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Title: Self Directed Search Assessment Booklet

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Essay Instructions: Self Assessment Guidelines
(use 3rd person)

I. Introduction
A. Inventory (brief) - Self Directed Search
B. Client Profile (Wendy Burton, 25yo, single, BA in psychology, worked as a social worker and school outreach counselor....the rest you can make up to match the paper...include salient values, skills, and goals (one of the goals is a masters in counseling)

II. Description and History of Inventory
A. Purpose of inventory (Self Directed Research), including associatd theories and assumptions associated with the inventory. What was the initial psychometric strategy for the development of this inventory? Are there different versions of this inventory?
B. Characteristics of the inventory
-Types of assessment items included in this inventory
_Lenght of time to administer
_Appropriate age and reading level
_Scoring dimensions of the inventory
_Reliability and Validity factors related to the inventory.

III. Conclusion
A. Counselor's Assessment and Anaysis. This conclusion includes interpretation of test scores, analysis of test scores and discovery of patterns of consistency of these results and client's values, beliefs and career goals. Is future motivation and behavior predictable related to career goals and the results of this assessment process? Are there other variables that might have n interactive effect such as a conflict between stated INTEREST and PERSONALITY?

I used the Self-Directed Search Assessment Booklet by John Holland, PhD. My summary code is any combination of SCE (ie. SCE, SEC, CES, CSE, etc.). The score for S was 38, C was 24, and E was 21. The occupational dreams were school counselor, attorney, counselor, director of social work, and pilot. The Self-Directed Search Occupations finder by John Holland, PhD reveals the realistic occupations for someone who scored with any combination of SCE. If you don't have access to the Self DIrected Search Occupations finder booklet, contact me by phone at because I'm not sure if I'll be able to access a fax machine. I greatly appreciate your help!
I need a reference page in APA format (a reference page in not the same as a bibliography) I need at least 5 references and at least 3 to be from a professional published journal. Thanks!

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Title: Self Assessment and Reflection Paper

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Essay Instructions: Self Assessment and Reflection Paper- prepare a 1050-1750 word self-assessment and reflection paper that conforms to APA format , in which you discuss your personal learning style, assess your strenghts and opportunities for growth, and create an improvment strategy based on this assessment.
My learning style is Interpersonal Intelligence.

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Title: self assessment

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Essay Instructions: Self Assessment and reflection paper, discuss your personal learning style( 37% Tactile learner, 32% Auditory learner, 32% Visual learner), assess your strengths and opportunites for growth, and create an impovement strategy based on this assessment.

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Essay Instructions: topic- developing emotional intelligence
This is a self assessment paper.instructions are to report students current skill set(strengths and weeknesses) within the four domains and 18 competencies of emotional intelligence by analyzing my emotional performance appraisal. This work must be synthesized.
My overall emotional intelligence score:82
Personal competence:81 The collective overall power of my self-awareness and self -mgt. skills. Its how I use emotional intell. insituations that are more about me privately. Self-awareness-82 my ability to percieve my emotions and stay aware of them as they happen,this includes keeping on top of how i respond to specific situations and certain people.Self-mgt-79, my ability to use awareness of my emotions to stay flexible and positively direct my behavior. This means managing my emotional reaction to all situationsand people. Social Competence:84 The combination of social awareness and relationship management skills. It is more of how I am with people. Social awareness:83 My ability to accurately pick up on emotions on other people and get what id really going on. This oftens means understanding what other people are thinking and feeling, even if you don't feel the same way. Relationship management:85 My ability to use awareness of my emotions and the emotions of others to manage interactions successfully. Letting emotional awareness guide clear information and effective handling of conflict. Score that are 70-79 with a little improvement,this could be a strength. Score that are 80-89 are a strength to build on. Great reference books are Emotional intelligence 2.0 and Daniel Goleman "Working with Emotional Intelligence.

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