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Instructions for Sense And Sensibility College Essay Examples

Title: Jane Austen

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Essay Instructions: Consider historical factors involved in Jane Austens Sense and Sensibility. Briefly discuss historical setting, focus discussion on ways in which history influences characters and events within this chosen work. Finally, consider what statement the author might be making about history in her own time.

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Title: Gender Roles and Marriage

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Essay Instructions: Be prepared to analyze??"not summarize??"these two themes from Austen’s Sense and Sensibility:


Gender roles

Remember??"as in our class discussions and research, we are examining Sense and Sensibility not as literature, but as argument; in other words, any discussion of the aforementioned themes should be in the context of their role as an argument.

PS: This is an in class essay for English 1A class, it would be nice if you can use a simple vocabularies and please don't used hard words.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I want you to write 2 pages that have 5 - 6 paragraph of argumentative essay for Gender Roles.
And 2 pages that have 5 - 6 paragraph of argumentative essay for Marriage. Please don't combine them together. I want them to be separated.
Customer is requesting that (elkanatum) completes this order.

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Title: The role secrets play in Sense and Sensibility

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Essay Instructions: This is an example of the first writings I did for the book,the question was: For this first discussion board, let?s talk about the characters who have been introduced in the first eleven chapters. What opinions are you forming of them, who do you like or dislike? Have any of them said something particularly noteworthy? What techniques is Austin using to develop these characters; that is, how do we learn about them? Do you find that the author?s voice is strong or not noticeable? and I answered In the first chapters of Sense and Sensibility, the reader is introduced to many of the characters, Sir John Middleton, Mrs. Jennings, John Dashwood, Fanny, Mrs. Dashwood, Elinor, Marianne, Margorette, Edward, Colonel Brandon, and Willoughby. Sir John Middleton seems like he is a go getter and just full of life, as of Lady Middleton, she seem opposite, very reserved and quite. Mrs., Jennings like being in everyone else?s business because her life is so in adequate, she has nothing better to do. Marianne is very open and full of life and doesn?t have care in the world. Colonel Brandon seems like he is someone that doesn?t take charge and he has to be kind of pushed into doing anything. Mr. and Mrs. Dashwood comes across as all are so much better then you and if you don?t live up to there standers then they will just walk all over you. Willoughby just thinks that he is the best looking thing out, it shows through his arrogant and haughtiness.

Also many quotations and how it refers to the topic from Sense and Sensibility

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Title: Austen Jane Sense and Sensibility

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Essay Instructions: Paper should be an argumentative essay about the book "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen which requires a thesis.
It should definetely be Plagiarism-FREE!!
There should be references from the book.
Further information will follow by mail.

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