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Instructions for Social Sustainability College Essay Examples

Title: transform unsustainable organization into sustainable one

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3403 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: type of project : final report related with previous report plan (attach document)

Must provide specific recommendations for transformation to sustainability under each of the seven performance categories listed below:

Land and water management
Energy, carbon and transport management
Supply chain management
Waste, pollution, recycling management
Sustainability performance indicators
Social sustainability
Long-term sustainability vision

Recommendations must be specific targeted at the unsustainable aspects of the chosen business (attach doc) and the linked to the organization's industry sector and its specific products and services.

Please note that report must submit through Turnitin software for checking plagiarism.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Draft Sustainability plan going green and the New Meadowlands Stadium

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2524 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need a draft please, guidelines about half way down

Edit Submission: Investigation Paper - Draft (Attempt 1 )
Due Date: October 10, 2010 11:59 PM

Type: Work individually

Grading Criteria: Alphanumeric
Status: In Progress (Attempt 1)

Investigation Paper

Objective: To explore and become familiar with an issue related to sustainability
Purpose: To develop research and argumentative writing skills for upper-level inquiry papers and to integrate appropriate visual images into a text
Format: Essay
Length: Minimum of 1,500 words of text not including title or references
Audience: General, educated audience
Value: 30% of the course grade
Benchmark Dates and Values: Six benchmarks, their value, and their due dates are as follows:

•Proposal (5%) due FRI SEPT 17 (post in Discussion folder)
•Bibliography (5%) of at least 30 sources due FRI SEPT 24
•Draft (16.6%, 5 points) due for peer and instructor review FRI OCT 8 (post in Assignments -- Investigation Paper --DRAFT)
•Peer Review (3.3%, 1 point) due by FRI OCT 15
•Online Conference (2 participation points) between OCT 11 to 18
•Revision due FRI OCT 29 (post in Assignments -- Investigation Paper--REVISION)

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you know how to find sources for a research-based essay, then construct a persuasive argument that uses material from those sources for support and include appropriate visual images to help illustrate the evidence you present. The topic will be an issue related to sustainability, “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (The Dictionary of Sustainable Management). The thesis will be the overall judgment you make of this issue, its causes, and potential outcomes. The thesis must be able to be supported and appropriate to the task.

Below are some suggestions for topics, though you are not limited to this topics:

•Sustainable development in _________ (a country/state/city/community, an industry)
Sustainability movements at universities
•Economic sustainability for __________ (women, minorities, disenfranchised groups)
Sustainability policies in specific companies
Social sustainability
•Environmental sustainability
•Consumption and sustainability in the office
•Greening of ________ (office, business, industry)
•IT and sustainability
Choose a topic that interests you, and aim to align it with your field of study. For example, if you are a marketing major, how might you incorporate sustainability strategies to enhance a company's intangible image to the public? If you are an engineering major, how might a development company ensure carbon footprints are minimized? If you are a sports management major, what is the International Olympic Committee doing to ensure sustainability has a focus during the Vancouver Olympics?

Then, create a research question which has one of three possible answers: yes, no, maybe. For example: Has this current focus on sustainability in product development and corporate life added value to a product or corporation? Answers: yes, no, maybe. You can find sources which will support either yes or no, and sources which see shades of gray. It will be up to you to explore the topic, then use the material you find to answer the question in one of three ways.

Research Proposal

The research proposal is worth 5% of the project grade. A proposal for research, which includes a topic, a research question, several possible search terms, and what you want to learn (which is different than what you want to find) is due by Friday, September 17th.

Bibliography of Sources

The bibliography is worth 5% of the project grade. For the purposes of this assignment, you must find useful material from journals, other periodicals, and specialized web sites. Though some older sources may provide some historical contexts, the majority of your sources (at least 75%) should have been created/published/broadcast within the past two years (from 2008 onward). Books may be used for historical comparisons, but you may find few books dealing with some of the current issues related to environmental effects/effects on the environment.

You must submit a bibliography of a minimum of 30 initial sources from the following categories:

A) At least 20 articles found in the ABI/Inform Database, published in scholarly journals and substantial publications (e.g., Economist, Barron's, Scientific American).

B) At least 5 podcasts/broadcasts of feature stories from major media outlets (CNN, NPR, CNBC, etc.).

C) At least 5 web sites devoted to sustainability (see Sustainability Resources on the main course page).

Keep in mind that in the final paper, you probably will not use all 30 resources; however, 30 resources should provide both depth and breadth to your research.

The bibliography is due by 11:59pm on Friday, September 24th.

Consult the Mason Library Help with Research, Library Catalog, and The Mason Library Databases Page for help with your research.


The draft is worth 15% of the project grade.The draft of the project will be due by 11:59pm on Friday, October 8th.

Peer Review & Conference

Peer review counts as part of the grade for this paper (5%) and for participation (2 points). You must submit your paper for peer review, provide peer review to your teammates, and then incorporate your teammates' feedback into your own paper. Peer review will be due by Friday, October 15h.

We will also have an online conference about your project sometime between October 11th and 18th. This will count as 2 participation points.


The revised research project is worth 70% of the project grade. The revision of the project will be due by 11:59pm on Friday, October 29th.


Grades will be based on the following criteria:

· Content: Includes a strong and explicit argument (thesis statement), based on the findings of the research question, in the introduction which will guide the reader through the evidence.

· Content: Includes a thorough discussion of the evidence for the argument.

· Content: Includes some discussion of the counterargument and why the argument should override the counterargument.

· Content: Includes a conclusion which focuses on the why the argument should be made (the implications).

· Content: Includes at least two appropriate visual images (charts, graphs, images, tables) which help illustrate the evidence used to support the argument.

· Content: Includes a unique title which clearly indicates what the essay is about.

· Content: Meets minimum length of 1,500 words not including title and reference information.

· Format: The essay is word processed in 12 point font, using standard U.S. spelling, sentence structure and punctuation.

· Format: The essay is written in paragraph form and includes at least two graphical images.

· Format: Listed in an upper corner of the first page are your name, due date (and revise the due date on revisions!) and course information (e.g., ENGL302-BXX).

· Format: The paper is formatted, cited and documented in APA Style.

· Format: The entire paper is in the same font style. (Font sizes can be smaller for footnotes and page numbers, but the style should be the same as the text.

· File is named userid_research (e.g., dbeach_investigation)

just an example of resource-

Excerpt From Essay:

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