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Title: african literature

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Essay Instructions: look at Nadine Gordimer''s novel "July''s People" and talk about the theme of Cultural Freedom and Integrity and how it is portrayed in the book. give examples from the text.(about 1 page long)Also look at Mariama Ba''s novel "So long a letter " and talk about the issues of gender and family and how they are portrayed in the book. give examples from the text (about 1 page).Finally look at Ngugi wa Thiongo''s novel, "devil on the cross" and talk about the aspects of Colonialism and Imperialism.give examples from the text. (about 1 page long)

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Title: African literature

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Essay Instructions: discuss how the style (written as a letter) used by Mariama Ba in "So Long A Letter",hinders her presentation of the whole question of male/female relationships(various types) within the family structure(not just the nuclear family). show how the reader only has the main character''s opinion, and not those of the characters around her. show reference to the text

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Essay Instructions: Both Assia Djebar and Alifa Rifaat examine the experiences of women in
> Muslim societies in postcolonial North Africa/Egypt. Similarly,
> Mariama Ba and Ama Ata Aidoo are concerned with gender and women in
> postcolonial West Africa (Senegal and Ghana).
> Using only three authors (either Djebar, Ba, and Aidoo; or Rifaat, Ba,
> and Aidoo), what are the institutions, cultural practices, and social
> relations with which the authors are concerned? Are there specific
> issues relating to gender and women that appear to be important for
> one or more authors but not all? Finally, how does the past experience
> of colonialism enter into and influence the stories of the authors, if
> at all?
> books
> aidoo-changes, a love story
> mariama ba- so long a letter
> djebar-women of algiers in their apartments

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