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Title: Social Control Theory

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Essay Instructions: Compose a research paper on Travis Hirschi?s revised Social Control Theory. Summarize the theory and its view on the prevention of deviance and its application to delinquency. Review any/all of the evidence and data (case studies) available on the theory. Summarize the findings in regards to the theory and determine if the data supports the theory.

Review the theory?s effect on policy. Discuss the social control theory in relation to crime prevention, the police, the courts, corrections, and any preventive programs. Also, discuss the relationship of social control theory to property crimes, focusing on larceny. Evaluate what is currently being done, what should be done, and why these actions should be taken in relation to the theory. Highlight the key belief that informal social controls are more effective than formal social control.

Majority of paper should focus on the theory, the research, and evaluation/summary of the research. Sources cited should be reputable criminological journals such as Criminology, Crime and Justice, and Justice Quarterly, readily available criminology books, research and case studies. Please include a bibliography/works cited page, a reference page (if applicable), and provide copies for any documents cited that may be difficult to locate.

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Title: Text Book or movie

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Essay Instructions: Write a Two-page paper explaining the concept of social control theory in the context of organized crime affiliation. Use a movie, book, or television series where the main theme is organized crime. The subject can be an individual or organization. Your discussion should make connections with or refute social control theory as a legitimate explanation for criminal behavior.

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Essay Instructions: Write a 1,450- to 2,250-word paper comparing conflict theory to social control theory. In your opinion, which theory does a better job of addressing the occurrence of crime in contemporary American society? Include the following:

?An evaluation of the effects of positive and negative reinforcement on crime in both theoretical frames

?Specific examples which support your findings

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Essay Instructions: Describe the following sociological theories of crime listed, and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Pick someone who has recently been convicted of a crime, and discuss which of these theories would have the most relevance in explaining the criminal actions of this offender. Provide examples and academic evidence to accentuate and support your answer on why it is most relevant. The sociological theories are as follows:
social control theory
strain theory
differential association theory
neutralization theory

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