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Title: A report Snow White naive oblivious danger Can sources Disney movie poems It a research paper

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1121 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: A report on Snow White is she naive or is she just oblivious to the danger around her... Can use any sources from Disney movie to any poems . It is a research paper.

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Title: Little Snow White by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1650 References: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The essay should be about the Little Snow White By the Grimm Brothers. The literary analysis that i have chosen for this essay is the Feminist Analysis only. The analysis should support a thesis which not only asserts an interpretation of the work within the critical framework that i have chosen but also evaluates the work and/or supports my interpretation through a close textual analysis of the work according to feminist analysis approach that i have chosen. Use the following questions or prompts to generate a feminist critique of the text (Little Snow White by Grimm Brothers) You can use these to work as a whole in order to analyze the author or authors cultural assumptions about gender or to analyze events or characters within the text in terms of gender.
For example: how does the work dramatize implicitly or explicitly the difference between the masculine and feminine? What value does it ascribe to these differences? In what ways are the characters of women or feminine images subordinated as objects to the cultural web of power and privilege known as the Patrirchy? Is the text critical or complicit with this sexual inequality? What feminine stereo types are used to represent women in the text? How do these stereo types reinforce or challenge the patriarchal discourse and its value or that which is feminine? That is, what attitudes or beliefs do these representation reinforce or challenege? How can events or characters in the text be vieweda as a power struggle between the masculine and feminine? Does the author seem to privilege or empower one over the other? Is the text's represantation of women more a reflection of the author or of the culture or time in which the author lives?You can add more of your own ideas that analysis the feminist strategy. Please USE VERY SIMPLE vocalubary and no BIG WORDS please since i dont write like that, just very simple. The essay should be 4 pages written text( not including refernce list and etc. double spaced, an original title, a total of four documented sources. All direct quotations and summarized content in APA format. Be sure to include a reference list. I need to recieve the essay today (Tuesday march 1) In the next 8- 10 hours please, thank you

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Title: Hans Christian Andersen

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2637 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Instructions from the professor:

The paper should be 8 pages (typed, double-spaced, 1" margins etc.) with a list of "Works cited" at the end (not included in the page count). You will analyze and synthesize material from a variety of primary and secondary sources. You should choice ONE Hans Christian Andersen text to frame your discussion around.

Suggested topics:
1. Narrative technique in Andersen?s writings.
2. Women's issues in Andersen?s tales.
3. Class issues in Andersen?s tales.
4. Social criticism in HC Andersen's tales
5. The critique of Romanticism in Andersen?s tales.

You should have a clear thesis and focus your writing around a specific argument. You will both be working on analyzing texts and on synthesizing information gathered from different sources. I do want to see your own views and interpretations. At the same time, I am interested in analyses which help us to understand the culture of the time on its own terms and possibly the relationship to the issue in our day.

Again, you should choice only ONE Hans Christian Andersen text to frame your discussion around. The text you choose should NOT be a text that is going to be discussed in the class. The texts that we will discussing in class (and so should not be one that you choose) are:
"The Ugly Duckling"
"The Emperor's New Clothes"
"The Pancake House"
"Snow White"
"The Little Kitchen Maid"
"The Traveling Companion"
"Children's Prattle"
"The Eleven Swans"
"The Wild Swans"
"Clod Hans"
"What Father Does is Always Right"
"Little Claus and Big Claus"
"The Dying Child"
"The Daisy"
"Little Ida's Flowers"
"The Princess on the Pea"
"The Tinderbox"
"The Little Mermaid"
"The Garden of Eden"
"The Prince and the Merman"
"The Merman"
"The Angel"
"The Comet"
"The Hill of Elves"
"The Snow Queen"
"The Talisman"
"The Naughty Boy"
"The Snowman"
"The Pact of Friendship"
"The Sweethearts"
"The Collar"
"The Butterfly"
"The Swineherd"
"The Ice Maiden"
"Ib and Little Christina"
"Under the Willow Tree"
"The Dung Beetle"
"The Steadfast Tin Soldier"
"What the Wind Told of Valdemar Daae and His Daughters"
"The Old House"
"The Darning Needle"
"The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep"
"The Janitor's Son"
"The Great Sea Serpent"
"The Millenium"
"The Old Street Lamp"
"The Wood Nymph"
"A Question of Imagination"
"The Candles"
"The Little Match Girl"
"She Was No Good"
"Everything In Its Right Place"
"The Watchman of the Tower"
"A Drop of Water"
"In the Duckyard"
"A Happy Disposition"
"The Gardener and His Master"
"The Pen and the Inkwell"
"The Old Gravestone"
"The Nightingale"
"The Cripple"
"The Shadow"
"The Professor and the Flea"
"The Flying Trunk"
"The Will-o-wisps are in Town"
"The Angel"
"The Old Oak Tree's Last Dream"
"On the Last Day"
"The Red Shoes"
"The Bell"
"The Evil King"
"About the Stolen Barley-corns"
"The Dead Child"
"The Elf Children"
"The Story of a Mother"
"The Pine Tree"
"The Flax"
"The Story Old Johanna Told"
"Auntie Toothache"

Links to Hans Christian Andersen's works:

Tips for research:
Example: when looking for an article, remember that you may not find one by looking up ?Andersen and class issues? or ?Andersen, class and ?Grief,?? you will need to be more creative, perhaps looking up only ?Class in Literature.? Finding an article on, for example, ?Dickens and Class? might be used to illuminate the same issues in an Andersen text.

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Title: Midterm Short Essay Assignment

Total Pages: 2 Words: 658 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Midterm Short Essay Assignment

Choose 2 films that you watched for Modules 1, 2 or 3 (our current Module) to write about. Develop a specific theme/thesis that ties together the movies and a concept/idea from Movie Made America (Chapters 1- 12).

You've got a lot of freedom in this assignment! You can write about anything that interested you in the movies and the readings in Modules 1, 2 and 3 as long as you make a connection between the films and the ideas in the textbook.

There are some basic structural requirements that you must follow in order to get a passing grade on the assignment. Please review the grading rubric below.

1) Essay uses examples from 2 different films from modules 1,2,or 3 to support your thesis. Use specific scenes from the 2 movies to illustrate your thesis. Do not write summaries of the plots of the films. 15 points

2) Writing displays creative thinking that makes connections between the films and the readings by using at least one correctly formatted quote from the textbook, Movie Made America 10 points

3) Thesis is stated clearly 5 points

4) Sentence structure is grammatical 5 points

5) Spelling is correct 5 points

6) Word count is within assigned range (400 - 700 words.) 5 points
An essay shorter than 375 words will recieve 0 points i.e. an "F".

7) Language is analytical and academic 5 point

Movies you can choose from:
Module 1 The Rise of Movie Culture (Weeks 1 and 2)

Landmarks of Early Film (#1) 1997 OR: Landmarks of Early Film (#2) Magic Melies (1930)

The Mark of Zorro, 1920 (Niblo)

Mary Pickford a Life on Film, 1999 OR: Mary Pickford, American Experience, 2005

The Birth of A Nation 1915 (Griffith) This one is long, but worth it! An important (and disturbing) film.

Module 2 The Movies in the Age of Mass Culture (Weeks 3 and 4)
You will see that there are 6 categories of films for this module. You only need to watch a total of 4 (2 each week). Obviously this means that you won't watch all the films listed here. You choose which 4 you want to watch!

The General, 1927 (Keaton) OR: Comedy Legend: Buster Keaton, 2005 (EITHER Disc 1, 2, or 3) OR: Seven Chances, 1925 (Keaton) OR: College, 1927 (Horne)

Battleship Potemkin, 1925 (Eisenstein)

The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing 2004

Modern Times, 1936 (Chaplin) OR: The Kid, 1921 (Chaplin) OR: City Lights, 1931(Chaplin) OR: the Gold Rush, 1925 (Chaplin)

The Artist, 2011 Hazanavicius

Hugo, 2011 Scorsese

Highly Recommended (but not required!) Chaplin, 1992 "Through flashbacks and other nonlinear devices, this story recounts comic icon Charlie Chaplin's (Robert Downey Jr.) poignant journey through triumph, failure, infamy and government persecution. Downey's performance earned both Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. " (Watch the Chaplin films, then watch this...Downey is amazing! May not be available on Netflix. )

Module 3 Mass Culture in the Age of Movies (Weeks 5 and 6)

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939 (Capra) OR: You Can't Take It With You, 1938 (Capra) OR: It Happened One Night, 1934 (Capra)

The Public Enemy, 1931 (Wellman) OR: Little Caesar, 1931 (LeRoy) OR: Scarface, 1932 (Hawks) (DO NOT watch Scarface with Al Pacino 1983!) May not be available on Netfilx

Dumbo, 1941 (Disney) OR: Bambi, 1942 (Disney) OR: Snow White, 1937 (Disney) May not be available on Netfilx OR: Fantasia, 1940 (Disney) May not be available on Netfilx **Please note the years on these films. There have been remakes of many of them. You want to watch the originals!**

Freaks, 1932 (Browning) OR: King Kong, 1933 (Cooper) OR: Dracula, 1931(Browning) OR: Frankenstein, 1931 (Whale)

Highly Recommended (but not required!) Gods and Monsters, 1998 " Ian McKellen gives a brilliant performance as film director James Whale, the genius behind Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein and The Invisible Man. As his life draws to a close, the openly gay Whale befriends a gardener (Brendan Fraser), and both men learn from their platonic, unexpected bond. The disc's many extras offer a fascinating look at a lost era of Hollywood history."

Excerpt From Essay:

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