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Title: comparing artists with an article

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Essay Instructions: sculpture in the expanded field (1979) rosalind krauss
compare it with mary miss, richard serra, robert morris, robert smithson, alice aycock, nancy holt (pick 4 artist) and write an essay about the relationship with the artist to the passage.

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Title: Compare Contrast

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Essay Instructions: Each student will write a 2-3 page paper on one original work of art in the greater Washington, D.C. area (or your local city). This can be any kind of object created from 1400- the present. It must be something that you can view carefully yourself. You may not write on something that you have not seen personally during the course of the semester.

This is not a research paper. Your observations should be illuminated by the lectures, assignments and readings. It is important to choose something that you can discuss without doing further research (unless you would like to do outside research - you are welcome to do so ??" on the internet, books, etc). If you do use outside sources, they must be properly credited. Please use MLA format.

A typical paper will spend the first page (or less) describing the art work in detail using terms learned in class (ie. sculpture in the round, complementary colors, iconography, etc.) and possibly providing some background about the artist (but not required).

The rest of the paper should be spent comparing/contrasting the object to a work that we discussed in class (or that is in the textbook) ??" talking about how the works are similar and/or different. If you decide to do outside research you may want to talk about the work’s significance ??" how it may be a political statement or shows an innovative style, for example.

**I would like the paper to be on "Man Controlling Trade Statue" (Federal Trade Commission) and "Andrea del Verrocchio" (Bartolommeo Colleoni-equestrain statue)**

If you have any questions, please email me. And thank you soooo much for your help.


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Title: carving sculpture henry Moor and Barbara Hepworth

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Essay Instructions: Subject: Sculpture- henry Moore and barbara Hepworth

Please answer the follwoing questions kep in number order

Look up henry Moore on Wikipedia Section 2 Sculpture: (

1.. What is direct carving

2. What us a maquette?

3. Just before TECHNIQUE, there is a quote from Henry Moore about "titles". What do you think of what he says? Do you agree or disagree? Why

When Moore's niece asked why his sculptures had such simple titles, he replied, "All art should have a certain mystery and should make demands on the spectator. Giving a sculpture or a drawing too explicit a title takes away part of that mystery so that the spectator moves on to the next object, making no effort to ponder the meaning of what he has just seen. Everyone thinks that he or she looks but they don't really, you know."[39]

Reclining figures were the most common subject matter of Henry Moore's sculptures. he was greatly influenced by the Toltec/Mayan Chac Mool figure. Look at Moore's Draped Reclining Figure, Washington D.C. 1952-53 near the bottom of the article and then look at Chac Mool figure in the biography section.
4. What similarities are there between the two sculptures?

Now look up Barbara Hepworth and study her sculptures.(
5. What are the most obvious similarities between her sculptures and Henry Moores sculptures.

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Title: A Hellenistic Sculpture

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Essay Instructions: Select a sculpture from the Hellenistic period of Greek art. The sculpture should be one that illustrates the Hellenistic departure into realism and extreme representation of natural appearances, or the tendency towards unusual, disfigured forms.
1. Write a visual analysis of the sculpture. This is an analysis of what it looks like, not your ideas of its meaning. This should be the first full page of the paper. Include whatever background information about the specific sculpture that is available and relevant to the paper. Contextual information about the location and period during which the sculpture was created should be included, but limited to that which supports your argument. Present your theory of why this sculpture was created, in terms of its function and what you perceive to be the artist's intentions. Use visual and historical evidence to support your theory. This can include relevant information about life in this place and era. Include arguements and theories formulated by scholars and indicate whether you agree or disagree. Use footnotes and endnotes as well as citations to cite these scholars. Include a bibliography page listing all the sources used, using MLA style.

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