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Title: social work theory

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(1) Assignment : Discussion Paper. If you wish, you may use 'dot points' within your paper to present certain information (eg. the main elements of a theory) succinctly and clearly. You are expected to include an introduction, discussion and conclusion in your paper. It is expected that the paper is referenced (Harvard system).

Assessment information

Assignment 1: Discussion Paper

1000 words

Students should demonstrate an ability to apply one specific theory or body of social work knowledge to selected aspects of the practice scenario. The paper provides an opportunity to concentrate upon a particular theory or body of social work knowledge. It will need to explain which aspects of the scenario are being focused upon; to present the theory or body of social work knowledge that is being applied to these particular aspects; and most importantly, to discuss critically how the theory or body of social work knowledge is relevant in developing an understanding of these aspects of the scenario.

Eleven references are required.

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Essay Instructions: Social Work 101: Introduction to Social Work, Fields of Practice
Values Paper
This paper is designed to assist you in exploring your own value orientation. Of particular interest is how your values and feelings influence your attitudes and behaviors.

Prepare APA style title page, abstract page, and reference page (if you used any reference) following the format of the sample APA paper in the Course Documents. The body of the paper should be about 5 pages in length (this does not include the title, abstract, or reference pages) using double space with one inch margins all around, addressing each of the following questions. Type the number of the questions with its corresponding answers.

1)Describe life situations that have helped you shape your values and support your belief in the social work values described in your text and the NASW Code of Ethics.

2)Which of your values do you see as especially helpful to you as you practice social work?

3)How do you see yourself practicing social work and promoting the values of the profession?

4)How do you see your personal or professional values as congruent or conflicting as they relate to social work and the NASW Code of Ethics?

5)As social workers it is important to attend to professional roles and boundaries. How might this be a problem for you if you worked in a rural community?

Effective written communication skills are essential to professional social work practice. Thus, you are expected to present your ideas clearly and adhere to accepted standards of writing. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are to be correct in the paper.

The NASW Code of Ethics; chapter 5 in Dubois and Miley; and the Galambos et al., (2005), Gregory et al., (2007), Li (2006), and Pugh (2007) articles, provided in the course documents will be most helpful for use in this assignment. Please cite and reference the material according to the APA Manual 6th Edition.

Course objectives: a, b, c, and d

Method of Evaluation:

The following grading tool is provided to clarify what is expected of student?s assignments.
1. Able to recognize the need to advocate for client access to the services of social work in rural areas and in the global community.

2. Able to understand the need to engage in practices that advance social and economic justice.

3. Able to recognize the need to manage personal values in a way that allows professional values to guide practice.
4. Able to recognize the need to demonstrate effective oral and written communication.
5. Clearly and purposefully presents in a well-organized manner, reflecting knowledge of the subject
6. Responds fully and completely to the assignment.
7. Accurate APA style, grammar and spelling.
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Essay Instructions: Social Work Briefing Note.
Please note: this is an Australian essay. All examples have to be applicable to Australian culture, government legislation, departments etc. References (especially websites) should also be mostly Australian. I have included reference of a briefing note in the attachments. This should be used as a guideline for structure.

Prepare a briefing note for the following topic:

Public Health/Private Health - Ethics

Explore the ethics of funding clients who seek plastic surgery for body dysmorphia, cultural or cosmetic pursuits.

"The aim of this task is to encourage your broad reading in relation to a specific topic. From those sources you have accessed, which references do you believe reflect the central current debate? Your assignment will include a minimum of 10 but no more than 15 references from which only 20% might be websites.

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Title: Refugees Mental Health

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Essay Instructions: Social Work Research
Assignment I

Problem Statement and Hypothesis Formulation
This assignment should be a brief, scholarly paper, which presents the beginning stages
of a research proposal. The content should
1. Identify a specific issue/problem area related to social work research in
which you would propose to do firther research. Indicate why this is an issue
for social work.
2. Present literature regarding the severity and/or extent of the problem.
3. Summarize the findings of previous relevant research findings. Indicate how
your proposed research would expand the current knowledge of the issue.
4. Formulate a specific research question related to the issue. This question
should flow fiom the literature review.
5. Formulate a testable hypothesis relating two or more variables. This, too,
should flow from the literature review.
6. Identify the unit of analysis.
7. Identify whether the variables are independent, dependent, or control.
8. Indicate how you would define each variable.
9. Indicate how you would measure each variable.
The paper should be APA style, 5-6 pages in length, excluding the title page and
reference list.
Both the content and style will be included in the grade.

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