to choose your words carefully and revise to include all criteria) and must include an example from the book. The example could be an event, a character, a set of patterns, and/or a passage. Whatever the example, you want to be sure to show the connection between the book and your thesis. You will also want to give your reflection a title on a title page with your name on it.

To begin preparing for this,
Develop a thesis regarding how a theme from the book has influenced your own ideas and why it is significant to you, Consider who your audience is and make some notes about what their perspectives might be. Remember that they have read the book. Figure out how you want to use your chosen example to show your audience what you mean

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Title: interesting theme symbol character relationship or conflict resolution in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon

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Essay Instructions: Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon is full, if not crowded, with beautiful imagery, brilliant symbolism, classic themes, poignant relationships and moving conflict/resolutions. I want you to write analytical essay (50pts) in which you make and argue a significant claim about ONE interesting theme, symbol character, relationship, or conflict/resolution.

As always, this is an analytical essay, meaning “the examination of something in detail in order to understand it better or draw conclusions from it.” The ultimate goal of your analysis and your essay is to draw a conclusion from your examination and exploration. What is the author trying to say through this theme, symbol, character or concept? What is the author’s message?

This is a full essay and should contain a snappy title, an introductory paragraph that contains a hook, background/context and a strong thesis (thesis/claim/controlling central idea); a series of body paragraphs with topic sentences, quotes, and analysis; and a concluding paragraph. It should be approximately 3 pages typed and double-spaced.

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Title: Song of Solomon

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Essay Instructions: I need a essay written based on the book "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison. Please use this as the topic of the paper. "Discuss the role of nature in Macon and Pilate''s lives as CHILDREN. Refer to specific descriptions of nature in the book (particularly chapter 7). Show how nature is perceived as benevolent and as sinister by the children. Explain the descrepancy. Show the conflict of nature vs. society with Pilate and Macon as ADULTS. Show how their homes, possessions and behavior reflect this conflict."
2)Please integrate quotes within the
sentence. In other words, I CAN''T
have: Morrison says "Blah, Blah, Blah"
I need the quote integrated within
sentence of the essay.
Thank you

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