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Essay Instructions: Sexual Harassment Research Paper

Your course project for this term is to write a 4-6 page, double-spaced mini-research project on Sexual Harassment. Everything you need to know about the project resides on this tab.

You must use at least 2 outside resources besides the textbook. Your paper must be written in APA format, include a title and reference page, and reference your sources both internally (parenthetically) and in the reference page. Your paper will answer the following questions, will include case research, and will include one appendix item. The paper is due at the end of Week 6. Use internet research, the textbook, and the DeVry Online Library (and any other relevant sources) to research the information in this paper.

Questions to answer in your paper:
(Include each question in a heading of your paper - and in this order.)

1. Define sexual harassment as the term is used legally.
2. Explain how sexual harassment differs from gender discrimination.
3. Provide the legal definition of "quid pro quo" (also known as "vicarious liability") sexual harassment. Provide one example of a behavior which could be found to be quid pro quo sexual harassment.
4. Provide the legal definition of hostile environment sexual harassment. Provide one example of a behavior which could be found to be hostile environment sexual harassment.
5. List the factors which contribute to a determination of whether behavior is sexual harassment.
6. Define the standard by which "unreasonable" behavior is determined.
7. Explain what situations are considered "severe or pervasive" and why these terms are important.
8. Give the main legal reason why every company should have a valid written policy against sexual harassment (besides the fact it is the "right" thing to do.)

Cases to discuss in your paper:

Pick ONE of the following four cases to discuss in your paper. In your discussion, state the following:

A. The facts of the case (briefly!)
B. The issue in the case (i.e. what was the court asked to review?)
C. The decision of the court
D. Whether you agree or disagree with the courts decision - and why.

Cases to choose from are:

I. Faragher v City of Boca Raton 524 US 775 (1998)
II. Burlington Industries, Inc. v Ellerth 524 US 742 (1998)
III. Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson 477 US 57 (1986)
IV. Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services 523 US 75 (1998)

If you click on any of the four cases, you will be taken to the Cornell University Law School's Supreme Court Reporter decision on the case. You can also do further research and find many good articles and sources which discuss the cases online (and in your textbook.) Note that court cases are specifically not copyrighted; when you quote from them, you use legal citation styles to reference them.

This section of your paper should be about 1 to 2 pages.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Sexual harassment

1. History (what occurred in the workplace to bring attention to the issue? Discuss the topic.)
2. Legislative History (who sponsored the bill, what was the debate?)
3. What law (Federal/State) governs this topic? Explain and summarized the law.
4. Legal History (Summarize five recent court cases on the topic) past 10 years.
5. Enforcement (how is the enforced? What Federal, State or Local agency is responsible for the enforcement of this law?)
6. Opinion (From a Human Resources point of view is the law effective?)

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: sexual harassement

Total Pages: 1 Words: 381 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Sexual harassment: what can business do to stop or defend against harassment charges, name nine ways: explain your thoughts!!!! Define and explain quid pro quo, workplace,frequency and severity. how do they go together? Explain.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Persuasive Writing on Sexual Harassment in the workplace

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1971 References: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Topic

This should be a persuasive report for decision and implementation. That is, propose a solution to a problem, suggest a change in policy, demonstrate that a problem exists, support a controversial interpretation, or oppose someone else's proposal. Assume the audience to be a decision maker who is your immediate supervisor or one level higher. Build the case for a decision means choosing a side and supporting it--and refuting opposing views.

Excerpt From Essay:

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