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Title: Jim Jones Jonestown masacure

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Essay Instructions: If possible, please reference the book, Suicide Cult by Marshall Kilduff. The paper needs to be freshman level writing. I need it to be single spaced, 12pt font, 4 pages long. MLA format with a title at the begining of the paper, not a title page. The reference book is basically the story of Jim jones so you don''t have to actually quote the book, If you can''t do this I will try to incorprate it in when I recieve the paper. I need this paper to be a detailed account of what happen but that is not the main focus. i need it to explain the effects this tradgy had on people involved and talk about congressman Leo Ryan also explain what people were targeted by this cult. (The old, black, helpless, young children.)Also try to talk about the way Jim Jones got his members to sign over their Social Security and Welfare checks over to his church. Finally, talking about the ultimate result over 900 people died. Try to incorpoate the ambush that occured at the Guyana airport before the mass suicide. If you know the story at all it should be fairly easy to write. Please let me know if you can do this. I need to know ASAP. I need this paper today no later than 7:00 central time 11/19. Remember this suppose to be a book report so try to put it in that context. This what he teacher gave us as guidelines. expalin the subject of the book (a biography, an event movement, etc.) and how it came into being, what effect it had on American life culture economy etc. If you are writing about a person, explain how that person''s background shaped the course of his or her life, what effect this person had in our history, or how this person''s life illustrates some some aspects of our history. How does what you read relate to our lives today?
Explain whether you liked reading this book, was it well written interesting or dull. Would you recommend this book to others.

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