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Title: Attitude Change and Persuasion

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Essay Instructions: Singapore's total fertility rate has fallen to a record low; from 1.28 in 2008 to 1.22 in
2009 and 1.16 in 2010. This problem is evident across all three major ethnic groups
in Singapore. It could be traced to people postponing marriage or not getting
married at all. Those who are married also do not have many children.
To solve the problem, the Singapore government is considering new measures to
encourage marriage and procreation. The government may provide incentives for
marriage such as a 50% subsidy for the purchase of HDB flats and a 50% income tax
reduction. To encourage procreation, it may provide free medical services at
government hospitals for child birth, S$10,000 for every child born to a married
couple in Singapore to help with the cost of raising a child, and a 100% subsidy for
the basic education (primary and secondary schools) of the children. The
government may also use sanctions to increase the income tax among the
unmarried working adults as well as increase the restrictions on the purchase of a
HDB flat.

Ramesh, S. (Jan 18, 2011). ?MM Lee weighs in on Singapore?s record?low fertility rate?.

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a. Draw from the theory of psychological reactance and overjustification effect to
explain how the above approaches to change behaviour among Singaporeans
are unlikely to have the resulting effect on attitude change.
(400 words)

b. Apply the theory of cognitive dissonance to show how attitude change may
occur. Discuss the effects of insufficient justification and a large incentive, and
effort justification.
(700 words)

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Essay Instructions: SLP5 Assignment

You have been asked by a CEO of a multinational enterprise to evaluate whether or not his company should begin a business enterprise in the country you have chosen for your session long project SINGAPORE. Write a 2 page memo to the CEO explaining why or why he should not start a business in this country. You need to carefully justify your answer based on the knowledge you acquired this session. You will be assessed not just on your knowledge, but how creative your arguments are presented. This is potentially a multi-million dollar venture and you are addressing a CEO. Please keep this in mind.

This is a Signature Assignment for BUS401 SLP Module 5

There are 2 specific learning outcomes: 1) analyze the impact of global forces on business practices and 2) assess the impact of culture and diversity on business practices

In this SLP assignment for Module 5 our emphasis will be on understanding global forces, culture and diversity on business practices. You will be summarizing all of what you learned in international business.

SLP 5 Assignment Expectations

Continue to write about the country you selected in Module 1, SINGAPORE.
Write 2-3 pages, identifying and providing a profile of ease of doing business in your selected country.
Research and provide illustrations that support your points. Include information from cases, SLPs and TDs where appropriate.
List supporting references and cite sources
Use appropriate writing style (organization, grammar, & spelling- see Writing Guidelines).

Please read the following articles:

Kaye, P., J. Mensch, & D. Shiry (2003) What's the Function?, Pennsylvania CPA Journal. Philadelphia: Spring 2003. Vol. 74, Iss. 1: pg. 28-32. from library portal via coursenet.

Hollein, M. (2002)"Pricing in foreign currency vs. U.S. Dollars - how is your company managing currency risk?" AFP Exchange. Bethesda: Nov/Dec 2002. v 22, Iss. 6; pg. 112-115. from library portal via coursenet.

Turner, B., B. Ackerman, & K. Kirwan (2004)"Transfer Pricing is Getting More Scrutiny", Financial Executive.Morristown, May 2004, Volume 20, Iss3 pages 28-31. from library portal via coursenet.

Case 5 Materials:

Kim, Yong-Cheol & R. McElreath (2001) "Managing operating exposure: A case study of the automobile industry", Multinational Business Review. Detroit: Spring 2001. v 9, Iss. 1; pg. 21-27. from library portal via coursenet.

Book Review (2005) "The gaijin who saved Nissan", Business Week,1/17/2005, accessed 5/16/2009 at:

Miskin, D. (2009) FX Risk Revisited, Treasury & Risk Magazine, 3/1/2009

Wells Fargo?s Larry Kirschner examines why in the face of double-digit currency moves, treasurers need to understand which risk exposures matter most and how to execute a plan of action.

Gamble, R. (2009) All Eyes on FX Risk, Treasury & Risk Magazine, 9/1/2009

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Essay Instructions: Focus: Analyze the business environment of Singapore
? Scope
1. Identify and discuss the impacts on business activities in respect of the legal/political environment of Singapore
2. Discuss what factors drive MNCs to invest in Singapore
3. Identify the industries ( healthcare, IT, auto-making etc ) that are more likely want to invest in this country
4. Discuss the types of risks and obstacles ( barriers ) that companies could face when entering this country and how these risks and barriers can be overcome/reduced
5. Present the main features of the national innovation system of Singapore
6. Discuss whether investing in this country will likely for companies to promote innovations
7. Suggest the strategies that companies should take to take advantage of the peculiarities ( features ) of the national innovation system of Singapore

Marks Criteria
20% Content ? depth of data collected
35% Application of knowledge
20% Structure and style
15% Originality ? personal contributions and ideas
10% References ? adequate, relevant and consistent

Required : The essay must be not over 10% references
It will be check by Turnitin website.
Please let me know if you can. Email please.

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Essay Instructions: Final project 1950 words, not including appendices with maps, graphs, charts, tables, figures, etc. (use this type of material to summarize and display data so that you will not have to make lengthy explanations about results and facts)

You have two potions for the final project outlined below.

Option 1: In depth report covering 4 to 5 companies in Singapore (Either USA/Canada/Western Europe companies doing business in Singapore or Local companies in Singapore will be acceptable)
This option requires you to identify 4 to 5 companies working on supply chain related issues (such as, managing supply chain risk, outsource, Logistics transportation, global supply chain, mass customization, Green Supply Chain, etc?) in Singapore. This option does not require as much detail about each individual company but breadth in the companies in Singapore.

Option 2: In depth report on one company in Singapore
This option requires you to identify one single company that is working on supply chain related issues in Singapore. This option requires you to go into detail about one company, answering many more of the questions below. To do this option you Must make contact with someone in the company via email, phone call, Skype, etc.

Information applicable to both options
Some questions you should consider when developing your report (not exhaustive):
1. Description of the country (Singapore) and industry
2. What is the underlying problem that the company is trying to fix or work around?
? Is this problem specific to Singapore?
? Are other companies trying to solve the same problem?
? How are other companies attacking the problem?
3. What is the revenue model?
4. Who is the target market/customer?
? How big is this market?
? Is this a market that is likely to increase in size?
? Does this target market have the ability/desire to buy from the company?
5. What are the challenges the company faces?
6. Do they plan to enter a new market (country or service or product)? Should they?

You should include a table in the appendix with the following information for each company you report on.
1. Website
2. Contact person and email address/phone number of that person (not required for Option 1)
3. Any notes from conversations you had with someone at the company. This is required for option 2. If you opt to talk to anyone in the companies you choose for Option 1 you should include this as well.

Writing Quality: Papers are also graded on how well your writing communicates with the reader. This concept includes the clarity and organization of your thoughts and the structure of your sentences, as well as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and neatness.

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