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Title: Manipulation of Emotions in Orwells's Shooting an Elephant

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Essay Instructions: Please write a 1700 word paper about George Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant." The topic: "How does Orwell attempt to manipulate the emotions of the reader in his essay?". Please include at least five(5) quotations with no citations. My professor does not require a bibliography page. No footnotes needed. The complete works as it appears in my textbook (the only source reqired by my professor) is located on the website: Please try to have the maximun amount of words per page (275). This essay is for English 1102 class (2nd level English). Please include a title page, email delivery, and status updates. It is of the UPMOST importance that this essay be completed BEFORE 1:30pm tomorrow. PLEASE HELP!

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Essay Instructions: Read George Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant" from The Bedford Reader. Write a critical analysis essay of the story in which you analyze the stylistic choices Orwell uses to convey meaning. In your analysis, form your thesis by answering this question: What is the main message that you think the author wants you to take away from the reading? Support your thesis by analyzing "Shooting an Elephant" from the following perspectives:
Point of view: Analyze the author’s stylistic choice in narrative point of view. In other words, why do you think Orwell uses the first person point of view?
Theme: How does Orwell use the theme of imperialism in this story?
Language: How does Orwell use language variations, including slang and colloquialisms? Could the author have related his message without these variations?
Imagery. Examine the use of imagery in the scene in which the narrator kills the elephant. How is the theme of imperialism illustrated in this scene?
In preparing your critical analysis, use correct sentence constructions and effective punctuation. Remember to provide evidence for your claims by using excerpts from the text of “Shooting an Elephant.”

Consult a library or online library to find at least two outside sources written by scholars or critics on Orwell’s literary style to help substantiate your claims. Use proper MLA documentation and formatting.
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Title: shooting of elephant

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Essay Instructions: Write an essay about shooting an elephant by George orwell

What is the theme of the work and How does the writer employ symbolism to convey the theme.

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Title: Reflection to Orwell's Shooting an Elephant

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Essay Instructions: Please write an informal response paper to George Orwell's Shooting an Elephant

Use quotes and DO NOT SUMMARIZE

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