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Instructions for Sickle Cell Anemia College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: Sickle cell Anemia
1. Clinical description and definition of disease.
2. Explain why adult live into adulthood with this condition.
3. Care plan: identify expected outcomes for an adult client living with this condition.

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Title: sickle cell

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Essay Instructions: Question:
Sickle Cell Anemia is a hereditary disease which kills all who have it, yet it is still prevalent
in certain human populations. How is this possible? Why hasn?t the gene responsible been
eliminated from the human gene pool?
In order to discuss this issue intelligibly, it will first be necessary to explain what Sickle Cell
Anemia is and how it is inherited. You should begin your essay by describing in detail the Sickle
Cell mutation, the genotypic and phenotypic expressions of the Sickle Cell and normal alleles,
and the pattern of inheritance of Sickle Cell Anemia. This will provide the necessary
background for your discussion of the main question: how natural selection acts to maintain the
Sickle Cell allele at a relatively high frequency in some human populations. Also, how does
natural selection act to increase and decrease the Sickle Cell allelic frequency in different
environments? For example, suppose that in a population with a history of Malaria, Malaria was
finally eradicated. What would happen to the frequency of the Sickle Cell allele in that
population? Why?

Make sure the esssay includes the following important points:
Origin of the Sickle Cell mutation-

Brief, but detailed and clear, explanation of the mutation and the change
in amino acid sequence in hemoglobin molecule.

Mode of Inheritance-

An explanation of the 3 possible genotypes matched with the 3 possible
phenotypes. An example of the expected proportion of genotypes in the
offspring of any mating pair.

Selection and Sickle Cell-

An explanation of how malaria acts to maintain the presence of the Sickle
Cell allele in certain human populations via natural selection. Should
include an explanation of heterozygote advantage, balance polymorphism
and expected effect on allele frequencies.

Explanation of how allele frequencies are expected to change in human
populations recently released from selective pressure due to malaria.

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Title: Sickle Cell Anemia

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Essay Instructions: This paper is on the issues surrounding Sickle Cell Anemia and The African American Communittee. I need to write how this effect this socitey stricken with Malaria. I need it to explain the disease and how it is correlated with sickle cell. The scientific method of the disease. I need to find at least 8 different sources for my paper, which should be cited throughout.

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Essay Instructions: the subject of my title is Why I Want To Be A Nurse. I am a second degree student, my first degree is Health Adminstration. I have worked as a health care staffing supervisor for the last 10 years. the personal experience that can be incorporated in the paper is the fact that my husband has sickle cell anemia and i have cared for him for the last 20 years. he has been hospitalized many times and has constant doctors appt.

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