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Social Influences on Behavior, Paper

Prepare a 1,050 - 1400 word paper in which you examine fundamental concepts of human interaction from the perspective of social psychology.
Describe at least two examples of how human behavior changes based on social situations. In your description be sure to address the following:

? Describe the specific behaviors and the context in which they occurred.
? Using social psychology concepts, provide an analysis of possible precursors and consequences of the behaviors.
? Identify any associated phenomenon with your selected behaviors, such as social facilitation, social loafing, or groupthink.

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Title: Social Influences on Behavior

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Social Influences on Behavior
Social psychology looks at how the individual functions as part of a social group; including families, peer groups, and larger groups that support ethnic or national identity. In this paper, you will relate two different examples from family, work, or community life that demonstrate how behavior differs according to the social situation.

Be sure to name the phenomenon that is present in each example. Consider these concepts:
a. Social facilitation
b. Co-actors
c. Social loafing
d. Groupthink
e. Attribution
f. Prejudice and discrimination
g. Diversity and ethnocentrism
h. Attraction and pro-social behavior

The phenomena in your examples may or may not indicate a deficit or problem that needs to be corrected. Identify the precursors, or conditions that allow influence from social factors. After describing the example, give an assessment of the outcomes. What happened? Was anyone harmed? Was there any abnormal behavior that warrants therapeutic intervention? Were there any cultural factors that limit or encourage group influence?
Cite sources for the cases or examples used. Refer to the APA style guidelines for citing a personal interview or correspondence with an individual (this may be the team?s interview with your own member who is providing the example). If you are using an event that was reported in mass media as your example, refer to the APA style guidelines for citing a newspaper article or radio or television broadcast. Please include an abstract and conclusion

To aid with writing:
Work example: Discrimination
This kind of behavior is visible in my company. For example, recently the organization gathered to discuss the new policies for health insurance. As the crowd quickly filled the room, a noticeable pattern of behavior also transpired. There was a noticeable pattern of separation by ethnicity. The minority group was visible noticed on one side of the room and the majority group on the other. In attempt to challenge this sort of behavior, I sat with colleagues unfamiliar to myself. I did overhear one colleague whisper, ?why is she sitting over here?? Another young lady, in a low whispered questioned her colleague as to why she allowed me to sit in the seat saved for another colleague. In the end, after several lengthy conversations friendly exchanges lend to me being invited to lunch. We had several discussions on our dissimilar work responsibilities and functions. As the meetings adjourn, I could hear those less accepting of my presence quote, ?she appears to be a real nice gal.? Interestingly, my colleagues whom I worked directly with also questioned why I sat with the ladies on the 3rd floor.
Interesting huh????

Second example: Community Life ?The challenge, breaking down barriers (based on Oprah?s show)

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