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Title: Separation of Powers

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Essay Instructions: I must have 6 different references that must be foot noted in the paper. This is for a business law class and my professor is a lawyer and a residing judge so it must be well written. The topic is Separation of Powers and it must be 3 full pages. If you have any questions please call me at (937)287-7739 anytime.

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Title: Separation of Powers Under the

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Essay Instructions: The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the constitutional principle of the separation of powers. Please make sure that the origins (background) of the separation of powers concept are discussed (in relevance to the U.S. Constitution). Also, discuss the court case Morrison v. Olson (1988) and how it pertains to the separation of powers.

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Title: separation of powers

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Essay Instructions: Review at least three web news articles that discuss separation of powers. Complete the citation to the articles with a very brief summary of the article. Feel free to discuss the articles that interest you.

Please feel free to choose any articles the writer would like.

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Title: short essay question

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Essay Instructions: These questions are take home test (essay questions)And these questions are based on text book's chapter..

1.Compare and contrast separation of powers and federalism. How do these central architectural features of American government seek to support Thomas Jefferson??s perspectives; ??That government is best which governs least.?? Why from the view of many business executives is government ??gridlock?? good?

2.Antitrust policy in the early 1900s existed to protect consumers and small business in the name of economic efficiency. Today, the Microsoft Case, it seems that the Justice Department is more interested in punishing people and firms for their success than looking out for small business and consumer.
a.Provide an essay in support of this commonly held view.
b.Provide an equally convincing essay refuting this claim.

3.The U.S. has no firm policy for economic development and no central strategy for improving international trade. Why? Provide 3 arguments in favor of this lack of policy and 3 arguments in the favor of having a more activist governmental stance in keeping with how central governments work for economic development and trade improvements in nations such as Japan and/or Europe.

4.Describe the ??Employment at will?? doctrine arising from British Common Law. What specific employer(s) rights have/ have not been eroded over the past century?

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