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Title: Sibling Rivalry Causes and Recommended Approaches

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3067 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: My research paper has to be titled "Sibling Rivalry: Causes and Recommended Approaches". I need it in APA style, 10 pages plus the bibliography page which has to be titled the "References" page because this is an APA style research paper. Please write my paper in three sections:
1. An introduction to the topic: define the problem.
2. A review of the literature you read and researched in APA style, e.g., (Elkind, 2003) (Turecki, 1995). Make sure you give credit to the author you are referring to, if you quote one of them, use quotation marks and cite the author, e.g., (Jones, 1995, p. 13). Include your thoughts, opinions, or experiences in this section.
3. A summary and conclusions with bulleted recommendations for parents.
You have to use real sources, books or journal articles only, do not use internet articles or anything from the internet, I need REAL SOURCES, not the internet stuff. If you want you can use Goldenthal, 2000, Mazlish, 1998, Samalin, 1996, McDermott, Ames, and Dobson, all these authors have books on Sibling Rivalry, you don't have to use these, but you do have to use real books by real authors on Sibling Rivalry. I need this research paper in one day, tomorrow at this time I need to have it, that's $36.00 per page, 10 pages, so it's $360.00 total. Please have this done by tomorrow at this time. If you have any questions call me at anytime at (201)390-1716. Thank you.

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Title: Multiple Essay Questions

Total Pages: 18 Words: 5968 References: 24 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write an essay to answer all twelve (12) questions. Each of the twelve (12) questions should be answered in no less than 300-500 words each. Please utilize verifiable and renowned academic journals and/or books as sources (Do not cite other college papers or theses). Please label individual questions and answers within the essay (example: Question 7-1 (Q7-1) Answer 7-1 (A7-1)).

6-1. Outline the typical social service treatment provided to a physically abusive family. What are the goals of this treatment? What are some ways that one could achieve their intended outcomes?

6-2. How does one treat neglectful families? Be sure to include in your discussion the following: Where do the concepts of equilibrium and disequilibrium fit in? Define and explain. What are the intended outcomes of this treatment and how do they differ from treatment provided to physically abusive families? How would you explain why social workers typically say that neglectful families are the hardest for them to deal with, be successful with, etc?

6-3. When only one child within a family is abused, siblings are often overlooked by the helping agency for treatment planning. Adult victims of child abuse often share that their siblings didnt want any part of it. What treatment needs might these siblings in an abusive family have? In your appraisal, what might motivate siblings to avoid treatment? As a social worker, how would you engage the siblings in your attempt to convince them to join the familys treatment process?

6-4. Child sexual abuse is surrounded in controversy. Society tends to isolate not only the offender but the worker dealing with such issues. Treatment methods are sometimes controversial and limited. First, outline the various types of treatment available for sexual offenders. Which do you feel is likely to be most effective? Defend your view. Review the web page entitled Stories of Hope ( Find Jim or Edwards story and read. After reading one of the Dad stories, answer the following: What impact did this story have on you? Have you changed your position? Explain.

7-1. When we evaluate the effectiveness of foster care (or any item), we also need to be asking: from whos perspective? From the social workers perspective, briefly describe some of the therapeutic components to foster care placement. In your professional opinion, which one do you consider to be most important? Explain. From the foster childs perspective, what would you imagine they might say? View the video entitled Voices of Youth ( You will meet a group of former and current foster youth who will share some of their views on this topic and help you answer these questions!

7-2. Along with children available for adoption, there is a small, but special needs category of children with varying needs that require safe shelter but are not appropriate for a standard foster home placement. Who are these children? Briefly describe some of these children: what special needs do they have? What makes them inappropriate for basic foster care? What are some of the alternatives available? Are they a good match already or do you have ideas about other options that need to be created? Explain.

7-3. The concept of birth parent/foster parent relationship building is understandably a hard sell. Until very recently, those two sets of parents were, by policy, not allowed to meet or communicate. The premise was, and still is (for many), that there is an inherent conflict of interest on both sides. Interestingly enough, this is the same argument that is raised by those who oppose “differential response” and “concurrent planning”. What is your appraisal of this strategy? Do you think it can work? If you were “in charge”, what would your directives to your staff be? Explain your rationale. View the video located at: Youll meet and watch birth parents and foster parents working together and hear from them directly as to their reactions to this new approach. After viewing, have you changed your position at all? Share your insights either way.

7-4. There are a myriad of frustrations and pressures for the social worker in protective services. Everyone that he/she works with has a different message based on different needs (see uploaded resource entitled textbook page 360 ). What specifically are some of the frustrations of working on within a bureaucracy? What helps social workers to cope? What are the dangers, and how can one prevent them? Students are encouraged to do a quick search on the topic “compassion fatigue” for new ideas on coping strategies to share.

8-1. First, view presentation on "How Resiliency Happens" ( After viewing the video: Discuss your assessment of the Resiliency Model: is it a viable approach for the child welfare system? What strengths can you identify? What limitations? Were there any points in the presentation that stood out to you? Explain.

8-2. Discuss the ways in which schools are involved in the prevention of child abuse? In what other ways can schools contribute to the prevention of child abuse?

8-3. The current system to protect and serve children and families has its share of weaknesses but also many strengths. Discuss one or more strengths that you see in the current system and explain. What changes should be made in the current helping system to better serve children in the future?

8-4. There seems to be a trend of involving and partnering with offenders in varying degrees to help develop new and more effective prevention strategies. Sex offenders and parents who maltreated their children are two examples. What is your opinion of this strategy? Do you see value in this approach? What concerns, if any, can you identify? Explain.

Uploaded resource is cited as follows:

Crosson-Tower, C. (2009). Understanding child abuse and neglect. (Eighth ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson College Div.
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Title: Ethics Issues in Nursing Related to Savior Siblings

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2457 Works Cited: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: APA format nursing ethics paper using a minimum of 5 recent (within the last 5 years) references from peer reviewed journals.

The topic is Savior Siblings. The paper must address the ethical issues that nurses face and how they make their decisions to support their patients

The general format is as follows:

1. Analysis of the ethical isue
2. Discussion of relavent issues involved
3. Discussion of the associated legal and social issues
4. Construct arguments to support ethical positions
5. Relevance of the issue to nursing
6. The role of the nurse as it relates to the issue
7 Impact on nursing as a whole related to the issue

I anticipate that this will be about 10 pages total inclussive of references and cover page.

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Title: The New Science of Siblings

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1113 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I have compiled a PPT for this article "The New Science of Siblings," which I hope wil go nicely with the 2-3 page critique that the Professor wants of the article and a 1 page handout for the class to be able to follow along.

Basically she wants what the instructions state, that her main points 1-4 be addressed in the 2-3 page paper as well as in the one page handout.

If you need any additional information please let me know immediately and I will send it to you. Thank you very much.

Anna Diliberti
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