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Title: the relationship between social class and work in American culture and or literature

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Essay Instructions: Social class and work in American culture and/or literature.

The topic for the research paper is:

Explore the subject of how individual workers see their bosses by reading extensively in the Studs Terkel interviews from his book "Working." Write an essay classifying the dominant patterns of thought and feeling and describing their main features.

The book needed for the research paper is "Working" by Studs Terkel.

The paper must have a specific claim, or thesis, and sufficent evidence to back it up.

If websites are used they must include legitimate websites (Note: Do not use Wikipedia) or professional journals. The essay must include a Works Cited page, and must use in-text citation procedures.

Choose relevant material to quote, introduce quotations, and integrate them smoothly into the argument. If you use online resources, make sure they're credible. Do not use personal homepages, Wikipedia, or websites of institutions or people who would obviously be biased.

Do not use phrases such as "I believe," I think," "I feel," etc. Take it for granted that readers know who it is, the writer, who is doing the believing, thinking, feeling. It's okay to use the first person pronoun in the argument, but the strength of the argument will rest on the nature of the claim and the quality of the evidence.

Do not write as if I am talking. Writing is not speech. Avoid empty phrases and aim to write as tightly and concisely as possible.

A couple of other books used in the class were "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller and "For a Living: The Poetry of Work" edited by Nicholas Coles and Peter Oresick.

There works may be in included, but I would need an additional 4 sources on top of these books used in class.

The evaluation of the research paper will be based on 1) The strength of your claim and the evidence you use to support it (e.g., Is the claim focused? Is the evidence appropriate, specific, relevant, and compelling?) 2) The quality of your writing (e.g., organization, grammar, etc.).

I want to thank you for doing this research paper for me, I really appreciate it. If there are any problems or questions please email me.

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Title: social class and inequality

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3400 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Format: 2,500 words, excluding “References” section. Essays must be typed in Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced and stapled, with page numbers on each page. Carefully proofread your work for grammar and spelling errors. You must properly cite any sources you use throughout the paper in APA format in a “References” section at the end of the paper. PUT YOUR NAME ONLY ON THE LAST PAGE OF YOUR PAPER.

Synthesize what you have learned this semester by responding to the following questions. Use ten of the readings we discussed in class (see list below). You must discuss MacDonald, Stiglitz and Newman & Chen.

(1) What is “social class”? How do Sociologists define and measure it?
(2) What are the origins of the unequal distribution of resources, such as income, wealth and power?
(3) How do individuals in different social class groups experience inequality?
(4) What are the consequences of social inequality on individuals and societies?
(5) What economic and public policies effectively deal with social inequality?

Readings (in order of appearance on syllabus):
Erik Olin Wright. “Logics of Class Analysis,” ch. 11 in SC.
John Goldthorpe. “Two Oppositions in Studies of Class: A Reflection,” ch. 12 in SC.
Michael Hout. “How Class Works: Objective and Subjective Aspects of Class Since the 1970s,” ch. 1 in SC
Annette Lareau and Elliott B. Weininger. “Class and the Transition to Adulthood,” ch. 4 in SC.
Paul Tough. “Obama vs Poverty.”
Richard M. Carpiano, Bruce G. Link, & Jo C. Phelan. “Social Inequality and Health: Future Directions for the Fundamental Cause Explanation,” ch. 8 in SC.
Michael Patrick MacDonald. All Souls: A Family Story from Southie
Jeff Manza & Clem Brooks. “Class and Politics,” ch. 7 in SC.
Ray Suarez. “Holding Up a Mirror to a Classless Society,” ch. 15 in SC.
Joseph Stiglitz. The Price of Inequality.
Leslie McCall. “What Does Class Inequality Among Women Look Like? A Comparison with Men and Families, 1970 to 2000,” ch. 10 in SC.
Katherine Newman & Victor Tan Chen. The Missing Class.
Jose Antono Vargas. “Not Legal. Not Leaving.”
Katrin KriA? & Marit Skivenes. “How Child Welfare Workers View their Work with Undocumented Immigrant Families: An Explorative Study of Challenges and Coping Strategies.”
Jennifer Sykes et al. “Dignity and Dreams: the Social Psychological Benefits of the Earned Income Tax Credit.”

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Title: Social Class

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Essay Instructions: 'Outline and assess how sociologists have analysed social class'.
Please make it clear and simple. Internet sources only. Thank you

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Title: Communication

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Essay Instructions: Hi,

I pretty much have a handle on the research proposal that I am writing, but I need your assistance writing the "literary review" portion of my paper. My paper is addressing social class in America, and its impact, and since I am from the Caribbean, I am also doing a bit of contrasting between classism being very prevalent in Antigua (where I am from), which is a more homogeneous society, and classism in the U.S., where classism is very much enmeshed with racism, and the assimilation that I had to go through to live here in the U.S.

So, having said that, I need your help writing the "lit review" which I will insert in my paper. Please address classism in this country and its impact, as well as how it is insidious. You can write it as though you are introducing the proposal, but do not reference a breakdown of the paper as far as how the paper will be segmented. I have already done that.

Please advise as to if this request is possible!

Colin Salmon
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