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Title: Sexual History Feedback

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Essay Instructions: Sex History Assignment:
Each student will select a partner (from class or outside of class, but NOT a: spouse, partner, family member, close friend or someone you are very close to) with whom you will conduct a
sex history interview based on the format to be discussed/posted in class. This activity is
provided to allow students the experience of discussing personal sexual matters with another
person. Each student is required to write a four-page (minimum) critique and reaction paper
to the process (likes/dislikes, what was difficult, usefulness, etc.), and submit it to me via the
assignment drop box in this course. Be thoughtful, professionally appropriate, and discreet.
Your reactions are to reflect depth of discussion during the interview, and your personal
processing of the experience afterward.

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Title: Scholarly paper a trend issue impacts health children Topic SEX EDUCATION SHOULD BE TAUGHT IN THE HOME AND NOT IN THE SCHOOL Format APA 6th edition 4 References current journal articles reputable websites

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Essay Instructions: - Scholarly paper on a trend/issue that impacts the health of children.

Format APA 6th edition. 4 References - current journal articles, reputable websites.
Pages 5

- Provide introduction and background information (brief discussion) about the trend/issue
with evidence from the literature as it affects your community
- Examine the impact of this trend/issue on the health of children
- Support the trend/issue statement with evidence from the literature
- Refute the trend/issue statement with evidence from the literature
- Weigh the evidence you have collected on the trend/issue and describe your personal stand/view
- Make recommendations for the health education of children based on your personal stand/view
- What resources are available in your community to address this issue? How is this issue currently
addressed in your community? Is it being dealt with effectively?

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Bibby, A. (2010, April 29). Schools, Not Parents, Should Teach Kids About Sex. Retrieved

September 13, 2012, from

Masland, M. (n.d.). Carnal Knowledge: The Sex ed Debate. Retrieved September 13, 2012, from

McLane, M.N. (2007, January). The Crucible: What's at Stake in the Sex-ed Wars. Boston Review, 32(1), 27-30.

"Sex Education Should not be Taught in Schools, Say More than Half of Parents." (2011, May

5). Mail Online. Retrieved September 13, 2012, from

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Title: Hello papers sections categories writer sources find sources final paper i order job section 9 articles forget attach printed copies reference page APA Format Please job guideline 1st section 2nd section job separated

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Essay Instructions: Hello, this papers have two sections or two categories for now, these writer should keep all the sources he/she find, because same sources will be use for the final paper i would order after this job is done. the first section is the 9 articles and do not forget to attach the printed copies and reference page in APA Format. Please, the job should be done according to the the guideline ( 1st section and 2nd section) because this are two job and separated. if you have any question email me thanks.
topic: sex offender.
Locate 9 articles about your topic. Provide a printed copy to the Professor.
3 From a Popular Magazines
3 From a Professional, Trade and Industry, or Special Interest
3 From a Scholarly/Academic Peer Reviewed Journal
Also create a Reference Page in APA format of the 9 articles using the APA guide. SECOND SECTION OF THE PAPER:> Federal Depository Library
} Conduct research on your ?Paper Chase? topic.
} Obtain two different articles on your topic to add to your
} Write a one page reaction paper summarizing the visit. FOIL Request
} FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)
} Identify a question relating to ?The Paper Chase? that you
can answer by submitting a FoIL request from a
governmental agency.
} Complete the form and submit the complete form on due
} May submit the request FOIA
} public is allowed to receive copies of records in the
possession of the agencies of the U.S. Government
} In general, documents must be released to a person
requesting the document
} In accordance with Federal regulations set forth at 40
C.F.R. Part 2, FOIA requests to EPA must be in writing
and sent to the Freedom of Information Officer.
} Annotated Bibliography
} Using the Purdue OWL method
} Pick 4 of the 11 articles and annotate


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1. The Paraphilias, Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorder, And The Treatment Of Sexually Deviant Behaviors

The paraphilias have actually been mainly disregarded by psychiatry, despite the fact that psychiatrists are preferably matched to deal with and detect these conditions by virtue of their medical as well as mental training. The sexual variances need an understanding of not only biological but also mental causation and abilities in mental and medicinal sessions. Just recently the Supreme Court of the United States in Kansas v. Hendricks (1997) promoted the constitutionality of the civil dedication of sexually deviant people for psychological sessions. As the different states embrace statutes based upon Hendricks, psychiatry will be required to take a proactive participation in the medical diagnosis as well as the administration of the paraphillias. This paper details briefly where the industry is in the comprehension of the natural history, medical diagnosis, and sessions of the paraphilias.

2. An Audit Report on Selected Rehabilitation Programs at the Department of Criminal Justice

3 of 5 programs auditors assessed at the Department of Criminal Justice decreased recidivism (re-arrest and re-incarceration) rates. A 4th program lowered re-arrest rates however had greater re-incarceration rates; while the 5th program did not minimize either re-arrest or re-incarceration rates.

Recidivism rates of offenders finishing the Sex Offender Therapy Program, the Sex Offender Education and learning Program, and the Pre-Release Therapeutic Neighbourhood program were lesser than the recidivism rates of offenders who had been qualified for these programs however did not take part. Offenders who finished the Sex Offender Therapy Program had re-incarceration rates that had been 61.6% lesser than sex offenders who were qualified for however did not get involved in this program. 80% of offenders who finished this program and had been later on re-incarcerated had been re-incarcerated for technical infractions of their parole, not for arrests on brand-new crimes.

3. Sex offender ordinance catches family in legal tangle

The post concentrates on the following tale: A Deltona sex offender had been informed he should relocate Monday after being discovered in infraction of a May 2006 city regulation, though he stated the offense had been urinating in public subsequent to consuming alcohol to commemorate his little girl's birth 21 years back. Matamoros Juan Matamoros had been the first case brought by the Deltona in front of the court under the brand-new sex offender law. The city has actually submitted a minimum of 9 cases in front of the court, in line with records gotten from the City Clerk.

4. Sex Offender Registry Review 2007

This website was developed in 1996 as an outcome of Megan's Law, which had been an amendment to the Jacob Wetterling Crimes against Kid and Sexually Intense Offender Registration Act. Because this time, each state has actually established and preserved an online sex offender registry.

The registries remain to enhance and progress as various other laws as well as acts, like the Adam Walsh Kid Defence and Security Act, came into effect. The best objective of online sex offender registries is to enhance public knowledge and security.


An Audit Report on Selected Rehabilitation Programs at the Department of Criminal Justice. Texas State Auditor. March 2007. Report No. 07-026. Accessed from:

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Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, Colorado Sex Offender Management Board.

Committee of Legal Services, State of Colorado General Assembly.

Maguth Nezu, C., Fiore, A.A. & Nezu, A.M (2006). Problem Solving Treatment for Intellectually Disabled Sex Offenders. International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy, 2(2), 266-275 BAO

Marshall, W.L., Jones, R., Ward, T., Johnston, P. & Bambaree, H.E.(1991). Treatment of sex offenders. Clinical Psychology Review, 11, 465-485

MSNBC. (2007). Sex offender ordinance catches family in legal tangle, Accessed from:

Rea, J. (2003). Covert Sensitization. The Behavior Analyst Today, 4 (2), 192-201 BAO

Top Ten Reviews. (2013). Sex Offender Registry Review 2007. Accessed from:

U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) (2002). Recidivism of Prisoners Released in 1994. Accessed from:

US Office of Justice Programs (2005). Guidelines. Accessed from the original 2012-05-05:

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Title: Sex at Dawn

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Essay Instructions: Analyze the reading "sex at dawn" by christopher ryan and cacilda jetha. Use one additional source such as a magazine, a book, an article or a movie that support the thesis of the author.
There are faxes for this order.

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Olsen, Mark V., & Scheffer, Will. "Big Love." Home Box Office Entertainment, 2006 -- 2011.

Ryan, PhD, Christopher & Jetha, MD, Cacilda. Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality. Harper Collins, NY, NY, 2010.

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