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Title: Short Term Investment Strategies

Total Pages: 2 Words: 492 Sources: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Short-Term Investment Strategies
One way for government organization to compensate for periods of limited revenue generation is to put money into short-term investments. Such investments have the benefit of earning interest and the liquidation of such investments may be built into the cash budget. However, as short-term investment strategies can be risky, there is some debate over their general effectiveness. Additionally, federal laws and individual agency policies have set limits on the usage of these strategies. Nevertheless, short-term investment practices are common in public organizations. In this assignment, you will assess the effectiveness of the short-term investment practices of a specific public organization, and provide strategy recommendations regarding such investments.
To prepare for this assignment:
Focus on short-term investment strategies and their positive and negative impacts, and risks.
Focus on how short-term investment strategies can provide additional revenue for public organizations.
Review the Washington State's Office of Financial Management, Risk Management Division, Risk Management Basics Manual. Focus on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the five ways to treat or mitigate risk.
Consider how short-term investments could both positively and negatively impact the financial condition of government organizations.
Select a public organization with which you are familiar and one which has short-term investment policies and uses short-term investment strategies.
Reflect on the short-term investment practices and strategies you read about and relate them to the organization you selected. Speak to the person(s) you know in the organization, if it is not your own, about various short-term investment policies and strategies in the organization, and the positive and negative impacts of each.
With these thoughts in mind:
Write an assessment of the effectiveness of the short-term investment practices and strategies in the organization you selected. In your assessment, briefly describe at least two specific investments being made by the organization. Then describe the positive and negative impact of each. Finally, explain what you might recommend as a short-term investment policy or strategy for the organization.

Be sure to support your response with specific references to the resources.
Web Site:
Washington State's Office of Financial Management, Risk Management Division: Risk Management Basics Manual
Optional Resources:
United States Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service, Cash Management Made Easy Guidebook

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Title: short story or play

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1384 References: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Short Stories and Plays to choose from: choose 1
Sonn'ys blues: James Baldwin
The Storm- Kate Chopin
Dead's Man's Path- Chinua Achebe
A&P: John Updike
Cathedral: by Raymond Carver
Dead of a Salesman: play by Arther Miller
A Doll's House : play by Henrik Ibensen

Assignment: Choose any story or play we have read this semester, and write a clear objective (as possible) response that defines, explains, analyzes, or illuminates one of the following:
1) theme(or themes)
2)One or more of the characters
In order to be as persuasive as possible, please form a narrow thesis supported with details, examples, and appropriate secondary support.

Documentation: The ideal paper will voice an individual response or opinion to a particular topic based on a close reading story and will substantiate and support it with the published observations and conclusions of scholars and critics in the field. no fewer then four secondary resources should be used. these may include books magazines, periodicals, and or newspapers.
Note: Unpublished works will not be considered valid secondary sources. this means no primary electronic sources.

Footnotes and Bivliographical Form: follow the form shown in your 101 handbook , the MLA Guidebook or text. All passing papers must use proper citation and works cited form.

Plagiarism:Any words or ideas,quoted or paraphases, that are taken from a published source must be cited. Any breach of these conventions will result in a failing paper or worse.

a- an approved thesis and persuasive argument that support it
b- outline/brainstorming notes
c-writing that is clear,fluent, and relatively free of grammer and/or syntax problems.
d-appropriate secondary support from at least four published sources in the text of your paper.
e- proper form in your in text citations and work cited page.

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Essay Instructions: SHORT ESSAy:

Goals: The goal of this short essay is to consider one or more of basic strategies of fiction. In this essay, you will closely examine Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas in relation to one of the following prompts, considering how these particular strategies help to construct the story’s implicit meaning.

Assignment: This will be a 2-3 page essay that will open up ways of thinking about this text. While not strictly a formal, thesis-driven argument, a successful short essay will still follow a basic essay structure, with clear paragraphs (with coherent main ideas, argumentative topic sentences, and specific evidence from the text that you unpack to explain how the story develops these ideas) and standard formatting. Think of this as a focused mini-essay through which you can practice your close reading and analytical writing skills.

Choose the following prompts as the basis for your second short essay:

Le Guin’s short story relies on setting to a larger extent than many of the other stories we will read this semester. This prompt will ask you to consider how the setting works and why it is so prominent. How does the description of the setting lay a foundation for the kinds of conflict in each of these stories? Why is the setting so important for establishing the relationships between these characters? Delve deeper into the implicit meaning: what themes does this story develop because of its close attention to setting? Why is setting such an important aspect of science fiction in particular? Examine ONE specific passage to discuss what the setting means implicitly and why it is important.

Criteria for Evaluation:

• Focus: the focus of your jumpstart should be ONE particular short story, and it should examine the story as closely as possible (NO digressions outside of the text!!!)
• Unity: the mini-essay will be unified by your argument about what that specific element of fiction does and what it means implicitly in this story
• Coherence: each paragraph has a topic sentence that makes a clear argument and moves logically from one to the next with clear transitions
• Support: every part of the argument (every claim) should be supported by specific evidence from a very specific moment in the text of the story
• Critical Thinking: the essay should demonstrate how you are critically engaging with this short story’s implicit meaning; in other words, it should reflect how you are critically interpreting this specific element of fiction
• Readability: trim any fat from your prose (make every word count!), revise for clarity, and check for proper spelling and grammar

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Title: Short Story literary analysis essay

Total Pages: 2 Words: 808 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Short Story Literary Analysis Essay

500 words minimum (5 paragraphs) Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion

One primary source- quotations from short story for analysis, MLA Documentation

Two secondary sources (minimum) - you may only use secondary sources found attached. You will document your sources using MLA style.

You may support your ideas by using secondary sources, but the analysis should be your own.

"Araby" James Joyce primary source to write a literary analysis. Focus your analysis on the theme or main idea of a work using 3 relevant literary terms illustrated by selected quotations. Follow these guidelines when organizing your literary analysis:

•Make an original title for your essay that reflects your thesis or take on the work.
•Introduce the plot and setting but avoid plot summary. Make your thesis focus on the theme or main idea of the work and consider three main points such as point of view, irony, imagery, etc.
•Use quotations from the short story to illustrate your body paragraphs.
•Be sure to introduce your body paragraphs with topic sentences and introduce quotations using your own words.
•Follow quotations with commentary and interpretation in your own words.
•End body paragraphs with a tie-in to your thesis statement.
•Finish essay with summary/conclusion: Summarize main points and re-state thesis.
•Document primary sources with parenthetical citations and a Works Cited.
•Follow MLA format for both- using author’s last name in parenthetical citations.
•Cite full source information in a Works Cited.

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