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Essay Instructions: Science fiction is largely conceived as a masculinistgenre. Discuss the role of women( or lack of role) or alternately examine the construction of masculinity in a text.

Novels to be used for comparison include Neuromancer by William Gibson and Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman.

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Title: Science tells wright Explain statement Argue contrary science judge wright To extent decisions wrong informed science

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Essay Instructions: Science only tells us what is possible ,not what is wright
Explain this statement.Argue to the contrary that science help us to judge what is wright.To what extent can decisions about what is right and wrong be informed by science?

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Essay Instructions: Science and Western Civilization, the name of the book is Science and Technology in World History Second Ed James E. McClellan III and Harold Dorn, however the papers are based on the links and any other links.

A. Paleolithic Era (Old Stone Age): 135,000 years ago

What archeologists have discovered so far is that the first hominids (bipeds with human characteristics) appeared on Earth about 3 ? 4 million years ago.
By 135,000 years ago, early human beings emerged. They needed shelter, protection from animals and the elements, and food. They often lived in caves in groups of about 20 individuals, led a hunter/gatherer existence, discovered how to make and use fire, produced cave art, and developed an understanding of the nature of plants and animals, and primitive astronomy.

B. Early Neolithic Era (New Stone Age): 12,000 years ago

The people learned how to farm and domesticate animals. They produced textiles, pottery for storing food, and built permanent structures. Because they had a steady supply of food that could be stored, these small tribes could support more people, provide protection, share skills and goods. They developed into decentralized, self-sufficient settled villages; which supported collections of families united into tribes.
Farming arose in several locations around the world more or less simultaneously ? why?
What situations were common to all of them?

C Assignment

Summary of the assigned readings; 1-2 pages
Ideas to keep in mind:
What the culture/society was like. Imagine living there.
** The impact that science and technology had on this time in history .
How this society grew out of the past.
How these issues are relevant in today?s world.
*Identify where your information came from (text, website, newspaper)

Unit 1: Early Humans, the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras
Read: STWH Chapters 1 & 2 OR
Web Early Man: C:Documents and SettingsmgrapinMy DocumentsMGrapinScience and Western CivilizationPaleolithic Society and Culture - By Miles Hodges.htm
Stone Age science:

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Title: Science, Religion, and the Making of the Modern Mind: Plato and Aristotle

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Essay Instructions: Science, Religion and the Making of the Modern Mind

First paper assignment:

Describe Plato’s philosophical analysis of the nature of knowledge, what role does the theory of forms play in it, and explain what conclusions Plato drew for the methodology of natural sciences such as astronomy. Illustrate your account with references from Timaeus. In what way do the views of Aristotle about the nature of change represent a departure from Plato? Explain specifically the role Aristotle’s conception of motion plays in his overall understanding of the global features of the physical universe.
Suggested length: 5-7 pages

The relevant readings:
Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Meno, the book Aristotle: A very Short Introduction, by Barnes, and chapters 6 and 8 from Lloyd, Early Greek Science.

Barnes: Aristotle ------------

Lloyd: Early Greek Science -----------

Plato: Timaeus, Meno (chapters 6 and 8 only; see link below)'s+dialogues+Timaeus+and+Meno&source=bl&ots=6j1R6QZRDs&sig=v5CjVJyap9_d8jt3dUesAfoD3ok&hl=en&sa=X&ei=4hGYU9nEIqnG7Abgq4CgBg&ved=0CGAQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=Plato's%20dialogues%20Timaeus%20and%20Meno&f=false

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