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Title: Key casual agents for Durkheim Weber and Marx

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Essay Instructions: Theorist in the sociology of law often articulate key “casual agents”: For (Emile) Durkheim, moral/social density; for (Max) Weber, rationalization; for (Karl) Marx, dialectical materialism. (a) Explain how each is the “motor of social change”. (b) Then relate each, in turn, to the emergence of (1) the juridic subject (as an abstract bearer of rights) and (2) formal rationality.
(YOU MAY CHOOSE 1 or 2 but you must answer both a & b)
Goal and Criteria for evaluation:
Spell out your logic, explain the processes involved, focus on the question being asked, focus on the question being asked, Focus on the mechanisms at work, give pertinent examples and organize thoughts. No personal opinions. (1 page / 300 words)

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Essay Instructions: Soci 2336 Criminology

Theorethical Approaches to Criminal Behavior

I would like you to provide a better description and more in depth information about the theory. Your job is to elaborate to better understand the theory. "Sociology of Law, Law and Society, Socio-Legal Studies".

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